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You may want to sell your car for many different reasons. Maybe you want to buy a new one or because your car is very old and now you are not able to use it and you do not want/can assume its expenses (maintenance, taxes, etc). In St. Paul, if you have a junk car that you believe is no longer worth repairing, there are junk car buyers that provide you with a reliable way to sell your car and for a worthwhile cash amount.

Many people are familiar with the process of selling vehicles to auto dealerships, but not many know about the ins and outs of liquidating a vehicle to a junkyard. If you have a junk vehicle that you are considering selling to a junkyard in St. Paul, but are unfamiliar with how the process works, here is a guide on how to sell ​​your junk car to a junkyard for some honest cash.

There are plenty of junk car buyers in St. Paul and while many of them are ready to make you a cash offer for your junk car, you want to make sure that you get the best price.

What are these junk cars?

Minneapolis Cash for Junk Cars

They are cars that have essentially reached their ‘sell-by’ date. They are quite likely to be old and damaged as to be beyond repair. In fact, the repairs in recent days are way beyond what the car is worth. They may have parts missing and in all likelihood, they have got missing paperwork as well.

Sometimes they will start, and sometimes not. In St. Paul you can see these cars – just abandoned in a quiet street.

Private buyers make things difficult

You may even be a bit of a mechanic and removed parts that you believe might be valuable. You may be worried now that your car will seriously no longer be of use to anyone. And yet it will. You just have to remember that whoever you sell your junk car to, you let them know of all the parts you have removed.

Private buyers can take up a lot of your time. You are busy at work and you just do not have the time to go the private buyer route, especially when you need to sell your car quickly.

Most private car buyers are extremely fussy about what they are after, and they want a bargain too. They may call you showing interest at first but this interest quickly wanes when your car’s mileage is too high, the color is wrong and it is not quite in the condition they believed it to be.

There is also all the advertising you will need to do. You may even be worried about what all these ads are going to cost you. Quite possibly more than what your old junk car is worth right now. Putting up an ad outside your home can just bring in a lot of riff-raff trying to see what other stuff you have got that they can swipe.

When a car is considered abandoned

junk car minneapolis

Minnesota law defines when a vehicle is considered to be abandoned. It is when the vehicle has been left on public property for longer than 48 hours, it continues to be on private property without the consent of the property owner or the vehicle lacks important component parts so that it actually can no longer start.

Law enforcement officers can then impound these abandoned vehicles. Apart from the state law, cities like St Paul always have their own ordinances concerning abandoned vehicles.

The city of Minneapolis, which is all but part of St Paul, has an ordinance classifying a vehicle as abandoned if it is found on any roads for more than 72 hours. After 72 hours, it can be removed and impounded.

You can’t just have your junk car parked anywhere in the city and leave it like that.  Not being able to afford towing services or not being able to repair such a car is no excuse and you may be fined.

There are certain organizations whose job it is to monitor this kind of thing and you may even get a written warning to have your car removed. Not complying could even get you a day in court.

Most reasonable organizations give you a time limit on removing the car, and if you are desperate, there are junk car buyers in St Paul that will tow your car away from wherever it is parked and still give you cash for it.

Junk car buyers are available at St Paul Junk Yards

There are other ways to try and sell your junk car but you can’t be 100% sure if you are going to get honest junk car buyers in St. Paul? After all, who really wants a car in the condition that yours is in?

If you knew just how easy it is to get rid of junk cars for easy cash in St. Paul, you would not believe it. These junk car buyers take your junk car as it is. They do not care about its age, make or model, and if there are any parts missing.

Junk car yards are such an easy way to get rid of a junk car and you can receive a serious cash offer for it. They will pay you in the space of a few hours too – in fact, when they come and collect your car.

So easy when done online

Junk car buyers can be looked upon as your lifeline.it is as simple as giving them a call or filling in their online form.

Even filling in the form is easy peasy as there are not reams of paperwork. In a minute or two it is all filled in and submitted, and before you know it they will give you an offer for your car and have it off your hands.

The best and most reputable junk car buyers are serious about the cars they take and they are serious about giving you a quick, hassle-free car-selling experience. When you do fill in the online form, it is not all complicated like trying to sell to a private buyer. Here, you just have to fill in a few important aspects about your car so that they can get an idea of what to offer you.

From the time you fill in the junk car buyers form online, in just a few hours after submission of the form, these come and take your car away and leave you with cash in your hands. If you think it all sounds too easy and good to be true, it is because that is exactly what it is.

Free towing services

There is no worrying about who and how your junk car will be removed either. It may not have all four wheels either and you may have been fretting about how you could possibly ever get such a vehicle off your property. Junk car yard buyers are well equipped to take your car away. This is their business and they have every conceivable truck and equipment to remove your car one way or the other.

If you are satisfied with the offer they give you for your car, they schedule a time with you when it is convenient to come and pick up your vehicle. You can see that the entire process is far more smooth and uneventful than dealing with private buyers.

There is virtually no contact with anyone – it is all done online except for the pickup part and then you basically just have to be available to receive your cash for your junk car.

When you do research to find the best junk car buyers in your area, you will find many that come up, and it is up to you to find the one that you believe is the best deal. Some of these junk car years are even rated by the Better Business Bureau to give you even more confidence that you have found the best way to dispose of your junk car.

These junk car yards understand too well how things work, and they know that with Covid-19, the chances of selling your car to a private buyer are slim. No matter how desperate people are to dispose of stuff that is useless to them just to get in some much-needed cash, they are still reluctant to make contact with people. It is why these junk car yards have invested quite a bit in technology – to ensure that anyone with a junk car does not have to have any reservations about going ahead with the sale.

These people are serious junk car buyers, and they have people ready to communicate with you about your need to dispose of your old car. They can pick up your car wherever it is convenient for you and collect the keys and the title.

Lost Car Title?

Lost Car Title


Some people, on hearing the word ‘title’ become defeated. They think that just when they had at long last found a buyer for the junk car, there is a spoke in the works – the title. Yours is lost. Now what?

True, it is always better and more convenient to sell your car with a title, but without one, it need not spell the end of the road for you. If your junk car has been with you for years, and with a couple of moves, you have lost the title and no longer have it, it does not mean you have to shelve the wonderful idea of getting rid of your car.

Are junk car buyers really an option for you when you do not have a title?  Yes, if you are missing your car’s title and want to get rid of your old car and get some much-needed cash in your hands, then it is still possible.

If you want to and are able to get your hands on a title you can because all states have a local DMV where you can get a duplicate title. Certainly, if you have decided to go through the whole process of using a private buyer for your car, you will have to get a duplicate title.

No private buyer will be interested in your car without its title. However, some car junkyards are still willing to take your junk car with a title. They may request some other kind of verification document such as your driver’s license. When you have researched and found the best junk car yards near you, remember to save yourself a lot of trouble and just simply ask them if they take cars without titles.

Prepare your car for its departure

Once you have found some junk car buyers, try and clean it up a bit before you hand it over.

it is important as you could have some valuables in your car and you want to remove these. issues are. The cleaner your car the better its first impression will be.

One of the biggest advantages of selling a junk car is that it promises quick cash. Be aware though that not all junkyards are the same in terms of what they will offer you.

That is why it is important to look around and not just settle for the first junkyard you find. It is also a smart move to choose a junk car buyer that is near to where you live.

Junk car yards to the rescue

When your junk car is beyond repair and no-one else wants to give you a good deal for your car, it is the junkyards of St Paul that will come to your rescue. They are particularly useful when you want to sell your piece of junk in a hurry.

The junk car buyers you are possibly interested in using should be useful in terms of the information they provide you with so that you can make your decisions and get the entire junk car selling process in motion.

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