scrap car price

Scrap Car Price – What To Expect?

The pandemic and the fact that people are working- and earning less has created a huge demand for older cars and even scrap car parts, and with new car prices up a staggering amount, many people are looking at scrap car prices with new interest.

Prices for new cars are on the rise – and more than most average people can keep up with. Prices are moving up dramatically and the average rise in the purchase price of new cars is often in the region of $100 to $200 a week. No wonder a lot of people are opting to find a good deal on used cars instead of buying a brand new car.

Scrap Car Price – You Can Buy Cheap Car Parts

Scrap Car Price - You can buy cheap car parts

People who are fortunate to know something about cars are looking to repair their own cars and save themselves a small fortune. They are looking at scrap car prices and even buying good old parts at a fraction of the cost of new parts to repair their cars or even buy old scrap cars and do them up.

Other people, on the other hand, have an old car that they want to scrap because it has all just become too much to repair. Maybe it was involved in a car accident or maybe it is old and it is always breaking down.

Each time the repairs cost more and more. It is just no longer financially viable to repair the car. In fact, the car is so old that the repairs cost more than the car is worth. But if you do decide to sell your old car, what is a scrap car price? Do you get the same standard price for all scrap cars? How much of the scrapped car is salvageable?

What about the gearbox and diffs? You may be able to sell them before you send your car to a scrapyard. One thing is sure, the days of visiting lots of scrap yards to get a scrap car price are over and everything is conveniently done online. You can get cash for your car fast by offering it to a junkyard for scrap.

It does not matter if your car does not work or it has been almost written off in an accident, these junkyards can help you get non-obligatory offers.

Some people say that before you scrap your car and sell it to a scrap yard, you should get some quotes from different scrap yards. Others suggest that you also try to sell an old car of 25 years or so to a collector of old scrap cars. Scrap car prices can vary and you need to find the best price you can get.

It does not matter what is the condition of your old car, you will always be able to get money for scrapping it. This handy guide has all the information put together to help you get the best price when you are ready to scrap your junk car.

Scrapping is always a good option if you have checked out all other possibilities and you know what everything entails. The best part about scrapping your car is that a scrap yard dealer comes right to your premises to take your car away.

They remove a lot of stress from you wondering where you are going to get a good price for your car. The idea is not to leave it too long to scrap your car. Some car owners are slow to sell their scrap cars to a junk car yard because they first want to see if they can’t get a higher scrap car price from private buyers or from a dealership.

Whatever your reason may be for holding onto your unused/junk car, waiting too long to scrap it brings the price down. There are very few people who have got the garage space to house a scrap car. Many times the new car is parked in the garage and a scrap car parks outside, deteriorating in the weather and even becoming rusty.

Scrap Car Price – Private Buyers Are Way Too Much Bother

Scrap Car Price - Private Buyers are way too much bother

Private scrap car buyers all offer different scrap car prices and some of them have a tall order for what they expect from your scrap car. They are fussy and they want the title, they want to examine every part thoroughly and they want to take your scrap car for a test drive, even though you tell them that it would not start. Dealing with private buyers can turn out to be more bother than it is worth.

Some of them get nasty and even threaten you. Dealerships too, are full of obstacles so that you wish you could just find an easier solution where you can get a decent scrap car price and a hassle-free sales process. Dealing with private buyers and car dealers can be time-consuming, frustrating, and stressful.

It can take many fruitless weeks to advertise, answer calls, take time off from work to be available for people to come and look at your car, and then finally have no interest shown.

Getting your car to where it should be to scrap can be a huge hassle. The dealerships are certainly not scrapped car recycling centers and if you do not get your new car from them they are even less interested in your scrap car. A private buyer will certainly not include any kind of car collection service for you. That means that if your scrap car would not start, you have to have private buyers come to your home to look at your car.

The idea is to try and sell your scrap car when the scrap car price is at its highest value. When you look at a reputable car junkyard with a good website, you find that they can tell you what price you will get in the space of a day or two.

Scrap Car Price – Do Research On Ongoing Prices

Scrap Car Price - Do research on ongoing prices

Always do research on the junk car yards in your area as there are some that will appear to offer the best scrap car price but they have hidden fees included. You want to make totally sure that the price you are offered on your quote is the one you get – fair and square. For these free, no-obligation quotes, you can simply enter your car details onto the online form provided and the scrap car yard will be in contact with you on the same day or the next day – nothing later.

When you start advertising your scrap car, you may receive quite a few offers for your old vehicle. Most of these scrap car yards use a basic formula when working out a scrap car price. Junk car and scrap car yard buyers use a basic formula to offer you a certain amount of money. Once you know the basic formula, you can at least know whether the scrap car yard you are dealing with is reputable or not.

They basically start with multiplying the weight of the vehicle by the current price for scrap metal. Essentially it is the weight of a car in tons multiplied by the price of scrap metal per ton.

But then it also depends on whether you first strip your junk car for its parts. Cars designed for a scrap yard are usually not in a good shape. Some people send their car as-is to the scrap yard who in turn sells the vehicle’s essential parts and metals to other companies.

If some of the parts can be sold, the scrapyard might use the scrap car estimator formula as a calculated value for the lowest value. That value is then offered to you.

As already suggested, when arriving at a scrap car price, you can check out the weight of your car and also get an idea of what current metal prices are so as to determine more or less what car price you can expect. If you are wondering how on earth you are going to ever get the weight of your scrap car, you can get it in a number of ways.

  • The most obvious and the most simple is to look it up in your owner’s manual. If you do not have the car’s manual there is another way.
  • You can also get the weight of your car by looking at your side door. This is where the VIN number is.
  • Another way is to simply google it by going online and typing in the details of your car and asking for its weight. When you want to find out what the price of metals is, you need to remember that metal prices fluctuate every day.
  • If you keep looking, a good idea to get the best scrap car price is to sell your junk car when you see that the metal prices are high. Your car is made mainly of steel but aluminum accounts for a small amount as well.

Of course, there are other factors that affect the scrap car price.

The bottom line is that when you sell your car online to private buyers or to dealerships, there is a lot of work to be done such as getting photos taken of your car from all angles.

And then you still have to consider the fees that some of these online car-selling marketplaces charge. So when all is said and done, the best place to sell a car online is through scrap car junkyards.

Scrap Car Price – Get A Scrap Car Price Within 24 Hours

Scrap Car Price - Get a scrap car price within 24 hours

With them, you do not have to spend weeks and months waiting for some kind of response. On the other hand, with a well-selected junk car yard buyer, you can expect a scrap car price offered to you within the space of 24 hours.

That means that you can also have cash in your pocket within 24 hours. Chances are you have already heard about these junk car yards from other people who have used them.

You have heard that it is safe to sell your car to these quick and easy scrap car buyers if you choose a reputable one in your area. Selling old, dilapidated cars online has never been easier and so stress-free. Simply go into their website and see the simple steps you need to follow to sell your scrap car to them and get the best scrap car price. It is a case of –

  • Filling in the online form and giving them a description of the current condition of your car.
  • Get a free online quote within 1 or 2 days.
  • They then submit you an offer.
  • You accept the offer.
  • If you do not have papers such as title, tell them about it because most times it need not be a stumbling block to you going ahead with the sale.
  • They go ahead and arrange to come and tow your car away free of charge.
  • There are no hassles. They come on the day they say they will.
  • They then confirm the offer has been made and you get paid on the spot.
  • They load up your car and tow it away, never to be seen or heard of again.
  • As you see your car disappearing out of sight you can look at the scrap car selling process with satisfaction and relief that everything went off so smoothly.

At the start of the pandemic, auto manufacturing all around the world all but came to a standstill. There has been a steady drop in car production even to this day. People are holding onto their cars longer. They are looking at scrap car prices to fix up their cars and save a lot of money by not buying that brand new car just yet until prices start to normalize – if ever.

how much is a scrap car worth

How Much Is A Scrap Car Worth?

The typical price for scrap cars is between $200 and $800, although the amount you receive depends on a number of criteria. Don’t miss out on this article for more information.

You probably want to get rid of your old dusty car, don’t you? If that is the case, then you might wonder how much is a scrap car worth? You’re most likely here because you obviously want to get the most money for it. Okay, I’ll help you out by giving you all the information you need about scrap value.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to determining how much is a scrap car worth. A certain number of factors impact whether or not you will obtain the highest possible price for your scrap car. Scrap metal values fluctuate frequently, so learning what influences them will put you in a better position to receive a good deal on your car.

So, in today’s piece, I’ll go through an estimate of how much is a scrap car worth and figure out some of the aspects that influence the price of your scrap car.

How To Define A Scrap Car?

How to Define a Scrap Car

People are frequently perplexed when it comes to scrapping cars. A scrap car is also known as an end-of-life vehicle or ELV. These are normally over ten years old and include no pieces that can be reused.

In a word, scrap cars are vehicles that, as the name implies, have reached the end of their useful life. They’re usually at least 10 years old, but this isn’t always the case, and there are no parts worth rescuing or recycling in the vast majority of the cases. As a result, they have lower values than salvage cars, which usually have at least some components that are useful or valuable.

How Much Is A Scrap Car Worth?

How much is a scrap car worth? It is now a wide-open question. The junk vehicle business is completely flooded today, with 17 million new cars being produced each year and about the same number of older cars being retired.

Due to the situation of the global commodity market as a whole, current scrap car values are much lower. In addition, there are so many factors that can affect how much is a scrap car worth.

Car scrap values have plummeted to near-historic lows due to all of these factors. In terms of rigorous scrap metal values, cars are valued at roughly $300. (assumes a sedan of average size and weight of 1.3 tons). With new cars arriving in local junkyards on a near-daily basis, it’s undeniably a “buyer’s market.”

However, this does not imply that you must accept low scrap car pricing. Because many scrap cars nowadays still contain valuable parts and optional improvements that can help you obtain a better deal on your automobile.

How To Determine: How Much Is A Scrap Car Worth?

Recycle large volumes of junk cars

Wondering how much is a scrap car worth? Current scrap prices are one of the most important factors affecting a car’s scrap value.

Cars are rated by their weight when it comes to the value of scrap metal. So, if you check up the weight of your car and multiply it by the per-ton value, you’ll obtain a rough estimation of its current value.

It’s worth noting that some junkyards prefer to charge by the metric ton (sometimes known as the “long” ton). This way of calculation lowers the price much more. Let’s take a look at where scrap prices are right now.

As of September 2021, insulated copper wire costs roughly $1.51 per pound in the US, and aluminum costs between $0.54 to $0.96 per pound, depending on the type. Although these prices appear below, keep in mind that an automobile is quite heavy! All of these metals can be found in scrap cars, which brings us to the following topic.

The scrap value of your vehicle is heavily influenced by its size and weight. If you plan to utilize a facility that pays you based simply on the weight of your vehicle, knowing exactly what your car is made of is vital.

Let’s have a look at the materials used in today’s cars.

Elements Found In The Majority Of Today’s Cars

  1. Aluminum & Steel: In today’s cars, aluminum accounts for around 350 pounds. Furthermore, the average vehicle contains 2,400 pounds of steel, although a light truck or SUV may include up to 3,000 pounds of steel. That’s approximately 55–60% of their overall curb weight! These values may differ dramatically if you have an older vehicle because today’s cars are beginning to use more aluminum and less steel.
  2. Copper Wire: Even if you don’t realize it, your car has a lot of copper wire. A copper wire connects your car’s electronics to the computer, headlights, taillights, and other energy-consuming components. Manufacturers have to put a lot of wire in your car to make it run, which takes up a lot of space and weight.
  3. Battery: Finally, equipment such as the battery in your car can be recycled. Your catalytic converter also contains rare metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium, which sell for a lot of money at recyclers.

Factors That Plays Role In Determining How Much Is A Scrap Car Worth

1. Size And Weight – How Much A Scrap Car Worth Per Ton: Just as I said before, the weight of your car will be the most important factor to determine its scrap value. Because you’re being compensated for the recycled metals in your vehicle, its weight will play a significant role in calculating the amount you’ll be paid.

For a single scrap car, it’s difficult to say how much is a scrap car worth per ton. Each of the metals used to create your car has a value, and the value of recycled metals fluctuates, much like the value of other resources. The price of recycled steel or aluminum, which is frequently used in automobiles, varies from day to day, based on supply and demand as well as currency variations.

2. Location: The price of scrap metal varies a lot depending on where you live. Therefore, how much is a scrap car worth depends on your location. Scrap prices are affected by the season or time of the year. You also have to consider other factors, such as current industrial demand and even the stock market. When it comes to the time to sell your car, doing your research can help you get the best price.

3. Year/Make/Model: The simplest method of establishing the price of a scarp car is to determine the car’s year, make, and model.

  1. The year, make, and model are significant because the status of the car’s materials might vary dramatically from year to year.
  2. Cars from earlier years may have significantly less steel and aluminum in it, which has a greater impact on the scrap value of the vehicle.

4. Scrap Metal’s Current Market Value: This isn’t an issue that most normal car buyers consider, but it does have a significant influence in determining the price of a junk car. Even cars that aren’t worth saving can be simply converted to scrap metal.

5. Condition Of The Scrap Car: If your scrap car only has a few broken components that are restricting it to run smoothly, then it is better to get them fixed to get paid more. The buyer will be more inclined to give additional payments based on the market value.

6. Market Demand For The Parts: Assume you own an old scrap car that isn’t worth restoring. Even if the car is not in good shape, the parts still have some worth. The market value of those parts is determined by the level of demand.

There is also a significant pricing difference between scrap and salvaged cars. If your car still has usable pieces, a salvage yard will typically pay you more than a scrapyard. However, the sooner you act, the more money you’ll probably be able to collect for it.

There are a plethora of free online price calculators available to determine how much is a scrap car worth currently. So, if you’re looking for an estimate of how much is a scrap car worth right away, conduct your research.

What Do You Get When You Scrap A Car?

Fill in the online form to get things rolling

How much is a scrap car worth or how much do you get while scraping a car is partially depends on the way you decide to sell your scrap car. You may either tow it yourself to the junkyard or discover junk car buyers that will come to your location and pick it up. Here, I’ll go over both possibilities to help you decide which is right for you.

Case For Towing The Scarp Car To Junk Yard: You could take your car to a junkyard, but there are some disadvantages to doing so.

  • To begin with, you will be responsible for paying for your own towing to their location.
  • After that, you’ll only get scrap value depending on your vehicle’s weight. If your car has any useful parts, this is not the best idea.
  • Finally, keep an eye out for the classic junkyard bait-and-switch. You might get one price over the phone, but when you arrive, it’s a different story. You don’t want to pay to tow that old clunker back home again, so you’re basically left being forced to take their lower offer.
  • Consider taking the auto salvage route if your car has any useable pieces. You’ll probably earn more money this way, but you’ll still have to deliver the car. Furthermore, businesses must make a profit, so they will frequently undercut your offer in order to maximize their profits.

In The Event, If Junk Car Buyer Comes To Pick Your Scrap Car: Consider a junk car buyer who will come to you and pick up the vehicle to receive the maximum amount of money and make things as simple as possible for yourself. In this way, you can avoid paying a towing fee in the worst-case scenario.

If you are actually scrapping your car, the price you receive will usually be determined by the vehicle’s weight. You can expect to receive between $100 and $200 for smaller automobiles, and $500 to $800 for larger trucks or SUVs, based on current scrap metal values.

How Can You Get The Best Deal For Your Scrap Car?

Market rates for scrap metals

You should have a good grasp of scrap rates and how much is a scrap car worth by now. But, how can you be certain you’re receiving the best deal?

Your mileage may vary, but as previously stated, when it comes to negotiating price, local junk vehicle buyers tend to have the upper hand. They’re inundated with eager buyers, and their profit margins are dependent on extracting every last cent from each vehicle. You can try haggling as much as you want, but the chances are they will stick to their original quote.

You might get a rapid sale, but don’t expect to get much more than scrap value. You should also be familiar with the junkyard’s towing policies.

Make sure you receive free towing as part of the transaction, as the expense of towing could eat up a significant chunk of your sale revenue. Towing is usually free at reputable scrap yards.

Do more research. Doing your homework is the most effective way to ensure that you make the most money possible. Examine current market prices in your area and keep an eye on market trends. Also, get to know your vehicle. You should be able to tell whether your car is in decent shape or whether it is absolute rubbish.

Final Word

Remember to consider all of the facts described in this article. You can keep up to date on current scrap prices using a variety of websites and programs, so you can have an idea of how much is a scrap car worth before you start looking for offers.

Finally, keep in mind that waiting too long can reduce the amount of money you will receive. As time passes, more and more pieces of your car become unusable, lowering the value of your vehicle. It can quickly degrade from a used car to a salvage vehicle and finally to a junk vehicle!

It may take some time for you to complete these processes. The silver lining? When you walk away with more money in your pocket, it will be well worth it!

junk a car without a title

Is It Possible To Junk A Car Without A Title?

Trying to junk a car without a title might seem unlikely at first considering many junk car buyers require a title before they can purchase your junk car. But losing a title for a car is quite likely, or can simply be an oversight when buying a second-hand car or receiving a car as a gift. There is also the fact that older cars would be better off getting junked, but you may have lost the title to the car within the time you bought it to when you’ll dispose of it.

What Constitutes As A Junk Car?

junk a car without a title

A junk car is when the car has reached the point where keeping up with maintenance fees is worth more than the car itself, either because of damage or because of the age of the machine.

Typically, collectible cars don’t really fall under this but more common cars that have been daily driven for 10+ years probably show signs of becoming junk cars. These cars are stripped for what can still be used and the rest of the parts are recycled for their raw materials.

Here, we’ll go over all you need to know about junking a car, what you should think of before deciding this, and if you can junk a car without a title.

Let’s get started!

When Should You Consider Junking Your Car?

A good thing to assess before trying to junk a car without a title is to check if you even should. There are a number of ways you can tell personally if you’re better off junking your car over trying to keep it running for a few more years.

To Make Room For New Memories

One of the main things you might have to convince yourself of is especially when your car is still running fine after maybe 10 years of use. The best way to help you move on from all of the great memories you’ve had in your ride is to think of how far you’ve come from the time you bought it. As for most people, you probably have been through a lot with your car. However, you’re better off making more memories and having great experiences in a newer and better vehicle. Thinking about it this way can help you move on and junk a car without a title.

Maintenance Getting Too Expensive

Maintenance Getting Too Expensive

There are a lot more practical reasons for trying to junk a car without a title. One of the most obvious is that your car is just more trouble than it’s worth. In the literal sense of course, with maintenance fees costing a fortune for what it is. There might also be more expensive and more immediate issues like visible parts of the car rusting or parts like the doors or windows being a lot harder to use, being all crusty or sticky.

Safety Issues With The Car

Another good reason is that maybe your old car isn’t up to modern safety standards for the current laws and other such things. Ensuring that your vehicle is road safe isn’t just for you but it also helps prevent other people from coming into any sort of collisions. Being able to keep your daily driver road safety is a great reason to junk a car without a title.

You Don’t Have A Title

A better, more direct reason is exactly why you clicked on this, the best option for selling a car without a title is to try junking a car without a title. It’s not really like it’s impossible, it’s just that technically a lot of other methods are considered illegal but trying to junk a car without a title is completely legal. It will still take work of course but it is much easier and won’t take as much work as trying to come up with the original documents, or prove that you are the owner in other ways.

Doesn’t Fit Your Needs

Another large reason is just that your car doesn’t quite meet what you need it to do. Sure it can still drive you around and doesn’t feel dangerous to drive, but it may not fit your needs. Perhaps, since when you bought the car you’ve started a band and need to have a large amount of space to move all your stuff. Or you need a more modest upgrade since you have a family with several children, and of course, you’re not gonna leave them behind.

Knowing what purpose your car serves might sound a little dumb but that will be a good thing to think about and consider when it comes to your new car purchase. And with deciding if you should try to junk a car without a title.

Get Instant Cash

Get Instant Cash

You can make a last attempt to get some money back as perhaps your car is written off by your insurance provider. This could mean that the cost of repairs is more than the projected value of the vehicle in its state before the crash. Selling it off to be junked is pretty much your best option unless you are willing to shoulder the expense of repairing the vehicle yourself.

Now that you’ve considered what junking your current car will mean, it’s time to actually do it.

How To Junk Your Car

Shortlist A Few Junk Car Buyers

Shortlist A Few Junk Car Buyers

First, you should contact and visit nearby junkyards or auto salvage yards to get an idea of what you’ll get. You can also try out any metal recycling centers as they might accept junk cars. When visiting one of these, be sure to have the make and model of the car alongside as much information about any damages or problems as possible.

You might also need to provide mileage, the vehicle identification number, as well as the condition of a few specific parts. You also have to clarify if the vehicle can still drive or if it needs to be towed. Any business that asks to see the vehicle for an appraisal should be avoided as if you don’t end up selling it to them you’ll probably end up making less money due to the appraisal and time that it took.

While checking in with these services to junk a vehicle, be sure to check that these businesses are licensed, buyers. This is because dealing with anyone who might be operating illegally without checking will mean that there will be legal and financial penalties placed upon you, as it is your responsibility to check beforehand if the buyer is licensed. Just ask when you get there or if they have an online service to see if they have anything out there on their site or page.

Another great way to make sure that they are legitimate is to see if the business has any reviews, this will give you an idea not only if they are legit but also to see how their services are. It can also be seen as a red flag if they have absolutely no online presence as there might be an odd reason as to why.

Check Your Vehicle For Items

Once you’ve decided on a dealer it’s time to prepare your vehicle. Obviously, you should take your time and remove all of your personal belongings. This might be a bit harder than you think though as items in vehicles are almost in their permanent location. There might be some things you just forget if you don’t take your time putting your personal belongings away.

Be sure to check the glove box as it’s typically where papers are kept, which could be worse than any other thing you could’ve forgotten. While you’re in the front, you should also check any electronics that might still be connected, or any CDs in the player still.

After that, you should be around the seats, check under and between in order to find anything that might’ve been lost over the years. While doing this, check the doors and seat pockets for any other small items. Checking any other nook and cranny-like compartment is also a good shout at this point. Finally check in the trunk, and be sure to check any hidden compartments in this area.

Take Out Workable Parts

Take Out Workable Parts

Once you’ve cleaned out the car you if you know your way around it you might want to take some of the parts out of it. This is to try and recoup some of the cost a new car would bring or earn a bit more than if you just straight up had it junked. If you don’t really know what’s valuable in your car, or just don’t really know your way around it then you can still take a few things. Stuff like any added covers and accessories that you can still make presentable is probably your best bet.

Gather The Documentations

Now that you’re one hundred percent sure that it’s going, you’ll want to get whatever papers you can on it, and finally yes you can junk a car without a title. Choosing to junk a car without a title will probably take a bit more work though so at least try to find the papers.

You might also be paid less if you try to junk a car without a title as if you junk a car without a title, the buyer also takes a bit of a risk. If you do have the documentation needed, you can just pass them on to the buyer with no problem.

In the event you do junk a car without a title, you would need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state to get a duplicate title or relevant documents needed to sell it without a title. There are cases where you don’t need any sort of documentation in order to sell it, but it’s best to check anyway.

Conduct One Last Check

Finally, you’re actually doing the selling part in junking your old or trashed car. In cases where your car needs to be moved as it’s inoperable, you’ll schedule the car removal service so you can be present when it is towed.

Once it is at the junkyard, they will investigate the car in order to see any details you might not have noticed or known. Be sure to ask them to let you know if there is still something of value during their check as you can request it. You can try and sell these parts for a bit more.

If you don’t want to spend the time finding a place to sell it to then maybe just try to haggle a slightly higher price. Once you’ve worked out whatever else you want to discuss for the price and when the documentation is transferred, you should be good to go and get the payment immediately.

A while after the sale, you might also want to make sure that the vehicle has been junked, or that there were no problems with the transfer of ownership as if anything bad happens you might still be blamed. So, keep in contact with the business for at least a few days.

If you’re looking to be a bit more generous, you could also donate the junk car to a charity. This might be preferable depending on who you are as you can get credit for the donation on your taxes. Plus, whatever funds you would’ve gotten for the charity will be used for a good purpose. This can also be a bit easier than going to a junkyard and the slight tax break is also a great incentive.

Another option for anyone looking to immediately get a new car, you might be able to trade in your car if it still works mostly fine. This should grant you at least $2,000. So, maybe if local junkyards are offering less you can look into this option. Some dealerships also have special programs that can give you even more than that.

Can You Junk A Car Without A Title?

As we covered, yes you can junk a car without a title, it’s still best to try to keep the title safe and guarded as it makes the process easier. Just remember to keep any important documents safe as they can save you quite a bit of hassle later down the line.

money for junk cars

How To Get Good Amount Of Money For Junk Cars?

How to get a good amount of money for junk cars is achieved from the best junk car yards, but not only do they offer a decent price, the hassle-free quick car selling process makes it worthwhile and adds more value to the entire process.

In a junkyard, you can find all kinds of car parts that can be reused instead of buying brand new parts. Do you have an old damaged car taking up valuable car space in your driveway? Wouldn’t you like to get rid of it so it can also become a spare part somewhere instead of it standing there occupying valuable space in your driveway?

You may be longing to sell your old car but you are not sure how to get a good amount of money for junk cars? You want to sell your junk car quickly as you need cash in your pocket now for an emergency. Here we will talk about how to get a decent amount of money for your junk car.

Money For Junk Cars – Junk Car Without Title Or Registration

Junk Cars

The title of a car tells everyone that you are its legal owner. If you want to buy junk cars without the title or registration, give the car a thorough once over. If you want to sell junk car without title or registration, you might battle. True, you have heard some people like to build racing karts, motorcycles, engine parts and other racing equip[ment and your old clunker can help towards this.

Depending on the junkyard you may have to show some kind of proof of car ownership. This can be like a relief to you if you are wanting to sell your car desperately. In most states, you need a title to sell your used car.

Private Buyers Insist On A Title

If you were to try and sell your car to a private buyer you could never get away without a title. If you have lost your title, you can always get to your local DMV and apply for a new one. For an additional fee, some states will print titles immediately.

If you have got a seriously ancient car, there are some states that would not issue titles for cars that are older than 25 years of age. Sometimes it is even 15 years. Then money for junk cars becomes a distant dream for some. The solution is to look at car junkyards.

Covid-19 has changed the lives of many people forever. People held onto their cars to commute back and forth from work. But now it is no longer necessary because people are working from home. If it is an old car and not worth much and also not worth repairing anymore, why not sell it?

If you were only keeping your old junk car to get you back and forth to work, it may be silly to hold onto it now that you rarely use it. Maybe you have used it so little that it does not run anymore.

Junk cars are often thought of as inoperable vehicles that sit in your driveway. When you look at it, you believe that it is worth more scrap metal than anything else. A junk car is any vehicle that is old, perhaps damaged and where the cost to repair it is no longer worth considering.

If your car is rusty, damaged, and would not start, you must be wondering how to get a good amount of money for junk cars. Money for junk cars will require you to do research on the different car junkyards. This is because some of them will only buy the metal part of your car.

Some will take your entire car just as it is. The reason you might be dubious about getting good money for your junk car is that you have heard that more than 13 million cars are sold to junkyards each year. Will there be anyone interested in your car?

Money For Junk Cars – Racing Junk Cars

racing junk cars

Yes, there is always someone looking for your car. People want to sell and buy racing junk cars, and engines for all sorts of things. Selling your junk car is not easy. One thing though that has made it easier to sell a junk car is by selling it online.

Of course, there are many people and businesses who are looking for junk cars as a source of spare parts to use for racing junk cars, to build a car from scrap, or to use the spare parts on other cars.

You can well imagine that someone just looking for spare parts would not be interested in paying top dollars for your piece of junk. Some people might even say to you that to make it easier to sell your junk car at a reasonable price, you will need to first fix it up a bit. But that’s exactly what you want to avoid as you just do not have the cash for any kind of repairs.

Money For Junk Cars – There Are Junkyards That Buy Junk Cars Without Title

money for junk cars

You can take the private route and try to sell your junk car for cash. Getting money for junk cars through a private buyer is not a good idea when your junk car without title or registration is advertised online or in newspapers.

Not only will private buyers steer clear of a junk car without a title, but you are also likely to get all kinds of weirdos wanting to come to your place to check things out. If you are considering this option then be prepared for having your phone on around the clock and having to contend with a diverse lot of people. They will want to test drive your car as well.

Dealerships too are a difficulty because they are essentially only vaguely interested in you and your junk car if you invest in another car from them.

If you are looking for raw cash directly into your hands, how to get a good amount of money for junk cars is through a car junkyard. it is the only way to get the best amount of money for your old dilapidated vehicle in the most hassle-free way.

If you are looking for instant raw cash paid quickly into your hands, this is it – car junkyards. They offer competitive prices for all kinds of cars in every condition. They are not picky like dealerships and unreliable like so many private buyers. These junkyards come to you where you are and tow your car away, ridding you of what was causing you so much stress.

Money For Junk Cars

Money For Junk Cars

Should you sell to a private buyer, a dealership, or to a junkyard, Finding a local junk buyer can be a case of doing an online search. You should not just call up the first car junkyard in your area or the one closest to you and just automatically use that one. You will need to call a few junkyards and request a quote or better still, fill in an online form.

These forms are filled in quickly. The only part that requires any real input is the part about providing them with your junk car information. Obviously, you want to provide as much information as you can so that they can make you an accurate offer for your car.

Do Not Be Put Off By The Word ‘Title’

Apart from providing the usual name, address, and other contact details, they will want to know what your junk car’s make is, what kind of damage it has, and whether it has a title or not.

This part often stops people in their tracks. They stop filling in the form. But there are junkyards that buy junk cars without title and who will offer you a decent amount of money for your junk car. Always work through licensed junkyards so that you can be sure that you get the money owed to you for your car.

Unlicensed junkyards operate in shady ways. A good way to know how to get a good amount of money for junk cars is to check their website for customer reviews. That’s another thing – a junkyard that does not have an online presence should be avoided.

These days with covid-19, it is the most important way to communicate. All companies of integrity should have a website. Look at customer reviews and what customers have said about their services. You can also check on their social media pages to make sure you are dealing with the best junkyard.

Prep Your Car

Junk Car Buying Process

Once you have discovered how to get a good amount of money for junk cars, you will need to prep your car a little bit. Remove all your personal stuff from your car. Remove any important car parts that you want. Of course, you can only do this if you stipulate on the online car that your car is being sold minus its battery, alternator, or something else.

If you want a tip as to how to get a good amount of money for junk cars, a good idea is to have a mechanic look at your car and give you an estimate. This will at least give you an idea as to whether the junkyard is ripping you off or not.

These junkyards have to make use of a certified scale when weighing your car. You are paid by the ton of metal, so typically smaller cars will be less. Sometimes the car junkyard will arrive at your place and pay you on the spot. That’s because they know exactly how much a car like yours will weigh. It just comes from being in the business for so long.

The paperwork they require differs from state to state and it is quite possible that there may well be some paperwork to scrap your vehicle. Paperwork differs by state, and there might be different restrictions. In individual countries, you might be required to prepare some paperwork to scrap your vehicle.

When it comes to getting rid of a junk car, how to get a good amount of money for junk cars is the burning question. The truth is, it is always less than what you had in mind, but still the best offer for a junk car.

Selling your car to a car junkyard is a much better deal than selling it to a private buyer or to a dealership. A car that is older than 10 years may not get you much more than $200. Many people, on trying to know how to get a good amount of money for junk cars, will contact lots of junkyards and try to collect lots of offers.

It can be stressful, time-consuming, costly, and frustrating. The best thing is to simply contact three junkyards in your area and deal with the most reasonable one.

While it is not set in stone, according to Kelly’s Blue Book, most cars’ salvage value is roughly 20 % of the vehicle value. Did you know that the location where you live can affect how much you get paid for your junk car?. They factor everything in, so if you live fairly close to the junkyard, the more money you can rake in because they would not have to tow your car too far.

After doing research, you may find that there are some junkyards that would not buy junk cars without title. Continue your research as there are those who are willing to buy your junk car with or without a title. You may not get as much money as you would have if you owned a title but they will still take your car as-is and offer you a fair sum of money.

how much to junk a car

How Much To Junk A Car In The USA

Getting rid of your junk car isn’t difficult, but figuring out how much to junk a car and following the right measures to obtain the most money for it can be a little confusing.

Do you have a junk car gathering dust in your garage? Why don’t you sell it for a profit? After all, there are so many customers willing to pay top price for your car.

You may be wondering, How much to junk a car? When it comes to determining how much a junk car is worth, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That is dependent on a variety of factors. The price range is generally between $100 to $600. However, depending on the state of your car, it may be as much as $15,000 or more.

In this piece, I’ll discuss the approximate pricing for junk cars in 2021, as well as how much money you can expect to earn for your junk car.

How A Junk Car Can Be Recognized?

Why should you sell your junk cars

It’s critical to grasp the definition of a junk car when deciding whether or not your car is considered junk.

A junk car isn’t the same as garbage. In other words, in previous circumstances, a junk car does not imply a car that is destroyed. A junk vehicle is no longer in use on a public road. Any highway, road, or public street is considered a public road. If you have a car that requires a lot of maintenance or isn’t safe to drive on the road, it can be considered junk. Even if it’s coming apart, you might be able to make some money by selling the individual components.

Insurance companies frequently assign a salvage title to junk cars. These are cars that would be better off being sold than fixed. A junk car may also be a vehicle that you’ve owned for a long time but don’t want to repair. Some cars just require minor repairs to get them back on the road. If that is the case, you may try selling it to a car dealer.

How Much To Junk A Car- Figuring Out The True Value

Down Payment on a new car

Any junk car is worth something, even if it has multiple components making it unfit for driving. That is why, you must first determine its real value, before determining the selling price.

It depends on the condition of the car and the market worth of scrap metal or parts. When dealers quote a price, it’s generally based on the current cost of purchasing a similar model. Buyers also think about how much it would cost to fix the car.

So, it’s crucial to know the market worth of your car before selling it. You might be wondering

‘How can I rate my junk?’ No worries. I will help you with that. Keep reading this article so that you can get an idea about how much to junk a car?

How Much To Junk A Car- Factors That Influence The Value

Do not wait for your junk car to deteriorate

The value of “How much to junk a car” is influenced by several factors. Consider the following top factors that impact the value:

1. Location

Location is one of the most important factors that determine the value of how much to junk a car. What you can get for a junk car is highly dependent on where you live. That’s because some cities pay a lot of money for junk cars. Also, if you are in a city where many companies are buying old and damaged cars, then the price of your broken car may rise as a result of their fierce rivalry.

Another point is, specific car models may be preferred by buyers in various areas. If you live in a city where your vehicle is popular or in high demand, you may be able to sell it at a premium. Some communities, for example, may provide additional incentives for trucks. Scrap metal prices differ from one city to the next. So keep the position of the junk car in mind at all times.

2. Make And Model Of Car

Keep the make and model in mind when determining the value of how much to junk a car. A junk car buyer will generally provide a price based on the car’s model. Some models are more valuable than others. Although many older cars are still on the road today, the demand for components is not always constant. So do your homework before selecting where to sell your car to raise the stakes a little.

3. Car Age

How much to junk a car? when you’re selling it to potential buyers? The age of your car plays a significant role in determining how much to junk a car is worth. Older cars have a better chance of selling. Junk cars are usually older than ten years. The majority of consumers choose cars that are less than 20 years old.

‘How does the age of my car influence the price of junking it?’ you might wonder. The answer is simple. The older the car, the less money you will receive. Cars that are breaking apart will sell for a much lower price. So don’t be shocked if a junk car buyer asks about the age of your car or how long you’ve had it when they make an offer. I

4. Mileage

The mileage is another essential aspect in determining the value of how much to junk a car. How many miles have you driven your car? You’re in luck if the distance is less than 4,000 miles. The price will rise if your car has less mileage. Vehicles that covered a distance of 15,000 miles don’t have much left to offer. Longer-distance cars are generally older, and purchasers want them for their components. That’s why they offer a lower price.

Cars that have crossed 20,000 mileage are much cheaper. Since these cars can be very old, buyers will not accept material from them. Typically, they will buy such junk cars to lift scrap metal.

5. Condition Of The Car

Although this is a very simple concept, it is worth noting. You’re likely to obtain more money for your junk car if it’s in good condition, clean, and runs smoothly. If you’re driving a rusted hunk of junk, it’ll be acquired for its scrap value rather than its component’s worth.

There will be difficulties both externally and internally as long as you have a car. If you replace any parts of your car, it may reduce value. Also, it’s considerably worse if some components aren’t present.

Before making an offer, every car dealer would want to know the condition of your car. Always be truthful. Buyers are constantly on the lookout for a good deal and will inspect your car when they pick it up. Before you sell your car, make sure you inspect it thoroughly.

6. Is Your Car Running

A car that can still run highly impacts the value in determining how much to junk a can. Besides asking about the general condition of your car, buyers will also be conscious about if the car is still running or not. Because it enables them to provide precise pricing.

A functioning junk car will cost extra, as predicted. So, what happens if your car isn’t running? It is entirely dependent on the buyer. When a junkyard discovers that the car isn’t operating, some refuse to make a bid. Others will just reduce their offer significantly. Expect to get behind the wheel to demonstrate that your car is still functional.

7. Current Price Of Scrap Metal

This is probably the most important factor that determines how much to junk a car is worth. The reason is, the majority of salvage firms purchase junk cars only to extract scrap metal. When the price of scrap metal is low, you may expect a low paycheck.

So don’t get too excited about selling your car just yet. It’s usually a good idea to wait until the price of a junk car is somewhat more than usual. When the timing is right, you may virtually quadruple the amount of money you get from a junkyard.

How Much To Junk A Car – Factors That Have No Impact On The Value

Delivering the junk car yourself Is it worth it

Here’s another crucial checklist to help you set a fair price for a car and ensure that it sells. Keep the following elements in mind while debating the price and selling junk cars for a reasonable price:

1. The Gas Tank Is Full

If you have a full gas tank and your car ends up in a junkyard, the owners are likely to use your gasoline. You will not, however, be compensated for this. As a result, you could opt to dump your tank before selling your car.

2. The Tires Are New

Have you changed your tire recently? If you have, keep in mind that, even if your tires fulfill the requirements for reuse, they will not raise the value of your junk. Before selling your vehicle, you can remove them yourself.

3. New Brake

The value of your junk car is unaffected by whether or not your car’s brakes are new. So, just because you changed your brakes recently doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a bigger paycheck. If you don’t think the price will be fair, you can remove the brakes before selling the car.

How Much To Junk A Car – Probable Price In 2021

Junk car

I’ve included a list with junk car pricing and the year they were manufactured for your convenience.

  • non-running Nissan from the mid-late 90s – around $100
  • Hyundai Tucson 2004 – around $575
  • Toyota Corolla 2002 – around $685
  • Mitsubishi Lancer 2013 -around $1,000

Junk Cars Buyers

There are tons of companies available for selling your junk car. For example :

  • Cash 4 Wheelz is one of the top buyers in the USA, offers instant cash, and gives you handsome cash on the spot.
  • Cash For Junk Cars FL is another company that also pays top cash. Besides these, Copart, Cash For Junk Cars FL, ELH Auto Scrap are also good for selling your junk car.

In the end, I just want to say, these variables aren’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to determining the value of how much to junk a car. Depending on the particular components of various cars, you may be able to acquire even more. Keeping this in mind, it’s critical to do your homework before selling your junk car to ensure you get the greatest deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Way To Receive The Most Money For My Junk Car?

Steps to Get the Most Cash from Your Junk Car

  1. Look for a junk buyer in your area or across the country.
  2. Verify their driver’s licenses.
  3. Look for consumer feedback.
  4. Consider your options before making a final decision.
  5. Finish the papers.
  6. Collect your money.

2. What Is The True Value Of A Junk Car?

The majority of junk cars will sell for between $100 to $500. For various other factors and models of cars, the real price might go up from $50 to over $20,000.

3. Is It Better To Donate A Car Or To Junk It?

The answer is contingent on how much effort you are willing to put out. Car donation provides several benefits, not just for you but also for others who are less fortunate. If you need some additional cash, though, selling a junk car is the best option, as long as towing charges don’t eat into your profit margins.

4. How Many Junk Vehicles Are There In The United States?

According to the Applied Materials Division at Argonne National Laboratory, around 12 million automobiles are discarded in the United States each year. In 2018, the scrap metal sector grossed $32 billion in retail and business-to-business sales.

5. What Is The Biggest Junkyard In The World?

Old Car City is the biggest junkyard and they started their journey as a general store that also sold vehicle components, which opened in 1931. Since then, the 32 acres behind the original shop have accumulated almost 4,000 old trees. The location currently advertises itself as the world’s largest historic car junkyard.

sell my junk car instant quote

How To Sell My Junk Car Instant Quote?

When you are searching ‘sell my junk car instant quote’, you can be assured that even a seemingly useless junk car would not be looked upon as useless waste. The junk car yard buyers are virtually the only ones who can give you a good price for your junk car and a hassle-free selling experience.

it is one of the worst things when your trusted car that never had a day’s trouble suddenly starts playing up. You no longer trust it to get you where you need to be. You may even have spent a fortune on it recently and it would not start.

It is 23 years old and you have decided to call it a day with it and to get rid of it. But how to get rid of a junk car? it has become a piece of junk. You may have heard about how to get rid of a junk car from friends who have a hundred stories to tell that do not sound good enough that you want to try it. How to sell my junk car instant quote is looking to you like it could turn out to be one huge headache.

Will anybody be interested in your car, after all, it is standing in your driveway and it would not start. You may have heard people talking about how to sell my junk car instant quote, but how do you start and where do you look to find someone who will be interested in buying your piece of junk?

You have heard some of your friends telling you of getting cash for their old cars, but will anybody give you cash for your old car seeing that it would not even start?

Cash For Junk Cars

sell my junk car instant quote

Nothing is set in stone about how much you get for your junk car. The truth is that how to sell my junk car instant quote, is that you are always going to find the quote a lot less than what you are thinking of. Cash for junk cars can fetch a price of between 50-$1000. The heavier the car, the higher the cash for junk car price.

Cars that are the same make and model can be sold for completely different prices simply because one is far heavier than the other. When you look in Kelly’s Blue Book, most cars’ salvage value is roughly 20-30% of the current vehicle value.

There are quite a few factors that will help you know how to sell my junk car instant quote and get the best price. To sell my junk car instant quote usually requires that you give your car’s age, model, and year as for private buyers and dealerships this will have a dramatic impact on the price and even vehicle location. The location where you live can affect how much you get paid for your junk car.

You could say that the most important part when it comes to knowing how to sell my junk car instant quote is that you are essentially selling metal and the scrap metal prices can change and affect your junk vehicle price.

Who Pays The Most For Junk Cars?

Down Payment on a new car

How to sell my junk car instant quote can be difficult for the newbie trying to get rid of a junk car. Once you have sold your car to a reputable junk car buyer, you will wonder why you never thought of it long ago.

You have heard that private buyers, dealerships, auctions, and junkyards all have different offers, but who pays the most for junk cars among these? Not every one of these buyers is going to be interested in your mechanically damaged junk car. What about a totaled car? One thing is sure, you should not be stuck with an old car in your driveway because you are wondering who pays the most for junk cars.

Next time you want to sell a car that is in a run-down state, you will know the answer to this. It is the junkyard. But not only that – they are the ones who offer you the most hassle-free way of getting rid of a useful vehicle.

How To Sell My Junk Car Instant Quote?

How To Sell My Junk Car Instant Quote

You know that without knowing about how to sell my junk car instant quote, it can literally take months to find a buyer at the right price. You may even be forced to spend even more money on your car just to get it started again so you can at least drive it to the place that will sell it.

There is an answer as to how to sell my junk car instant quote and your days of fretting are over. With a junk car yard, they will come right to your place and remove your car for you. This aspect alone puts them right at the top of the list of how to sell my junk car instant quote.

And it does not matter whether your car is totally written off, it is a junk car without title or it does not have any tires, a reputable junk car yard will make an offer and give you an instant quote on your vehicle. They buy cars as-is, will all their seized engines, dents, and scratches. So in other words, junk car yards are the best place to get paid for your junk car in a quick, easy, hassle-free fashion.

You just visit their website and enter a few basic details about your car and they will quickly provide you with a quote on the same day. The entire thing can be over and done in one day, sometimes two days.

If you have been stressing and taking a lot of wasted time off from work to sort your junk car out, your stress and search are over. It is the best place to go for good cash for junk cars – for top dollars like nowhere else.

You Do Not Want To Try Selling A Junk Car On Your Own

sell my junk car instant quote

You can try and sell your junk car on your own, but where do you even start? How do you even start getting all the right photos ready for your car at every angle you can think of? You may have seen fairly decent-looking cars parked on street corners or at petrol stations with a price and telephone number stuck on the windscreen.

But with your luck, your car will be stolen or towed away, and besides, your car would not start so how are you going to get it anywhere in the first place? You live alone too and once you have taken calls, who knows the caliber of the person who comes knocking at your door to negotiate with you?

You may even dread taking all the calls of those who want to take your car for a test drive. Your boss is becoming highly irritated with you too, sitting a good part of the day taking calls from interested buyers. You just know that selling your car to a private buyer is not going to work.


To sell my junk car instant quote, you may want to try a dealership. But can you sell a junk car to a dealership? Yes, you have heard that they buy used cars, but what about plain junk cars? And how will you even get your car to the dealership? Are there dealerships that offer junk car towing services?

Highly unlikely, although not all dealerships are the same. The only trouble is what’s it going to take to phone around and see which dealership will tow your car to their place. You have got a job to do and just do not have the time to be phoning around to all the different dealerships.

Dealerships do not relish taking on junk cars, and definitely not ones that would not start. Junk car towing is not part of their deal. They are in the business for profit after all and you are not going to get much for your junk car. How to sell my junk car instant quote just does not seem like a good idea with a dealership. In the end, you will discover that it is not worth selling your car to a dealership. Surely you can get a better deal somewhere else.


If a private buyer is not going to work for you and a dealership would not tow your vehicle or offer you a decent sum of money for your car, then what about an auction. Surely that saying ‘third time lucky’ is going to work for you? You will feel that the dilemma of how to sell my junk car instant quote is over. You have heard of sellers who have found that using an auction is a worthwhile option.

But you are worried because selling a junk vehicle is becoming a complicated issue. You have heard that to sell a junk car to a private buyer, a dealership, or an auction house means that you have to have information papers ready.

They want to see your car’s title before they will give you a quote. What happens if you no longer have your car’s title? Isn’t a junk car without title a dead-end car? Does it mean another door slammed in your face? The only other door that you have not investigated is a junk car yard. If only you knew that you could save yourself a whole lot of trouble by starting with the junkyard first.

Did you know that even if your junk car no longer runs and it is a junk car without title, the best junk car yard in your area will come and tow your car away from your yard? Isn’t that weight off your shoulders? The private buyer could not do that for you; the dealership would not, and the auction house you did not even ask because them wanting your car’s title meant you could not go ahead with the sale.

Does a junk car yard not require a car’s title? Your car’s title is that pink paper that tells you that you are the owner of the car. Whenever you sell your car, you are supposed to transfer ownership of the title to the buyer and this officially makes them the owner of the car.

If you do not have a car title anymore, you can always try to get hold of a copy of one at your local DMV office. However, if this is impossible for you, then there are junk car yards that will take your old junk car as-is without a title. You may have believed that your options to get rid of your junk car without a title were nil, but in fact, there are some junkyards that do take your car without its title and who will also pay you good cash for your car.

These junkyards take your car as-is and then give you a quote for it. It is quick and easy too. You simply fill in their online form, providing details of your car and they provide you with a quote based on the information you provided them with. For a junk car with no title, this junkyard deal is like a lifeline thrown to you.

How To Get Rid Of A Junk Car

sell my junk car instant quote

One of the big advantages of selling your old junk car to a junk car yard is that you do not have to put up with phone calls and who-know-who coming to look at your car. The only people you will have to deal with from the junkyard are the ones who come to pick your car up and tow it away free of charge.

They have all kinds of tow trucks and they know exactly which tow truck to bring for your car. It is always a wise move to prepare your car just a little bit before you call your junkyard of choice. It is a good idea to remove all debris off the floors, vacuum it out, wash it and make it look most presentable.

Even though it had its day and it is just a piece of junk, you can make it as presentable as possible so that you get the best price for it. These junk car yards work around your schedule too and will pick up your junk car at a time that suits you.

Once you have filled in their online form, junk car towing becomes part of the deal and they will pick up your old car on the same day or the very next day.

When selling your junk car to a reputable junkyard, they will always pay you the best price and make the entire process of how to sell my junk car instant quote a pleasurable one.

Junk Car Buyers

How Do MN Junk Car Buyers Determine The Value Of My Vehicle?

Before you start hunting for Junk Car Buyers to sell your junk car, you need to know how Junk Car Buyers determine the value of your vehicle. This is important as there are many Junk Car Buyers out there who are always on the lookout to grab the best deal possible even if it means that they’ll try to find reasons to undervalue your junk car. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, many Junk Car Buyers do that. This is why you need to be prepared before you head to a junk car buyer. You need to know some of the things Junk Car Buyers look at to determine the value of your vehicle. This will help you in negotiating a good deal.

How Do Junk Car Buyers Determine The Value Of A Junk Car?

For you to be able to negotiate a good bargain with your junk car buyer, you must understand how Junk Car Buyers determine the value of a junk car. There are a couple of things Junk Car Buyers look at before they give you a quotation.

Junk Car’s Year, Make, And Model

Junk Car Buyers have a business model where they make money off selling working parts of a junk car on the secondary car market and selling the rest of the vehicle as scrap. The year, make, and model determine how much money one can get for the spare parts and this is one of the reasons why Junk Car Buyers will always ask you about the year, make, and model.

Junk car’s year, make, and model

Secondly, some models sell for great prices in certain states due to their demand. For example, a Toyota might sell for a higher price in Minnesota than Indianapolis and so on. Junk Car Buyers assess the market demand and offer prices accordingly for the make and model offered.

Thirdly, vehicles made in the past do not have much steel or metal in them compared to the newer models. If you were to scrap a Toyota corolla 1990 and a Toyota Corolla 2005 you will get different rates. This is because the new model has more plastic, more steel and more materials used in it which fetches a higher price. Hence, if your model is very old, expect to get lower rates.

Vehicle’s Condition

Okay, so this is a huge one for Junk Car Buyers. These business owners like to purchase vehicles that are in running condition as it brings income from two different streams of revenue. If a vehicle is in running condition that means that its parts are working and workable parts are sold by Junk Car Buyers to make money. However, if a vehicle is not running, then Junk Car Buyers sell it in scrap.

Having a vehicle that is running can fetch you a great price as Junk Car Buyers can sell its working parts and also make money by scrapping it. You can negotiate the rate by researching a bit on the parts and the prices it fetches in the secondary market. This will give you a ballpark figure of what to expect from Junk Car Buyers.

Location Matters

You may have heard over and over again the three things that impact a business and that is “location, location, and location”. In the case of Junk Car Buyers, it plays a huge role in how much money these businesses make.

As mentioned previously, Junk Car Buyers determine the rate of your junk car by the location the vehicle is in. Certain vehicles are popular in different regions thus driving up the price you can get for it.

Another thing tied to location is the price of scrap metal. Scrap metal prices vary from one region to another. If you’re selling a vehicle in a region where scrap prices are low, expect to get a lower quote.

Demand For Running Parts

This is a bit technical but Junk Car Buyers pay for the vehicle according to the demand for its parts. If the demand for running parts of a junk car is high and people are purchasing it because their vehicles are breaking down, this drives the price of the parts upwards. If the junk car is rare and has running parts, then the price it will fetch in the secondary market is also high. However, if there is a very low demand for the parts of your junk car then you may not get a higher quote.

Market Rates For Scrap Metals

Market rates for scrap metals

This factor is linked with the second business model of Junk Car Buyers where they sell your vehicle in scrap to make income. An average vehicle is made from 2,500 pounds of steel and more than 280 pounds of aluminum which can amount to a hefty amount depending on the market rate for scrap metals. Hence if the scrap metal rates are up, you can expect a good rate but if it’s plunging downwards, then the rate you might get won’t be so appetizing.

The price for scrap metals is set by the forces of demand and supply. If the demand for scrap metals falls for whatever reason, the market price will take a plunge and vice versa. Do your research on the current scrap metal rates before heading down to a junk car buyer or calling one for a quick quote.

Complete Documentation

This is important for some Junk Car Buyers. If you’re looking to sell your junk car, you need to have complete documentation like the title and registration of the vehicle. The title is a document that proves you are the owner of the vehicle. If you’ve lost the title to your vehicle then getting one is a huge hassle.

Some Junk Car Buyers will buy the junk car from you even if it doesn’t have the title. However, since they have to go through the hassle of retrieving a copy of the title from the local DMV, you will get a lower quote.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Junk Car Buyers?

How to get the most out of your Junk Car Buyers

It has been established that Junk Car Buyers like vehicles that are in good condition. You may not have maintained your vehicle properly or it’s been in the garage for way too long collecting dust. In such situations, never take your vehicle to Junk Car Buyers without giving it a good look.

Think of it this way. You’re a junk car buyer and two different sellers approach you with similar junk cars. One of them is washed out and in a bad condition while the other one looks clean and presentable. Which one will you prefer to buy? Of Course – The latter one!

Here are some tips that you can follow to get the most out of Junk Car Buyers.

Wash Your Junk Car

Get a bucket, a sponge, and some car washing liquid. Mix the detergent with warm water in a bucket and use the sponge to get all the suds on your car. Wipe down the car with water and dry it with a fiber cloth. This will get your vehicle nice and clean, ready to amaze Junk Car Buyers.

Interior Cleaning

Before you start calling up Junk Car Buyers for instant quotes, do a thorough deep cleaning of the interior of your vehicle. Get a vacuum and start getting those car mats clean. Use a cloth and cleaning spray to wipe down the interior giving it a shiny look that is sure to impress Junk Car Buyers.

Scrub The Tires

Your tires are sold in the secondary market and priced according to the condition it is presented. Dry cracked tires will give you a lower payout and you need to look at the feasibility if you were to repair the car’s tires before selling the vehicle to a junkyard. If the feasibility does not work out well, here’s a trick that can work in most cases. Wash down your tires with water and give it a good scrub using water and detergent. Wash the tires down before patting them dry.

A clean dark oiled tire may fetch you a good rate as the condition of the vehicle’s tires is not so evident. However, if you have dried cracked tires that seem like they can burst open any time, you will not get a good rate for that.

The More You Wait, The Lesser You Might Get

Finally, this is a known phenomenon all over the world. Many people will tend to hoard items and wait until it gets antique and expensive. Or many people hoard items in the hopes that the economy might go down pushing the prices of their items upwards. However, that is just an arrow shot in the dark.

A $10 item right now will never be worth $10 in the future. This is because many factors will affect its price. In the case of vehicles, a vehicle worth $30,000 right now will be worth less than $30,000 in the next five years. This is because newer models are being released each year which reduces the demand for the previous model. Simple demand-supply economics dictate that lower demand results in a lower price.

Secondly, in the case of junk cars, you never know what the price of scrap metal is going to be in the future. Just like how gold fluctuates, scrap metal price varies frequently. Many people wait for the scrap metal price to go up so that they can sell their vehicle at a good rate. However, in doing so, you hold some risk.

What is the risk of waiting for scrap metal prices to rise? Well, the risk is that you never get to sell the vehicle for the price you’re expecting the market will touch. If the market rate for scrap metal goes down, you would’ve not only wasted time waiting but also the opportunity cost to sell the junk car at a good rate.

You never know where the market is heading and in the case of junk cars, it’s always recommended to sell the vehicle as soon as you can. Many other reasons might help you decide to sell your junk car now.

Make Space For Things That You Want

Your junk car might be taking a considerable amount of space in your backyard or garage. This can postpone your plans of renovating the space and introducing something new. Some people want to make a shed in their backyard but the junk car lying there won’t allow for it. Some might look towards making a tools bench or a cabinet in the garage but that junk car is taking up most of the space.

This can postpone your plans to do something about the space for an indefinite period. Not only that but it also adds up to the cost. If a shed is costing you $5,000 to make right now, it won’t cost the same in the next 5 years’ time. Material costs and labor costs can go up resulting in the same shed costing you $7,000. That’s $2,000 more if you were to make your shed now.

Hence, sell your junk car as soon as you can to save on money for your plans. You can easily save thousands of dollars if you are to execute your plans right now rather than waiting for your junk car to fetch a good rate.

Not all Junk Car Buyers will lowball you an offer. Junk Car Buyers that have operated in this space for years are trusted businesses that are there to do a deal. Do your research on the Junk Car Buyers by reading their customer testimonials, heading to their website to see if they’re legit, and going over the services they offer. Some Junk Car Buyers will provide you free tow which might be a huge winner for many sellers considering a tow costs around $300.

Finally, make sure that you don’t go accepting the first offer that comes your way. Get a couple of quotations and compare which one is giving you the best deal. Consider all aspects and then decide to shortlist the junk car buyer.

sell a Junk Car

How Will I Get Paid When I Sell A Junk Car?

Selling a junk car has become a thing with many looking to cash in a good offer before waiting too long to sell a junk car resulting in a lower offer. If you’re looking to sell a junk car and need some tips and tricks, ways on how to sell a junk car, and other helpful details, then continue reading as this guide is for you.

The United States has seen a rise in junk car buyers with many competing to give you a good bargain. However, there are a lot of things you should be aware of before you accept any junk car buyer’s offer. Before you learn some tips on tricks, you need to make a conscious decision to sell a junk car. That is the first step. Let’s look at some of the reasons why we think you should sell a junk car.

Reasons to sell a junk car

Many of us like to hoard things. Pencils, shoes, and even cars. Yes, you heard that right. You may have a junk car rusting away in your garage for years or parked up in your driveway from your 18th birthday. Most of us develop attachments with things and it can become very difficult to let go. However, here are a couple of solid reasons to sell a junk car.

Reasons to sell a junk car

Quick cash

This goes without saying, you can get quick cash when you sell a junk car. If you’re behind on your payments or are looking towards getting a new car, sell your junk car and put that extra cash towards that. Junk cars fetch a good amount of money depending on the vehicle make and model and the state you’re looking to sell a junk car. Expect anywhere between $100 to $1,000 and even more for your junk car. This is a great way to collect some rainy day money because you never know when the economy starts to act up.

More space

Space has always been a huge problem in many households. Not everyone has a large house and adding real estate to your home in a crowded city can prove to be impossible. Those with large houses might also face space issues because of all the clutter and unnecessary items being hoarded. It’s time to let go and make space for a workbench or a new car or even build something over there like a cabinet or shelves for your tools. There is a lot you can do with the free space if you sell your old car.

Harmful to the environment

Old vehicles are victims of rust by air and chemical corrosions. The vehicle still has certain hazardous liquids in the engine that overtime adds toxicity to the air around the vehicle. This can be dangerous to breathe in for children and pets. These harmful liquids can even drip on the ground from the vehicle which is very dangerous if your junk car is parked in your backyard. The harmful substances will affect your plants and make the area unsuitable for people to walk in.

There are many different reasons to sell your junk cars. Some might be reminded of a memory they wish to forget or for some, it might be adding aesthetics to the house. Once you’ve decided why you want to sell your junk car, the next step is to start getting quotations from the junk car buyers around you. There are a couple of tips and tricks you should be aware of before you sell a junk car. Many junk car buyers will take advantage of you if you’re not knowledgeable in this space.

Tips and tricks to sell a junk car

Don’t be so quick to accept the first quotation that comes through your door. Always get a couple of quotations and compare which one is giving you a good deal. Here are a few tips that you can follow to get the most out of selling your junk car.

Tips and tricks to sell a junk car

Knowledge is key

Junk cars might not fetch you a lot of money in general but junk car buyers take the time to rip the car apart, sell the working junk car parts in the secondary car market and sell the car body in the scrap market.

You should know which parts in your vehicle are working and can be sold in the secondary car market. Check the value of these parts so that you’re able to negotiate a better rate.

Look for a free tow

Many consumers will accept the highest bid without looking at the terms and conditions. There are junk car buyers who offer free tow and it is important to understand that free tow will save you a lot of money down the road.

If a junk car buyer offers you a good rate without a free tow, then you would have to spend money on fuel or a tow car to tow the vehicle to the junk buyer’s premises. That’s added expense and wasted time. Avoid all that with a company that offers a free tow without any conditions.

Ensure vehicle is in running order

Junk car buyers will purchase junk cars that are not working, however, you will get a good rate if your junk car is operable and can run on the road. Driving up to the junkyard in your junk car is also a great way to send a message that the vehicle is in a good driving condition which can aid in boosting the quotation upwards.

If your vehicle is not in a good condition, then try to do minor repairs that won’t cost much. However, if your vehicle requires major repair work, we recommend selling the vehicle as it is rather than spending money on it.

Have complete documentation

Junk car buyers will look at the title of the vehicle. A vehicle’s title is proof of purchase and shows the details of the current owner. Not many junk car buyers will purchase a junk car without a title. However, you might come across some who will buy it off your hand without a title. But if you’re selling your junk car that does not have any title, expect to get a low rate.

You can get your vehicle title duplicate if you’ve lost it by approaching your local DMV.

Before we get to how you will get paid when you sell a junk car, you need to know that the answer to that depends on how you sell your junk car.

How to sell a junk car?

There are a lot of ways you can sell a junk car and all of these have their benefits and disadvantages.

How to sell a junk car

Junk car buyers should be your first option

Junk car buyers are the easiest way to sell a junk car. They will come to your site, in many cases, and pick up the vehicle from you. However, there are many junk car buyers so you need to do a bit of research before approaching or shortlisting the quotations you have received. Go through their websites and their online reviews before you decide which quotation you’re going to shortlist.

Sell online on craigslist

There are many online websites and publications you can approach to sell a junk car and the most known of these platforms is craigslist. The website has many viewers and will give you some traction if you were to put the ad up for your junk car. However, be careful of people online as you never know who you might bump into. If you get someone interested in the advertisement, call them over to a mutual place where you can discuss the deal. You should also see whether or not you feel safe around the person. If you don’t, it’s time to call off the deal before you even invite him over to your place to view the junk car.

Facebook ads are a good option too

Besides craigslist, there are other options like Facebook ads. The platform has millions of users and fantastic algorithms that can help you sell a junk car faster than you would think. Try to take a couple of nice photos (because aesthetics matter) and post it up. Ask your friends and family to share your advertisement or post to reach a greater audience. Facebook eliminates the risk of strangers knocking on your door or a shady person because you can view their profile before accepting their offer.

Many websites will ask you to boost your Facebook post to reach a wider range of audiences. That is true, however, you need to look at the trade-off you will get for spending money on advertising. For example, if you paid $10 to boost your post for a week and are getting a lot of queries then you can continue boosting the post until your junk car is sold. But if you’re not getting any traction from your ad, then consider rethinking your marketing strategy because if you continue doing what you’re doing, you’re going to end up losing money.

Approach scrap buyers

This should be your final offer if you feel that you have tried all doors but can’t seem to sell your junk car. Scrap buyers will happily take your junk car off your hands and offer you money according to the weight of your junk car. The thing with scrap buyers is that they will not offer you a good deal as they have to go through a lot of hard work to get the plastic separated from the scrap metal.

How will I get paid when I sell a junk car?

So now that we have gone over some of the many ways you can sell a junk car, the payment method will depend on the route you decide to take.

If you’re selling your vehicle on an online platform, then you could ask the buyer to pay either in cash or wire you the money to your bank account. Some people prefer to take cheques or a bank draft but that all depends on your preference and the buyer’s ability to pay in that payment method.

If you want to sell a junk car to a junk car buyer then do note that many of them deal in cash. The idea of selling a junk car is to make instant cash so when you get a quotation from a junk car buyer, the first thing they will do is to ask you to book a date for the pickup. During the pickup, the junk car buyer will send a representative to examine the vehicle. If everything is okay, they will pay you cash on the spot. This is a great way to close a deal and one of the reasons why we recommend consumers to sell a junk car to a junk car buyer.

But what should you do if you come across a junk car buyer that refuses to pay cash or wants to pay later?

Junk car buyers that do not pay cash instantly…

You may come across junk car buyers who will ask to take your vehicle to their lot for examination or take your vehicle and ask you to wait a couple of days for the payment. If anyone does that, refuse to give the junk car.

Many junk car buyers will happily come over to your place, pick up the vehicle (providing a free tow) and pay you in cash on the spot. Those are the people you should deal with as there are no hassles involved. Those asking to pay later or other modes of payment, for example, cheques, might be the ones looking to profit exorbitantly from you or they might be scammers. Yes, there are scammers in this space and this is why we recommend that you do your bit of research before going for a junk car buyer.

Junk Car Price

Junk Car Price Match Guarantee – Highest Cash Quotes In Minneapolis

Looking for a junk car buyer to offer you the best junk car prices? Look no further as junk cars for cash MN offers the best prices for your junk cars. Call us up for a quick collection, the highest cash quotes, and free tow. We even provide a price match guarantee so that you don’t have to go anywhere else.

What is a junk car price match guarantee?

You may have heard many online E-commerce retailers promising a price match guarantee. But what is a junk car price match guarantee? Does it come with any conditions attached? Let’s have a look.

A price match guarantee is a commitment a business provides its clients that if they were to find the same product at a lower price elsewhere, the business will match the price so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. It is also a great marketing tactic that shows the consumer that the business is confident in its pricing and will not overcharge.

There are those looking for your junk car

Many small businesses can not offer price match guarantees because they don’t work in volumes thus they don’t have a lot of margins to play around with. Companies that can offer a price match guarantee are medium to large-sized businesses that have an efficient supply chain and work on volumes. Having sufficient margins, these businesses are confident in the ability to beat any price because they already know they’re offering lower prices.

The price match guarantee is the confidence that a business puts in their business processes giving users an idea that they’re the right people to approach.

However, there are companies that “provide” a price match guarantee but it comes with a lot of conditions that the customers are not able to meet. These are tactics done by many corporations to mislead consumers. However, those that are genuine businesses offering price match guarantees will not put any restrictions or conditions except a single quotation from the business providing a lower rate.

Junk cars for cash MN junk car price match guarantee: Is it legit?

Junk cars for cash MN provide a genuine junk car price match guarantee unlike many others in the same space. We will take your vehicle from you at a better rate than other junk car buyers.

Our junk car prices are already very competitive, however, if there is any other junk car buyer who is willing to give you a better offer then come to us with their quotation. We will either match the price or offer a better price in return.

Our commitment to our clients remains undeterred as we’ve been providing quality services for over a couple of decades.

How can we provide you the best junk car prices in the market?

As we’ve mentioned before, we will not only match the price but also try to beat it. This kind of guarantee is very difficult to uphold in the junk car business; however, we’ve been in this space for decades now. So, how is having the right experience provide you with the best junk car price? Aren’t all junk car buyers competing to get the junk car?

Well, technically you are right if you think that junk car buyers are competing to buy your junk car. In fact, there are more junk car buyers in the market than in the last 10 years. However, the supply of junk cars remains stagnant. Hence, you’ll find a lot of junk car buyers willing to purchase your vehicle from you. But the thing is that many junk car buyers are spread across the United States. Meaning you might find only a few near your place. Junk car buyers understand the hassle associated with towing the vehicle to their yards and therefore will offer you lower rates. They capitalize on the location and know that you won’t go through the hassle to approach a junk car buyer that lives further down the street.

However, we’re here to let you know that you don’t need to worry about the towing. Let that hassle rest on our shoulders while you look to purchase a new vehicle on the money you have received for your old junk car. We promise to not only match the junk car prices but also beat them. You may be wondering that it all sounds too good to be true.

Well, you’re right. There is no such thing as free lunch as we have been able to develop our business processes allowing us to provide the best junk car prices possible. This is because our business works in a lot of volumes. Over the years, we’ve made a name for ourselves in the industry and thousands of junk car sellers come to us to sell off their vehicles each year. We can work on a volume basis and therefore can offer better rates to our clients or customers.

Working on a volume basis allows us to make enough money for the business to thrive. Many junk car buyers do not have that volume and therefore will try to make as much money as a single client as they can. They will resort to practices like undermining the vehicle or finding defects or even misleading the customer just so that they can make a hefty margin.

Don’t believe our commitment to our clients? Don’t take our word for it, check the additional services we provide. We won’t just give you the best junk car prices but also give you a free tow. This will help you save time, energy, and even money.

How to get the best junk car price?

How to get the best junk car price

We at junk cars for cash MN offer the best junk car prices for your junk cars. However, if you’re not in Minneapolis and are looking to sell your junk car, we’ve compiled a couple of points for you to help you get the best junk car price on the market. There are certain things a junk car buyer looks for that you can work on to get the best junk car prices.

Sell your junk cars immediately

This is the best advice you’ll get if you’re looking to get the best junk car prices. Simple economics dictates that if you’re getting a good price for a product right now, in the future that may not be the case. This is because depreciation takes over the lifetime of the vehicle with the value of the vehicle reducing each year. So, don’t take too long when considering selling your junk car. The more you wait, the lower the junk car price gets.

Many people have their junk cars rotting away in the garage in the hopes that one day they will spend some time repairing the vehicle. However, in many cases, that does not happen and eventually, most people end up selling their junk cars. If you want to make good money selling your junk car then do it now without waiting too much. There is no benefit in waiting or delaying the sale of the junk car.

Junk car buyers buy junk cars to sell the spare parts and scrap the vehicle by recycling. If the vehicle ends up being way too rusty then the junk car buyer may not even buy it since the parts would not be of any use. Hence, don’t let your vehicle devalue and sell it now.

Don’t touch the spare parts

car battery dead no jumper cables

This is important too. Many people have read on the internet that spare parts are a great way to make a quick income. However, what they don’t understand is the hassle associated with spare parts. Many junk car buyers find value in the spare parts or the vehicle’s running parts. If they’re not there, then don’t expect a stellar junk car price.

Tires, engines, pumps, and more are some of the parts that can be used in other vehicles if they’re in good condition. If these parts are removed, then junk car buyers will offer you a low rate as the recycling of scrap metal prices in the international market has dropped recently. If there are no parts, junk car buyers can only make money through recycling. So if they’re making $200 on recycling, they will offer you a lower rate than that.

Of course, the comparison is key

Junk car buyers have their reasons for purchasing junk cars. Some will want specific models while others will pick anything up. This is because there are different business models. Many junk car buyers essentially make money by recycling junk cars while some will go through the effort of selling the running parts before recycling the junk car. This all factors in the junk car price given to you. Hence, always get multiple quotations for comparison purposes. This will give you an idea of what your vehicle can fetch you and which junk car buyer is giving you a great deal.

Registration refunds are a thing

In the United States, you can get a refund on your car’s registration if you’ve scraped your vehicle. However, it depends on the state you’re in and if you’re eligible. Check your state laws for eligibility but if you’re eligible then don’t forget to apply for a refund. The extra cash that you were not expecting is always great.

Get a free tow

Not many people realize that a tow can cost a lot of money, time, and effort. Many junk car buyers will not offer a free tow as they cannot allow for a free tow. So, if you get a good offer from any of these junk car buyers without a free tow, consider the time, energy, and money you would need to put in to tow your vehicle to the junkyard. At the end of the day, you might end up in a worse position even if you’re getting a good quote. Always try to hustle for a good quote and a free tow.

Scrap value fluctuates a lot

Just like silver and gold moving up and down in the commodity markets, the price of scrap in the markets also fluctuates. Since many junk car buyers primarily make money off selling scrap, try to keep track of the scrap prices and sell your junk car at the right time to make good money. However, just like the stock market or any other market, take the opportunity that arises rather than waiting too long because you can never predict what might happen down the road.

Don’t wait too long, get the highest cash quotes in Minneapolis

Junk cars for cash MN promise the best cash quotes in the entire Minneapolis and if there are other junk car buyers that offer a better quote, we’ll beat it. Don’t take our word for it, simply get a quotation from us and survey the market. If there are other quotations better, bring them to us and we will not only match it but beat it so that you, the customer, get the best deal possible.

We are committed to providing all sorts of convenience to our clients from a quick pickup to instant cash and a price match guarantee. You don’t have to go to any other junk car buyer in Minneapolis as we’re your one-stop solution for selling your junk car right away. Our business model ensures that our clients are getting their fair share of the money and this is why we have been viewed by customers in the region as the best junk car buyer in Minneapolis. So, head down to our junkyard or simply give us a call for a quick quote.

junk cars

We Pay More for Junk Cars Than Our Competitors

With positive testimonials from customers, Junk cars for cash have become one of the fastest-growing junk car buyers in the region. Serving the community for more than 20 years, we have been able to cater to more than 7,500 clients with customer satisfaction of 99%. This tells a lot about our commitment towards our clients who come to us because they believe that we pay more for junk cars than our competitors. And it’s true in a lot of ways.

Here’s how we are able to pay more for your junk cars than our competitors.

Recycle large volumes of junk cars

Recycle large volumes of junk cars

Economics 101 dictates that volume determines the price of things. If you were to produce one car, it might cost you for example $10,000. But if you were to produce 10 cars, the cost of production would reduce and each car could cost $9,000. This is why many manufacturers are able to cut down their costs due to mass production. The same applies to the junk cars business.

Junk car buyers buy junk cars to sell the vehicle’s running parts as spare parts in the secondary car market. However, the main source of revenue for them is recycling. We have a huge clientele as our junk car business has been established for over 20 years. This successful internet present allows us to get hundreds of junk cars which we can then recycle to make money. If we’re able to make money and run our business comfortably, this is because of our clients and due to this, we pay more for junk cars than our competitors.

Our competitors are either small businesses or new entrants in the junk car business. This makes it difficult for them to attract a lot of clients and therefore have liquidity troubles. Since they’re only able to recycle a few vehicles a month, they would need to recycle a whole lot of junk cars so that they can provide you a good price.

We are confident in our prices and our commitment to provide the best price for your junk cars. If there is any competitor willing to offer you more, we will match those prices for you so that you don’t have to go anywhere for good service.

Free tow

One of the things we find redundant in today’s world is consumers driving their junk cars or towing them to our yard for selling purposes. This is an old-fashioned way of selling your junk car. Going to drop your junk car or pay for them eliminates the need to sell junk cars. Think about it. Why do most people sell their junk cars?

Many people sell their junk cars in the hopes of getting some rainy day money or pay for unexpected expenses. If you’re one of those people, then you would expect to fill your pockets a little with some Benjamin Franklins, however, if you’re required to drive the junk car or have it towed to the junk car buyer then you completely eliminate the purpose of selling your junk car.

If you were to drop your junk car, then you would need to put fuel in your vehicle to drive it to the junk car buyer. That is not only added fuel expense on your wallet but also takes one’s time and effort to have the junk car dropped at a junk car buyer. If you were to call a towing company to tow your junk car to the junk car buyer, that’s another expense on your wallet. Imagine having to pay $200 for a tow and receiving $300 for your car. That’s $100 profit in your pocket. That’s where you’re losing quite a bit of money. Why get $100 when you can easily get $300 or more from us as we provide free tow.

Free tow is another way where we are able to pay more than our competitors. Most junk car buyers are small businesses and are not able to bear towing expenses on their own and hence charge their clients. This is where you’re losing money. Free towing is a way for us to pay more for junk cars to our customers.

Price match guarantee

There are a lot of junk car buyers in the country meaning you can easily get top dollar for your junk car if you research a bit. Junk cars are the main source of revenue for junk car buyers so you will find most of them competing to give you the best price possible. The United States market for junk cars will always work in your favor as there are limited junk cars in the country but a lot of buyers waiting to get a piece of the pie.

As mentioned earlier, we pay more for junk cars than our competitors as we have a smooth supply chain. However, if you ever come across a quote that is much more decent than ours, share it with us and we will match our price and throw a free tow in there for you as well. That’s a lot of savings for you. Our price match guarantee ensures that customers get more for their junk cars than what others are willing to offer. Think about all the time and effort you will save when approaching us.

Top-notch customer service

We take pride in providing the best customer service in the region. Operational for over 20 years, we have learned a thing or two about customer service and are ahead of our competitors in this terms. We are able to purchase junk cars on a daily basis because of the extensive clientele we have secured due to going above and beyond. Our clients come to us because we do not just provide a quick quote but also let our clients know what they’re getting paid for. We educate our clients on junk cars and their parts so that they never become victims of a lowball offer. We also pay upfront cash when coming to investigate your vehicle. Upon calling us for a quick quote, we will schedule a date where one of our experts will visit your location and hand you cold hard cash upon a quick vehicle inspection. You don’t have to worry about bringing the vehicle to the junkyard as well since our expert will ensure that you get the free tow that we promise all our customers.

Factor in our customer service into the cash you receive, you’ll realize that the price you’ve received is more than our competitors. Our customer service will ensure that you don’t have to worry about any aspect of selling the junk car, from paperwork to delivery of the junk car and everything in between.

Why should you sell your junk cars?

Why should you sell your junk cars

Now that you understand how we are able to pay more for junk cars than our competitors, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider selling your junk cars.

Environmental benefit

Not many people take a second to think about this but junk cars are rusted old vehicles that are harmful to the environment. Rusted junk cars let off hazardous gas overtime when parked and they also contain chemicals that may leak due to rust. The leaked chemicals also add to the environmental damage. If you’ve got kids or pets around the house, then going near a junk car that is parked in your house can also have a negative effect on their health. It’s better to scrap or sell your junk car to have a safe environment at your home. Another benefit to the environment is reduced mining as the junk cars are scrapped for metal that is again used by the automobile industry.

Free Space

This is one of the biggest advantages. Many people live in areas where real estate is scarce and they can only do with what is available. Parking a junk car in such areas can affect how people live their lives. Simply remove the burden from the backyard or curbside and utilize that space more efficiently. Perhaps make a cabinet for all your tools or a small shed to keep your lawn equipment if you have any. You can do a lot of things with the freed space but if you have a junk car sitting in the boundaries of your home then you’re just wasting precious real estate. Especially when real estate prices are touching the skies, considering the removal of your junk car should be your number one priority.

Quick Cash

If you’re looking to make quick cash, then you should know that thousands of Americans each year sell their junk cars to make some money. Although the payout for selling a junk car won’t handle your mortgage payments or any other big expense it’ll be good enough to cater for your living expenses or even add to your savings for future use. Remember, in this day and age, extra cash is required for emergency purposes. Call it rainy day money. No one knows when a big expense might come knocking at your doorstep, hence you need to be prepared and every bit of cash is always welcome.

Down Payment on a new car

Down Payment on a new car

You might be thinking about purchasing a new car, however, when buying a new vehicle you need to pay a down payment. The best way to do that is to sell your junk car and use that money as a down payment on your new vehicle. This helps you save some money that you would’ve spent if you didn’t sell your junk car. You should also consider a new car if you’re still driving your junk car and paying for its registration or insurance. That is an added expense on your wallet which can easily be avoided if you were to buy a new vehicle.

Avoid state conflicts

This can happen to anyone. You may wake up to a letter in your mailbox that is warning you to remove your junk car from the curbside otherwise risk facing hefty fines. In such situations, you need to ask yourself whether or not your junk car is worth the fines? It’s always better to avoid the hassle of the court and save yourself time and money by selling your junk car.


This is one of the biggest reasons for getting rid of junk cars. The USA has seen a huge boom in the landscaping market suggesting that individuals are more inclined towards spending money on landscaping to make sure their home looks great. Now think about a home with a junk car sitting in there rusting away. That ruins the entire look of the backyard or wherever the car is parked. Remove your junk car from your home to ensure better aesthetics and impress your friends and family. Sometimes change feels great.

There are a lot of reasons you could sell your car. Some people might just want to remove the junk car from their possession to make room while others might be needing cash. Whatever your reason is, you should consider selling your junk car to a buyer who has experience in this industry and will give you a fair price for your junk car. There are many junk car buyers who will devalue your vehicle just because you may not have the know-how of how much you can actually get. Remember, even though junk cars are scrapped for metal, junk car buyers will sell off spare parts (running of course) in the secondary car market. In our opinion, you deserve to be paid a fair price. We’ve been here for 20 years all thanks to the local community. We grow, so does the community and this is why a lot of people in the region flock to us to sell their junk cars for a great price.

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