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Scratches are annoying. Admit it. And if the scratch is on your favorite car, it literally breaks the heart. Despite being annoying, scratches are pretty common to cars. So, maybe the question about the car scratch repair cost estimate is going through your mind now and then.

If you are thinking about a car scratch repair cost estimate, read the full article. You will get your answer.

Common causes of scratches

Common causes of scratches

Before knowing anything about the car scratch repair cost estimate, we should know how cars get scratches most of the time. There are some obvious reasons known by all, while some reasons can be pretty surprising. Whatever, it’s better to begin our conversation with a glance at the most common reasons for car scratches.

  • Yes, you guessed it right. Car accidents/crashes are the most common and obvious reason for scratches in cars. A very minor bump from another car even can be sufficient for giving an unattractive scratch on your car’s paint.
  • Small rocks or chips that fly free from the street and other vehicles can also create scratches to your car. These kinds of scratches are the hardest to avoid as you can’t even see or notice those before you got a new scratch.
  • Though it’s important to wash your car regularly to keep it clean from dirt, aggressive scrubbing can cause scratches to your car’s exterior. Eve’s usage of harsh cloth when drying can also lead to scratches.

Types of scratches and costs

You have to learn about the type of scratches first as they are the key determining factor of the car scratch repair cost estimate.

Every car’s paint job consists of three layers: a clear coat is the first layer, paint is the second, and the primer is the third one. As the length and size of scratch is a prime factor in repair cost, the less the layers it penetrates the better. So it’s a no-brainer that if a scratch penetrates only the first layer, it will cost a lot less than the scratch that penetrates all three layers. The most common types of scratches are listed below. Let’s take a look.

  • Scuff- Scuffs are minor and very light scratches that have only damaged the paint job’s clear coat. If you want to find the scuff has damaged the clear coat or not just rub it with water and see the scuff vanish. If it doesn’t vanish, it definitely is not a scuff.
  • The fix- You can remove these scratches with rubbing compounds made by an auto parts store. Or you can get rid of these by paying $50-70 to an auto body shop.
  • Clear-Coat Scratch- Clear-coat scratch is longer and deeper than a scuff. They are called clear-coat scratch because these scratches do not penetrate through your car’s clear-coat layer.
  • Fix- If you want to get rid of the clear-coat scratch from an auto body shop, you will have to pay around $150 to $300. You can also use some dry/wet sandpaper, rubbing compound, and polisher to get rid of the scratch by yourself. It will cost you a fraction of the amount of the bill of an auto body shop.
  • Paint scratch- Just like the name suggests, paint scratches are a kind of scratches that have penetrated through the clear-coat and the paint of your car.
  • Fix- Once a scratch passes through the clear-coat and reaches the paint layer, it can cost a good amount of money to repair. It can cost you from $350 to $1000 depending on the model of your car and the size of the scratch.
  • Deep Paint Scratch- This is the most severe kind of scratch out there. It penetrates through the paint layer and exposes your car’s metal frame.

Fix- These types of scratches are the most expensive ones to get rid of. An auto body shop can charge you from $700 to $1500 depending on the condition of the scratch. And the worst part is, you have to repair deep paint scratch as soon as possible because exposed metal can rust pretty quickly.

Tips to prevent scratches

Tips to prevent scratches

Nobody wants to have scratches in their vehicle. There are a few steps that you can do to prevent scratches. They are-

  • Maintain proper distance while parking.
  • Use chamois or microfiber while wiping or drying your car.
  • Install a paint protection film (the best).

Paint protection film

Paint protection film

Though paint protection is pretty costly, it is the most dependable and long-term solution to prevent your car from getting scratches. It saves your time and money both that you would have spent on a car scratch.

Basically, the paint protection film is a plastic wrap for your vehicle which is installed on scratch-prone areas. It gives an extra layer of protection to your car’s paint by creating a clear coat on it. It also protects your car from rust for a longer period. Last but not least, it makes your car look shiny and sexy!

By now, you should know the car scratch repair cost estimate. Follow this guide and protect your beloved car from unwanted scratches

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