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We buy junk cars for cash in St Paul & Minneapolis

At Junk Cars for Cash our #1 priority is to treat our customers with honesty and respect, all while offering the most competitive price for your vehicle in Minnesota. Since we buy a huge volume of junk cars in Minneapolis everyday, we not only buy cars for cash in Minneapolis, but we offer the highest quoted prices in the state of Minnesota, and we back that up with a price match guarantee. Junk cars for cash will always send a trustworthy, knowledgeable representative to help make the process of selling junk cars for cash in MN as smooth and stress-free as possible. If you need to sell your junk car, and would have liked to have it gone yesterday, you are in luck.  This isn’t the Cash Allowance Rebate System government program. We pay cash for your junk cars on the spot. Call now and get cash for junk cars in Minneapolis & St Paul today.


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Sell Your Junk Car in 3 Simple Steps

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Get a Cash Quote for Your Junk Car

Our junk car buying pros are have purchased a wide variety of makes and models. We will always give you a fair and competitive quote for your junk car.

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Schedule a Pickup - Junk Car Removal

Let us know where your vehicle is located, and we will be there within 30 minutes to tow your junk car for free. We are in the business of efficient, effortless service.

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Get your Cash on the Spot

We pride ourselves in paying our customers cash on the spot for their junk car. You’ll never have to worry about how or when you’ll get your money.


Sell Your Junk Cars for Cash In Minnesota Today!


Receive the Highest Cash Offer for Your Junk Car in Minneapolis & St. Paul as well as the greater Twin Cities Metro Area.


Why Choose Junk Cars for Cash in Minnesota?

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We Pay More for Junk Cars

Because we recycle a large volume of junk cars every year, we can afford to pay you, the customer, more for your vehicle. We believe you deserve the highest value for your junk car.

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Free Junk Car Removal

We will tow your junk car away for free. Our success means no spendy towing fees. We will pick up your junk car for free, so you can keep a little extra cash in your pocket.  

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Honesty and Integrity

We know our customers value honesty and reliability. That’s why we pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations and providing the best customer service in the metro area.

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Price Match Guarantee

We not only offer top dollar for junk cars in Minneapolis but we back it up with our Price Match Guarantee. We simply wont be beat. We will beat any reasonable offer from all other buyers.


3 Reasons to Sell Your Junk Car

Saves You Time

When you sell your junk car to us you don't need to clean and detail your vehicle or spend time getting your car run well. We will buy vehicles in just about any condition even if they are inoperable and don't run.

Less Stress to Sell

We know it can be stressful listing your car on craigslist and finding and dealing with multiple buyers only to have them back out last minute. You don't need to worry about a thing. This isn't the cash for clunkers program. We buy junk cars no matter how it runs or looks.

High Cost to Repair

Many times older cars need so many repairs it gets to the point where it costs more to keep your car running than it would be to buy a new, used car. Sell your junk car and use the cash toward a new vehicle.


Price Match Guarantee

Our Minneapolis based junk car buying experts will give you a fair price for your junk car. We are experienced in handling a variety of makes and models and pride ourselves in speedy, skillful service.  Click here  to see all of our Promos for Minneapolis Cash for Junk Cars on Google.


Get in Touch

Schedule a free cash quote to sell your junk car by calling us at (612) 314-8000 or schedule an appointment by filling out the form below to get cash for your car or truck as soon as possible. We are proud to serve Minneapolis and St. Paul and the Twin Cities Metro area. We will call to set and confirm your appointment within 24 hours.


    Trustworthy, Honest & Fair Minneapolis Junk Car Buyers

    Our professionals will give you a fair quote for your junk car. We are experienced in handling a variety of makes and models and pride ourselves in speedy, skillful service.

    At Junk Cars for Cash MN we’ve bought cars in nearly every condition imaginable, ranging from almost brand new to completely unsalvageable junk cars. But the best part is, we will haul your vehicle away for free and always buy cars for cash on the spot. If you call today we are ready to offer top dollar for your vehicle, regardless of its condition. You can rest assured that our team will accommodate you every step of the way, guaranteeing the quality customer service you can depend on and the highest price for your junk car in Minneapolis and St. Paul. This is not the government program Cash for Clunkers, we will actually give you straight cash homie for your junk cars in Minneapolis, St Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities Metro area. We proudly serve our clients all over the great state of Minnesota!

    Client Testimonials - Junk Cars for Cash

    “I needed to sell my junk car in Minneapolis quickly because I needed it out of my yard as soon as possible. For some reason I thought selling my vehicle was going to be a lot harder than it really was. Junk Cars for Cash gave me a cash offer on the spot and made the whole process of selling my junk car so simple. If you need to sell your car fast I highly recommend Junk Cars for Cash MN. They were honest and fair and really easy to talk to, and the process was so easy to boot! Great offer and quick service. So happy I called.”
    Linda P. | St. Paul, MN
    “It was a big relief getting rid of that rusty old junker clunker. Junk Cars for Cash MN showed up ready with a check, and to top it all off they not only towed my junk car for free, but they arrived faster than I expected. Thanks guys so much. If I ever have a junk car in the future I will definitely be calling Junk Cars for Cash. To everyone else in need of selling a junk car in Minneapolis or St. Paul, I totally recommend selling it to these guys. No need to stress, just call Junk Cars for Cash Minneapolis! These guys offer the best prices and back it up. They are the real deal.”
    Jake H. | Minneapolis, MN
    “My junk car was sitting in my backyard in Minneapolis and the city warned me that I needed to haul it away or risk getting a fine. This was a huge stressor for me since I didn't have the spare money to have a towing company to come tow it away. Luckily I heard about Junk Cars for Cash MN from my neighbor, because I had the best experience! It took little to no effort on my part to get a quote for my vehicle and they showed up on time and paid me cash for my car, and I didnt have to put up a dime to haul it away. 100% recommend!”
    Melissa C. | Woodbury, MN

    Junk Cars Frequently Asked Questions

    Each year, millions of cars are sold throughout the United States. Junk cars are essentially vehicles that have fulfilled their purpose. If a car has been totalled, and the repair cost exceeds 70% of the vehicle’s original value, insurance companies will deem the car a “junk car”.

    Yes. The owner of the vehicle is required to be present to provide proof of ownership and a valid driver’s license or state ID. If you are absolutely unable to be available at the time of towing, you must leave signed documentation with another individual, but this exception is only legitimate when the title of the vehicle is in your name.

    We pay our customers in cash. Otherwise, we can arrange for a money order or check.

    The value of each vehicle is contingent on the year, make and model. Offers can range anywhere from $100 to $15,000. We are unable to make an offer until we know all the details regarding your vehicle.

    We salvage every part of your vehicle. That means draining any remaining fluids, removing electrical hardware and refurbishing any salvageable parts. The rest of the vehicle will be crushed for scrap metal.  Contact Minneapolis Junk Cars for Cash today for your free cash offer

    As a business Junk Cars for Cash Minneapolis we do NOT collect cookies or follow you around the internet, but here is how Google My Business uses cookies

    We hear this question a lot. Do I have to have the car title to sell my car to you? This answer is a little complicated. If the you lost the title BUT the car is in your name YES we can buy your Minneapolis junk car for cash on the spot. Most St Paul / Minneapolis junk car buyers are not able to do this, however at Junk Cars for Cash we have the ability to see if the vehicle is in your name on Minnesota State Department of Motor Vehicles database.  If you’re trying to sell a car that is listed in someone else’s name, then NO. In many cases that would be considered stealing, and we always abide by state and federal junk car buying laws. 

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    At Junk Cars for Cash we are focused on honesty, integrity and fairness. Our trustworthy junk car buyers offer the highest prices in the industry for junk cars in the Twin Cities metro area. Based in Minneapolis MN,  Cash for Junk Cars delivers free quotes, and are backed with a price match guarantee. Call today for free junk car removal.  We will do our best to accommodate expedited requests.

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