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How Do MN Junk Car Buyers Determine The Value Of My Vehicle?

Before you start hunting for Junk Car Buyers to sell your junk car, you need to know how Junk Car Buyers determine the value of your vehicle. This is important as there are many Junk Car Buyers out there who are always on the lookout to grab the best deal possible even if it means that they’ll try to find reasons to undervalue your junk car. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, many Junk Car Buyers do that. This is why you need to be prepared before you head to a junk car buyer. You need to know some of the things Junk Car Buyers look at to determine the value of your vehicle. This will help you in negotiating a good deal.

How Do Junk Car Buyers Determine The Value Of A Junk Car?

For you to be able to negotiate a good bargain with your junk car buyer, you must understand how Junk Car Buyers determine the value of a junk car. There are a couple of things Junk Car Buyers look at before they give you a quotation.

Junk Car’s Year, Make, And Model

Junk Car Buyers have a business model where they make money off selling working parts of a junk car on the secondary car market and selling the rest of the vehicle as scrap. The year, make, and model determine how much money one can get for the spare parts and this is one of the reasons why Junk Car Buyers will always ask you about the year, make, and model.

Junk car’s year, make, and model

Secondly, some models sell for great prices in certain states due to their demand. For example, a Toyota might sell for a higher price in Minnesota than Indianapolis and so on. Junk Car Buyers assess the market demand and offer prices accordingly for the make and model offered.

Thirdly, vehicles made in the past do not have much steel or metal in them compared to the newer models. If you were to scrap a Toyota corolla 1990 and a Toyota Corolla 2005 you will get different rates. This is because the new model has more plastic, more steel and more materials used in it which fetches a higher price. Hence, if your model is very old, expect to get lower rates.

Vehicle’s Condition

Okay, so this is a huge one for Junk Car Buyers. These business owners like to purchase vehicles that are in running condition as it brings income from two different streams of revenue. If a vehicle is in running condition that means that its parts are working and workable parts are sold by Junk Car Buyers to make money. However, if a vehicle is not running, then Junk Car Buyers sell it in scrap.

Having a vehicle that is running can fetch you a great price as Junk Car Buyers can sell its working parts and also make money by scrapping it. You can negotiate the rate by researching a bit on the parts and the prices it fetches in the secondary market. This will give you a ballpark figure of what to expect from Junk Car Buyers.

Location Matters

You may have heard over and over again the three things that impact a business and that is “location, location, and location”. In the case of Junk Car Buyers, it plays a huge role in how much money these businesses make.

As mentioned previously, Junk Car Buyers determine the rate of your junk car by the location the vehicle is in. Certain vehicles are popular in different regions thus driving up the price you can get for it.

Another thing tied to location is the price of scrap metal. Scrap metal prices vary from one region to another. If you’re selling a vehicle in a region where scrap prices are low, expect to get a lower quote.

Demand For Running Parts

This is a bit technical but Junk Car Buyers pay for the vehicle according to the demand for its parts. If the demand for running parts of a junk car is high and people are purchasing it because their vehicles are breaking down, this drives the price of the parts upwards. If the junk car is rare and has running parts, then the price it will fetch in the secondary market is also high. However, if there is a very low demand for the parts of your junk car then you may not get a higher quote.

Market Rates For Scrap Metals

Market rates for scrap metals

This factor is linked with the second business model of Junk Car Buyers where they sell your vehicle in scrap to make income. An average vehicle is made from 2,500 pounds of steel and more than 280 pounds of aluminum which can amount to a hefty amount depending on the market rate for scrap metals. Hence if the scrap metal rates are up, you can expect a good rate but if it’s plunging downwards, then the rate you might get won’t be so appetizing.

The price for scrap metals is set by the forces of demand and supply. If the demand for scrap metals falls for whatever reason, the market price will take a plunge and vice versa. Do your research on the current scrap metal rates before heading down to a junk car buyer or calling one for a quick quote.

Complete Documentation

This is important for some Junk Car Buyers. If you’re looking to sell your junk car, you need to have complete documentation like the title and registration of the vehicle. The title is a document that proves you are the owner of the vehicle. If you’ve lost the title to your vehicle then getting one is a huge hassle.

Some Junk Car Buyers will buy the junk car from you even if it doesn’t have the title. However, since they have to go through the hassle of retrieving a copy of the title from the local DMV, you will get a lower quote.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Junk Car Buyers?

How to get the most out of your Junk Car Buyers

It has been established that Junk Car Buyers like vehicles that are in good condition. You may not have maintained your vehicle properly or it’s been in the garage for way too long collecting dust. In such situations, never take your vehicle to Junk Car Buyers without giving it a good look.

Think of it this way. You’re a junk car buyer and two different sellers approach you with similar junk cars. One of them is washed out and in a bad condition while the other one looks clean and presentable. Which one will you prefer to buy? Of Course – The latter one!

Here are some tips that you can follow to get the most out of Junk Car Buyers.

Wash Your Junk Car

Get a bucket, a sponge, and some car washing liquid. Mix the detergent with warm water in a bucket and use the sponge to get all the suds on your car. Wipe down the car with water and dry it with a fiber cloth. This will get your vehicle nice and clean, ready to amaze Junk Car Buyers.

Interior Cleaning

Before you start calling up Junk Car Buyers for instant quotes, do a thorough deep cleaning of the interior of your vehicle. Get a vacuum and start getting those car mats clean. Use a cloth and cleaning spray to wipe down the interior giving it a shiny look that is sure to impress Junk Car Buyers.

Scrub The Tires

Your tires are sold in the secondary market and priced according to the condition it is presented. Dry cracked tires will give you a lower payout and you need to look at the feasibility if you were to repair the car’s tires before selling the vehicle to a junkyard. If the feasibility does not work out well, here’s a trick that can work in most cases. Wash down your tires with water and give it a good scrub using water and detergent. Wash the tires down before patting them dry.

A clean dark oiled tire may fetch you a good rate as the condition of the vehicle’s tires is not so evident. However, if you have dried cracked tires that seem like they can burst open any time, you will not get a good rate for that.

The More You Wait, The Lesser You Might Get

Finally, this is a known phenomenon all over the world. Many people will tend to hoard items and wait until it gets antique and expensive. Or many people hoard items in the hopes that the economy might go down pushing the prices of their items upwards. However, that is just an arrow shot in the dark.

A $10 item right now will never be worth $10 in the future. This is because many factors will affect its price. In the case of vehicles, a vehicle worth $30,000 right now will be worth less than $30,000 in the next five years. This is because newer models are being released each year which reduces the demand for the previous model. Simple demand-supply economics dictate that lower demand results in a lower price.

Secondly, in the case of junk cars, you never know what the price of scrap metal is going to be in the future. Just like how gold fluctuates, scrap metal price varies frequently. Many people wait for the scrap metal price to go up so that they can sell their vehicle at a good rate. However, in doing so, you hold some risk.

What is the risk of waiting for scrap metal prices to rise? Well, the risk is that you never get to sell the vehicle for the price you’re expecting the market will touch. If the market rate for scrap metal goes down, you would’ve not only wasted time waiting but also the opportunity cost to sell the junk car at a good rate.

You never know where the market is heading and in the case of junk cars, it’s always recommended to sell the vehicle as soon as you can. Many other reasons might help you decide to sell your junk car now.

Make Space For Things That You Want

Your junk car might be taking a considerable amount of space in your backyard or garage. This can postpone your plans of renovating the space and introducing something new. Some people want to make a shed in their backyard but the junk car lying there won’t allow for it. Some might look towards making a tools bench or a cabinet in the garage but that junk car is taking up most of the space.

This can postpone your plans to do something about the space for an indefinite period. Not only that but it also adds up to the cost. If a shed is costing you $5,000 to make right now, it won’t cost the same in the next 5 years’ time. Material costs and labor costs can go up resulting in the same shed costing you $7,000. That’s $2,000 more if you were to make your shed now.

Hence, sell your junk car as soon as you can to save on money for your plans. You can easily save thousands of dollars if you are to execute your plans right now rather than waiting for your junk car to fetch a good rate.

Not all Junk Car Buyers will lowball you an offer. Junk Car Buyers that have operated in this space for years are trusted businesses that are there to do a deal. Do your research on the Junk Car Buyers by reading their customer testimonials, heading to their website to see if they’re legit, and going over the services they offer. Some Junk Car Buyers will provide you free tow which might be a huge winner for many sellers considering a tow costs around $300.

Finally, make sure that you don’t go accepting the first offer that comes your way. Get a couple of quotations and compare which one is giving you the best deal. Consider all aspects and then decide to shortlist the junk car buyer.

sell a Junk Car

How Will I Get Paid When I Sell A Junk Car?

Selling a junk car has become a thing with many looking to cash in a good offer before waiting too long to sell a junk car resulting in a lower offer. If you’re looking to sell a junk car and need some tips and tricks, ways on how to sell a junk car, and other helpful details, then continue reading as this guide is for you.

The United States has seen a rise in junk car buyers with many competing to give you a good bargain. However, there are a lot of things you should be aware of before you accept any junk car buyer’s offer. Before you learn some tips on tricks, you need to make a conscious decision to sell a junk car. That is the first step. Let’s look at some of the reasons why we think you should sell a junk car.

Reasons to sell a junk car

Many of us like to hoard things. Pencils, shoes, and even cars. Yes, you heard that right. You may have a junk car rusting away in your garage for years or parked up in your driveway from your 18th birthday. Most of us develop attachments with things and it can become very difficult to let go. However, here are a couple of solid reasons to sell a junk car.

Reasons to sell a junk car

Quick cash

This goes without saying, you can get quick cash when you sell a junk car. If you’re behind on your payments or are looking towards getting a new car, sell your junk car and put that extra cash towards that. Junk cars fetch a good amount of money depending on the vehicle make and model and the state you’re looking to sell a junk car. Expect anywhere between $100 to $1,000 and even more for your junk car. This is a great way to collect some rainy day money because you never know when the economy starts to act up.

More space

Space has always been a huge problem in many households. Not everyone has a large house and adding real estate to your home in a crowded city can prove to be impossible. Those with large houses might also face space issues because of all the clutter and unnecessary items being hoarded. It’s time to let go and make space for a workbench or a new car or even build something over there like a cabinet or shelves for your tools. There is a lot you can do with the free space if you sell your old car.

Harmful to the environment

Old vehicles are victims of rust by air and chemical corrosions. The vehicle still has certain hazardous liquids in the engine that overtime adds toxicity to the air around the vehicle. This can be dangerous to breathe in for children and pets. These harmful liquids can even drip on the ground from the vehicle which is very dangerous if your junk car is parked in your backyard. The harmful substances will affect your plants and make the area unsuitable for people to walk in.

There are many different reasons to sell your junk cars. Some might be reminded of a memory they wish to forget or for some, it might be adding aesthetics to the house. Once you’ve decided why you want to sell your junk car, the next step is to start getting quotations from the junk car buyers around you. There are a couple of tips and tricks you should be aware of before you sell a junk car. Many junk car buyers will take advantage of you if you’re not knowledgeable in this space.

Tips and tricks to sell a junk car

Don’t be so quick to accept the first quotation that comes through your door. Always get a couple of quotations and compare which one is giving you a good deal. Here are a few tips that you can follow to get the most out of selling your junk car.

Tips and tricks to sell a junk car

Knowledge is key

Junk cars might not fetch you a lot of money in general but junk car buyers take the time to rip the car apart, sell the working junk car parts in the secondary car market and sell the car body in the scrap market.

You should know which parts in your vehicle are working and can be sold in the secondary car market. Check the value of these parts so that you’re able to negotiate a better rate.

Look for a free tow

Many consumers will accept the highest bid without looking at the terms and conditions. There are junk car buyers who offer free tow and it is important to understand that free tow will save you a lot of money down the road.

If a junk car buyer offers you a good rate without a free tow, then you would have to spend money on fuel or a tow car to tow the vehicle to the junk buyer’s premises. That’s added expense and wasted time. Avoid all that with a company that offers a free tow without any conditions.

Ensure vehicle is in running order

Junk car buyers will purchase junk cars that are not working, however, you will get a good rate if your junk car is operable and can run on the road. Driving up to the junkyard in your junk car is also a great way to send a message that the vehicle is in a good driving condition which can aid in boosting the quotation upwards.

If your vehicle is not in a good condition, then try to do minor repairs that won’t cost much. However, if your vehicle requires major repair work, we recommend selling the vehicle as it is rather than spending money on it.

Have complete documentation

Junk car buyers will look at the title of the vehicle. A vehicle’s title is proof of purchase and shows the details of the current owner. Not many junk car buyers will purchase a junk car without a title. However, you might come across some who will buy it off your hand without a title. But if you’re selling your junk car that does not have any title, expect to get a low rate.

You can get your vehicle title duplicate if you’ve lost it by approaching your local DMV.

Before we get to how you will get paid when you sell a junk car, you need to know that the answer to that depends on how you sell your junk car.

How to sell a junk car?

There are a lot of ways you can sell a junk car and all of these have their benefits and disadvantages.

How to sell a junk car

Junk car buyers should be your first option

Junk car buyers are the easiest way to sell a junk car. They will come to your site, in many cases, and pick up the vehicle from you. However, there are many junk car buyers so you need to do a bit of research before approaching or shortlisting the quotations you have received. Go through their websites and their online reviews before you decide which quotation you’re going to shortlist.

Sell online on craigslist

There are many online websites and publications you can approach to sell a junk car and the most known of these platforms is craigslist. The website has many viewers and will give you some traction if you were to put the ad up for your junk car. However, be careful of people online as you never know who you might bump into. If you get someone interested in the advertisement, call them over to a mutual place where you can discuss the deal. You should also see whether or not you feel safe around the person. If you don’t, it’s time to call off the deal before you even invite him over to your place to view the junk car.

Facebook ads are a good option too

Besides craigslist, there are other options like Facebook ads. The platform has millions of users and fantastic algorithms that can help you sell a junk car faster than you would think. Try to take a couple of nice photos (because aesthetics matter) and post it up. Ask your friends and family to share your advertisement or post to reach a greater audience. Facebook eliminates the risk of strangers knocking on your door or a shady person because you can view their profile before accepting their offer.

Many websites will ask you to boost your Facebook post to reach a wider range of audiences. That is true, however, you need to look at the trade-off you will get for spending money on advertising. For example, if you paid $10 to boost your post for a week and are getting a lot of queries then you can continue boosting the post until your junk car is sold. But if you’re not getting any traction from your ad, then consider rethinking your marketing strategy because if you continue doing what you’re doing, you’re going to end up losing money.

Approach scrap buyers

This should be your final offer if you feel that you have tried all doors but can’t seem to sell your junk car. Scrap buyers will happily take your junk car off your hands and offer you money according to the weight of your junk car. The thing with scrap buyers is that they will not offer you a good deal as they have to go through a lot of hard work to get the plastic separated from the scrap metal.

How will I get paid when I sell a junk car?

So now that we have gone over some of the many ways you can sell a junk car, the payment method will depend on the route you decide to take.

If you’re selling your vehicle on an online platform, then you could ask the buyer to pay either in cash or wire you the money to your bank account. Some people prefer to take cheques or a bank draft but that all depends on your preference and the buyer’s ability to pay in that payment method.

If you want to sell a junk car to a junk car buyer then do note that many of them deal in cash. The idea of selling a junk car is to make instant cash so when you get a quotation from a junk car buyer, the first thing they will do is to ask you to book a date for the pickup. During the pickup, the junk car buyer will send a representative to examine the vehicle. If everything is okay, they will pay you cash on the spot. This is a great way to close a deal and one of the reasons why we recommend consumers to sell a junk car to a junk car buyer.

But what should you do if you come across a junk car buyer that refuses to pay cash or wants to pay later?

Junk car buyers that do not pay cash instantly…

You may come across junk car buyers who will ask to take your vehicle to their lot for examination or take your vehicle and ask you to wait a couple of days for the payment. If anyone does that, refuse to give the junk car.

Many junk car buyers will happily come over to your place, pick up the vehicle (providing a free tow) and pay you in cash on the spot. Those are the people you should deal with as there are no hassles involved. Those asking to pay later or other modes of payment, for example, cheques, might be the ones looking to profit exorbitantly from you or they might be scammers. Yes, there are scammers in this space and this is why we recommend that you do your bit of research before going for a junk car buyer.

Junk Car Price

Junk Car Price Match Guarantee – Highest Cash Quotes In Minneapolis

Looking for a junk car buyer to offer you the best junk car prices? Look no further as junk cars for cash MN offers the best prices for your junk cars. Call us up for a quick collection, the highest cash quotes, and free tow. We even provide a price match guarantee so that you don’t have to go anywhere else.

What is a junk car price match guarantee?

You may have heard many online E-commerce retailers promising a price match guarantee. But what is a junk car price match guarantee? Does it come with any conditions attached? Let’s have a look.

A price match guarantee is a commitment a business provides its clients that if they were to find the same product at a lower price elsewhere, the business will match the price so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. It is also a great marketing tactic that shows the consumer that the business is confident in its pricing and will not overcharge.

There are those looking for your junk car

Many small businesses can not offer price match guarantees because they don’t work in volumes thus they don’t have a lot of margins to play around with. Companies that can offer a price match guarantee are medium to large-sized businesses that have an efficient supply chain and work on volumes. Having sufficient margins, these businesses are confident in the ability to beat any price because they already know they’re offering lower prices.

The price match guarantee is the confidence that a business puts in their business processes giving users an idea that they’re the right people to approach.

However, there are companies that “provide” a price match guarantee but it comes with a lot of conditions that the customers are not able to meet. These are tactics done by many corporations to mislead consumers. However, those that are genuine businesses offering price match guarantees will not put any restrictions or conditions except a single quotation from the business providing a lower rate.

Junk cars for cash MN junk car price match guarantee: Is it legit?

Junk cars for cash MN provide a genuine junk car price match guarantee unlike many others in the same space. We will take your vehicle from you at a better rate than other junk car buyers.

Our junk car prices are already very competitive, however, if there is any other junk car buyer who is willing to give you a better offer then come to us with their quotation. We will either match the price or offer a better price in return.

Our commitment to our clients remains undeterred as we’ve been providing quality services for over a couple of decades.

How can we provide you the best junk car prices in the market?

As we’ve mentioned before, we will not only match the price but also try to beat it. This kind of guarantee is very difficult to uphold in the junk car business; however, we’ve been in this space for decades now. So, how is having the right experience provide you with the best junk car price? Aren’t all junk car buyers competing to get the junk car?

Well, technically you are right if you think that junk car buyers are competing to buy your junk car. In fact, there are more junk car buyers in the market than in the last 10 years. However, the supply of junk cars remains stagnant. Hence, you’ll find a lot of junk car buyers willing to purchase your vehicle from you. But the thing is that many junk car buyers are spread across the United States. Meaning you might find only a few near your place. Junk car buyers understand the hassle associated with towing the vehicle to their yards and therefore will offer you lower rates. They capitalize on the location and know that you won’t go through the hassle to approach a junk car buyer that lives further down the street.

However, we’re here to let you know that you don’t need to worry about the towing. Let that hassle rest on our shoulders while you look to purchase a new vehicle on the money you have received for your old junk car. We promise to not only match the junk car prices but also beat them. You may be wondering that it all sounds too good to be true.

Well, you’re right. There is no such thing as free lunch as we have been able to develop our business processes allowing us to provide the best junk car prices possible. This is because our business works in a lot of volumes. Over the years, we’ve made a name for ourselves in the industry and thousands of junk car sellers come to us to sell off their vehicles each year. We can work on a volume basis and therefore can offer better rates to our clients or customers.

Working on a volume basis allows us to make enough money for the business to thrive. Many junk car buyers do not have that volume and therefore will try to make as much money as a single client as they can. They will resort to practices like undermining the vehicle or finding defects or even misleading the customer just so that they can make a hefty margin.

Don’t believe our commitment to our clients? Don’t take our word for it, check the additional services we provide. We won’t just give you the best junk car prices but also give you a free tow. This will help you save time, energy, and even money.

How to get the best junk car price?

How to get the best junk car price

We at junk cars for cash MN offer the best junk car prices for your junk cars. However, if you’re not in Minneapolis and are looking to sell your junk car, we’ve compiled a couple of points for you to help you get the best junk car price on the market. There are certain things a junk car buyer looks for that you can work on to get the best junk car prices.

Sell your junk cars immediately

This is the best advice you’ll get if you’re looking to get the best junk car prices. Simple economics dictates that if you’re getting a good price for a product right now, in the future that may not be the case. This is because depreciation takes over the lifetime of the vehicle with the value of the vehicle reducing each year. So, don’t take too long when considering selling your junk car. The more you wait, the lower the junk car price gets.

Many people have their junk cars rotting away in the garage in the hopes that one day they will spend some time repairing the vehicle. However, in many cases, that does not happen and eventually, most people end up selling their junk cars. If you want to make good money selling your junk car then do it now without waiting too much. There is no benefit in waiting or delaying the sale of the junk car.

Junk car buyers buy junk cars to sell the spare parts and scrap the vehicle by recycling. If the vehicle ends up being way too rusty then the junk car buyer may not even buy it since the parts would not be of any use. Hence, don’t let your vehicle devalue and sell it now.

Don’t touch the spare parts

car battery dead no jumper cables

This is important too. Many people have read on the internet that spare parts are a great way to make a quick income. However, what they don’t understand is the hassle associated with spare parts. Many junk car buyers find value in the spare parts or the vehicle’s running parts. If they’re not there, then don’t expect a stellar junk car price.

Tires, engines, pumps, and more are some of the parts that can be used in other vehicles if they’re in good condition. If these parts are removed, then junk car buyers will offer you a low rate as the recycling of scrap metal prices in the international market has dropped recently. If there are no parts, junk car buyers can only make money through recycling. So if they’re making $200 on recycling, they will offer you a lower rate than that.

Of course, the comparison is key

Junk car buyers have their reasons for purchasing junk cars. Some will want specific models while others will pick anything up. This is because there are different business models. Many junk car buyers essentially make money by recycling junk cars while some will go through the effort of selling the running parts before recycling the junk car. This all factors in the junk car price given to you. Hence, always get multiple quotations for comparison purposes. This will give you an idea of what your vehicle can fetch you and which junk car buyer is giving you a great deal.

Registration refunds are a thing

In the United States, you can get a refund on your car’s registration if you’ve scraped your vehicle. However, it depends on the state you’re in and if you’re eligible. Check your state laws for eligibility but if you’re eligible then don’t forget to apply for a refund. The extra cash that you were not expecting is always great.

Get a free tow

Not many people realize that a tow can cost a lot of money, time, and effort. Many junk car buyers will not offer a free tow as they cannot allow for a free tow. So, if you get a good offer from any of these junk car buyers without a free tow, consider the time, energy, and money you would need to put in to tow your vehicle to the junkyard. At the end of the day, you might end up in a worse position even if you’re getting a good quote. Always try to hustle for a good quote and a free tow.

Scrap value fluctuates a lot

Just like silver and gold moving up and down in the commodity markets, the price of scrap in the markets also fluctuates. Since many junk car buyers primarily make money off selling scrap, try to keep track of the scrap prices and sell your junk car at the right time to make good money. However, just like the stock market or any other market, take the opportunity that arises rather than waiting too long because you can never predict what might happen down the road.

Don’t wait too long, get the highest cash quotes in Minneapolis

Junk cars for cash MN promise the best cash quotes in the entire Minneapolis and if there are other junk car buyers that offer a better quote, we’ll beat it. Don’t take our word for it, simply get a quotation from us and survey the market. If there are other quotations better, bring them to us and we will not only match it but beat it so that you, the customer, get the best deal possible.

We are committed to providing all sorts of convenience to our clients from a quick pickup to instant cash and a price match guarantee. You don’t have to go to any other junk car buyer in Minneapolis as we’re your one-stop solution for selling your junk car right away. Our business model ensures that our clients are getting their fair share of the money and this is why we have been viewed by customers in the region as the best junk car buyer in Minneapolis. So, head down to our junkyard or simply give us a call for a quick quote.

junk cars

We Pay More for Junk Cars Than Our Competitors

With positive testimonials from customers, Junk cars for cash have become one of the fastest-growing junk car buyers in the region. Serving the community for more than 20 years, we have been able to cater to more than 7,500 clients with customer satisfaction of 99%. This tells a lot about our commitment towards our clients who come to us because they believe that we pay more for junk cars than our competitors. And it’s true in a lot of ways.

Here’s how we are able to pay more for your junk cars than our competitors.

Recycle large volumes of junk cars

Recycle large volumes of junk cars

Economics 101 dictates that volume determines the price of things. If you were to produce one car, it might cost you for example $10,000. But if you were to produce 10 cars, the cost of production would reduce and each car could cost $9,000. This is why many manufacturers are able to cut down their costs due to mass production. The same applies to the junk cars business.

Junk car buyers buy junk cars to sell the vehicle’s running parts as spare parts in the secondary car market. However, the main source of revenue for them is recycling. We have a huge clientele as our junk car business has been established for over 20 years. This successful internet present allows us to get hundreds of junk cars which we can then recycle to make money. If we’re able to make money and run our business comfortably, this is because of our clients and due to this, we pay more for junk cars than our competitors.

Our competitors are either small businesses or new entrants in the junk car business. This makes it difficult for them to attract a lot of clients and therefore have liquidity troubles. Since they’re only able to recycle a few vehicles a month, they would need to recycle a whole lot of junk cars so that they can provide you a good price.

We are confident in our prices and our commitment to provide the best price for your junk cars. If there is any competitor willing to offer you more, we will match those prices for you so that you don’t have to go anywhere for good service.

Free tow

One of the things we find redundant in today’s world is consumers driving their junk cars or towing them to our yard for selling purposes. This is an old-fashioned way of selling your junk car. Going to drop your junk car or pay for them eliminates the need to sell junk cars. Think about it. Why do most people sell their junk cars?

Many people sell their junk cars in the hopes of getting some rainy day money or pay for unexpected expenses. If you’re one of those people, then you would expect to fill your pockets a little with some Benjamin Franklins, however, if you’re required to drive the junk car or have it towed to the junk car buyer then you completely eliminate the purpose of selling your junk car.

If you were to drop your junk car, then you would need to put fuel in your vehicle to drive it to the junk car buyer. That is not only added fuel expense on your wallet but also takes one’s time and effort to have the junk car dropped at a junk car buyer. If you were to call a towing company to tow your junk car to the junk car buyer, that’s another expense on your wallet. Imagine having to pay $200 for a tow and receiving $300 for your car. That’s $100 profit in your pocket. That’s where you’re losing quite a bit of money. Why get $100 when you can easily get $300 or more from us as we provide free tow.

Free tow is another way where we are able to pay more than our competitors. Most junk car buyers are small businesses and are not able to bear towing expenses on their own and hence charge their clients. This is where you’re losing money. Free towing is a way for us to pay more for junk cars to our customers.

Price match guarantee

There are a lot of junk car buyers in the country meaning you can easily get top dollar for your junk car if you research a bit. Junk cars are the main source of revenue for junk car buyers so you will find most of them competing to give you the best price possible. The United States market for junk cars will always work in your favor as there are limited junk cars in the country but a lot of buyers waiting to get a piece of the pie.

As mentioned earlier, we pay more for junk cars than our competitors as we have a smooth supply chain. However, if you ever come across a quote that is much more decent than ours, share it with us and we will match our price and throw a free tow in there for you as well. That’s a lot of savings for you. Our price match guarantee ensures that customers get more for their junk cars than what others are willing to offer. Think about all the time and effort you will save when approaching us.

Top-notch customer service

We take pride in providing the best customer service in the region. Operational for over 20 years, we have learned a thing or two about customer service and are ahead of our competitors in this terms. We are able to purchase junk cars on a daily basis because of the extensive clientele we have secured due to going above and beyond. Our clients come to us because we do not just provide a quick quote but also let our clients know what they’re getting paid for. We educate our clients on junk cars and their parts so that they never become victims of a lowball offer. We also pay upfront cash when coming to investigate your vehicle. Upon calling us for a quick quote, we will schedule a date where one of our experts will visit your location and hand you cold hard cash upon a quick vehicle inspection. You don’t have to worry about bringing the vehicle to the junkyard as well since our expert will ensure that you get the free tow that we promise all our customers.

Factor in our customer service into the cash you receive, you’ll realize that the price you’ve received is more than our competitors. Our customer service will ensure that you don’t have to worry about any aspect of selling the junk car, from paperwork to delivery of the junk car and everything in between.

Why should you sell your junk cars?

Why should you sell your junk cars

Now that you understand how we are able to pay more for junk cars than our competitors, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider selling your junk cars.

Environmental benefit

Not many people take a second to think about this but junk cars are rusted old vehicles that are harmful to the environment. Rusted junk cars let off hazardous gas overtime when parked and they also contain chemicals that may leak due to rust. The leaked chemicals also add to the environmental damage. If you’ve got kids or pets around the house, then going near a junk car that is parked in your house can also have a negative effect on their health. It’s better to scrap or sell your junk car to have a safe environment at your home. Another benefit to the environment is reduced mining as the junk cars are scrapped for metal that is again used by the automobile industry.

Free Space

This is one of the biggest advantages. Many people live in areas where real estate is scarce and they can only do with what is available. Parking a junk car in such areas can affect how people live their lives. Simply remove the burden from the backyard or curbside and utilize that space more efficiently. Perhaps make a cabinet for all your tools or a small shed to keep your lawn equipment if you have any. You can do a lot of things with the freed space but if you have a junk car sitting in the boundaries of your home then you’re just wasting precious real estate. Especially when real estate prices are touching the skies, considering the removal of your junk car should be your number one priority.

Quick Cash

If you’re looking to make quick cash, then you should know that thousands of Americans each year sell their junk cars to make some money. Although the payout for selling a junk car won’t handle your mortgage payments or any other big expense it’ll be good enough to cater for your living expenses or even add to your savings for future use. Remember, in this day and age, extra cash is required for emergency purposes. Call it rainy day money. No one knows when a big expense might come knocking at your doorstep, hence you need to be prepared and every bit of cash is always welcome.

Down Payment on a new car

Down Payment on a new car

You might be thinking about purchasing a new car, however, when buying a new vehicle you need to pay a down payment. The best way to do that is to sell your junk car and use that money as a down payment on your new vehicle. This helps you save some money that you would’ve spent if you didn’t sell your junk car. You should also consider a new car if you’re still driving your junk car and paying for its registration or insurance. That is an added expense on your wallet which can easily be avoided if you were to buy a new vehicle.

Avoid state conflicts

This can happen to anyone. You may wake up to a letter in your mailbox that is warning you to remove your junk car from the curbside otherwise risk facing hefty fines. In such situations, you need to ask yourself whether or not your junk car is worth the fines? It’s always better to avoid the hassle of the court and save yourself time and money by selling your junk car.


This is one of the biggest reasons for getting rid of junk cars. The USA has seen a huge boom in the landscaping market suggesting that individuals are more inclined towards spending money on landscaping to make sure their home looks great. Now think about a home with a junk car sitting in there rusting away. That ruins the entire look of the backyard or wherever the car is parked. Remove your junk car from your home to ensure better aesthetics and impress your friends and family. Sometimes change feels great.

There are a lot of reasons you could sell your car. Some people might just want to remove the junk car from their possession to make room while others might be needing cash. Whatever your reason is, you should consider selling your junk car to a buyer who has experience in this industry and will give you a fair price for your junk car. There are many junk car buyers who will devalue your vehicle just because you may not have the know-how of how much you can actually get. Remember, even though junk cars are scrapped for metal, junk car buyers will sell off spare parts (running of course) in the secondary car market. In our opinion, you deserve to be paid a fair price. We’ve been here for 20 years all thanks to the local community. We grow, so does the community and this is why a lot of people in the region flock to us to sell their junk cars for a great price.


Minneapolis Cash for Clunkers Reviews

Minneapolis is a huge city in the Midwestern United States and is part of St. Paul. Being a large city, there are always clunkers around. There are things that damage your car, and with the passing years, a good car starts to show wear and tear until it finally reaches junk status.

Older cars such as clunkers are always needed for used car parts and if you have found that selling a junk car privately offers too many issues, a junk car yard can be the alternative option you want.

If you have decided to scrap the car, there are certain rules and laws to follow for this to happen in a safe and environmentally friendly way. A car contains a lot of materials and substances that can have a harmful impact on the environment and can also have parts that can be reused. How do you know what can be used again and how to best take care of your car? Find a recycling company and scrap the car. Read on to find out more.

Most cars wear down to junk status

Most cars wear down to junk status

If it is not involved in an accident, it is someone pushing the shopping trolley into it. It could even be particularly harsh winters that have taken their toll on your car or it could be badly scratched from your own big dog jumping up at your window to welcome you home and scratching the paintwork.

There are so many things out there that cause a car to lose its value and to finally wear down till it becomes necessary to replace your old car.

With a lot of general wear and tear, it soon begins to look and act like other clunkers of Minneapolis – those junk cars that people battle to sell – if they do not know where to look.

In fact, each year millions of cars are being sold, but eventually, they all succumb to wear and tear and are resold or abandoned. What happens to all these cars? They become junk cars or clunkers.

When should you scrap the car?

In the end, a car comes to a point where it can neither be resold for a decent amount nor repaired at a price that matches the car’s value. If you start buying new parts in the hope that it will continue to roll, it is like artificial respiration support where you try to save what can be saved, because something new breaks in the next moment. Then it is better to scrap the car and let it be taken care of by a professional recycling company.

Clunkers – cars that can no longer be repaired

Clunkers – cars that can no longer be repaired

Clunkers also have high mileage. You may have noticed in the last year that you have been spending a lot of money on your car to repair it. You are sure you have spent far more on repairs than what you originally paid for it. You feel it deserves the word clunker because it is been battling to start in the mornings, causing you to be late for work.

If a car has been in an accident and the cost to repair it is more than 70% of the value of the vehicle, the insurance companies term it a junk car. It just happens that cars are the most recycled consumer product in the United States.

Those who have used Minneapolis clunkers services before like the way that they can receive good money for a car that can scarcely go. The best thing about junk car yards in Minneapolis is that you can decide to sell your car and within just a day or two it can be sold, giving you the cash you so badly need.

You can go the private buyer route, but there is a lot of inconvenience and work that comes with selling clunkers this way.  Private car buyers will certainly want to see all the paperwork for your car. What if you do not have the paperwork though  – you have lost it. Is there anyone in Minneapolis who will buy old clunkers?

Junk cars are removed to avoid a health hazard

In Minneapolis, abandoned motor vehicles constitute a health hazard, and according to the state of  Minnesota, abandoned vehicles can encourage hobos to move in, it encourages rodents and it is a place where the wind blows and allows all kinds of debris to collect.

Minnesota law declares that abandoned clunkers are a blight on the entire environment and landscape. There are many reasons why property owners need to know how they can have their old cars removed as opposed to leaving them littering the countryside.

A car is counted as a clunker or junk car when it has been abandoned when it remains unlawfully on public property for more than 48 hours and it remains on a certain property without the consent of the property owner unless it is kept in an enclosed garage out of sight.

Minneapolis ordinance provides also that a car can be removed and impounded if it is lacking certain parts and had been left or abandoned.

When your car is a junk car and it essentially has no tangible value, why not get rid of it for some cash?  Just do a Google search and you will find that there are a number of reputable junkyards in Minneapolis that will gladly come and remove your car for you and put some cash in your pocket.

It keeps the Minneapolis environment cleaner by removing these old clunkers from wherever they have been abandoned. These junkyards find a whole lot of different ways to make use of the parts still available on some of these old junk cars.

Towing away your junk car is free

If you have been holding on to an old vehicle because you quite frankly do not know how to get rid of it, there are many junkyards in Minneapolis that will come to your place and tow your vehicle away free of charge. They have got all the right tow vehicles to do that, and even if your car has a missing wheel and cannot be towed, they have other appropriate vehicles to remove your old car.

Once parts that can be used are removed, the car is placed in a crusher and flattened. These flattened cars are then shipped to the auto recycling facility where they are shredded.

Salvage cars and clunkers are different

Many people think that salvage and junk cars are one and the same. Clunkers are those vehicles that actually beyond repair and they can’t really be used on the road without being a danger. Salvaged cars are those that have undergone a series of repairs and can be classified as roadworthy.

People who cannot afford to buy second-hand vehicles can still possibly afford salvaged cars that they can perhaps fix-up.

Junk cars for cash in Minneapolis offer a win-win situation as they get some important parts and you get cash. You get money in your pocket from something that is of no use to you. Car recycling in Minneapolis and Saint Paul is highly sought after as they take these old vehicles out of circulation and recycle the materials.

Their goal is to pay cash for your old SUV, motorcycle, or truck when it is no longer in a good condition. They are there for you when a private buyer presents too many problems, when a car dealership is not interested in it, and when it costs too much to fix it yet again.

With a private buyer, most people cannot bear the thought of taking exceptional photographs of their car from all angles and placing them on notice boards, in magazines, and on the Internet in the hopes that someone will eventually phone them. Then there’s the stress of taking calls and arranging your busy time to get to see some of these people who show interest in your car.

Fill in the online form to get things rolling

Fill in the online form to get things rolling

No matter where you live in Minneapolis, these junk car yards will make sure your vehicle is taken care of. You can call them or fill in their online form to get a free quote. It will require you to provide them with some information on the make and model of your car and its condition that it is in.

As already mentioned, it is not in driving condition, they arrange to tow it away free of charge. When you do research and select one of the best, most reputable junk car yards, their focus will be on offering you good customer services together with the highest dollar amount for your car’s value. They do not dilly-dally but offer same-day removal of your junk car.

Once you have accepted the quote they offer you, the junkyard will schedule an appointment with you to remove your junk car. This is quite different from when you advertise to private buyers and you have to take off time at all hours of the day to slot into the times they give.

With junk car removals, you only have to have one appointment – the one where they come to pick up your car. They dispatch a tow truck to pick up the car, many times it is just a few hours after you filled in the online form.

They pick up your vehicle and offer you a cash payment on the spot, regardless of the condition your car is in. If you have more than one old car you want to get rid of, this does not pose a problem. All you need to do is let them know on the online form how many clunkers there are to remove so that they can include the value on the quotation.

Prepare your car

Before the removal of the junk car from your property, give your old junk car the once-over. Remove everything from it – all the junk and debris as well as anything of value.

Remember to remove all the papers from the cubby hole as well and check under all the seats. Once your car has gone, there will be little chance of you phoning the junkyard and trying to get something back. Also, if your car is registered, you will need to call up the insurance company to cancel the policy.

Your car’s title

It is always a good thing if you are the owner of your old junk car and you have its title. The title is a certificate that proves that you are the owner of the car. it is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If your car has been financed, you would not have the title until you have finished paying for the car. The title is also known as a ‘pink slip’ and it has got your name on it, the VIN number, odometer reading from the date you bought the car and other details.

Most certainly, if you sell your car to a private buyer or dealership, you will need this title. If you have lost yours, you can get another, but it can become inconvenient.

With a junkyard in Minneapolis, having the title is the better option, but it is not a requirement. Not having one should not prevent you from contacting the junkyard for the removal of your junk car. Other proof of ownership is also accepted by them. This might include something such as your driver’s license.

Junk cars are always of worth to someone

If your car is no longer considered roadworthy, it does not mean that it has lost all of its value. It is still worth something to the right people.  If you have got an out-of-commission clunker taking up valuable space in your back garden or in your garage, it is time to turn it into some cash and free up the much-need space. Clunkers do not need to be a menace in your life when there is a readily available solution to having it removed and giving you some extra cash.

Junk car

How to Get Top Dollar for My Junk Car

How to get top dollar for your junk car is so easy and convenient with a reputable junk car buyer. Selling it online is seamless as there is always a ready buyer with cash in their hand and they will gladly tow your junk car away.

What to do with a car that no more serves you

Junk Cars for Cash st.paul

What is your reason for having a junk car on your premises? It could be that your old car has become a piece of junk just through the natural aging process, and for the first time you have asked yourself the question ‘how to get top dollar for my junk car’.

You are wondering just how to get top dollar for my junk car. The last time you handed it in for repairs, it cost you so much that you vowed that was the last time. it has been just months and it would not start yet again. This time, you just do not have the financial means to have it repaired again. It could be that you were in a car accident, leaving your car pretty much beyond repair.

The hassle of private buyers

If you are stuck with a car that you would call a junk car now, then it is time to get rid of it. But to who? Who actually buys junk cars? Maybe the only place you can think of is a private buyer.

It could be that this is your first time selling an old car, and because you are new to selling old cars, you do not know where to start looking for places that actually buy cars that are junk. How to get top dollar for my junk car may not be through a private buyer but it is possibly the only route to take that you know.

Selling your car to a private buyer unfortunately always requires effort and inconvenience. Private buyers who buy junk cars are always particularly fussy about buy junk cars because of the risk. Then of course you have to put up with all the phone calls as well as some weirdo-type of people coming to look at your car.

How to get top dollar for my junk car becomes an important question to answer because you, after all, have to find something else to get around in until you can buy a new, reliable car.

Preparing your car is an important step

If you do opt to use a private buyer, you are going to have to prepare your car a lot. Maybe you are even going to have the expense of having it first inspected by a mechanic to verify to the buyer that it does indeed have some life in it.

You are going to have to advertise it on notice boards, on the Internet, in car-magazines or on a flyer. Prospective buyers are going to want lots of photos of your car from all angles to get a good idea as to what they are buying.

Junk car buyers are not half as finicky as private buyers and it is quite possible that one or two shots of your car would suffice with them. But not knowing how to get top dollar for my junk car with a junk car dealer may not have entered your mind yet.

Yes, selling your car to a junkyard will also require you to get your car as attractive as possible, but not to half the extent as what is required with a private buyer.  Private buyers are far fussier and will want to get their full money’s worth and will scrutinize your car and then still turn you down.

How to Get Top Dollar for my Junk Car

How to Get Top Dollar for my Junk Car


That is why, if you just do not have the time and the means to spend faffing over your junk car and you just want quick cash without too much bother, a junk car dealer might be your best bet.

These junk car dealers have a whole lot of reasons why they buy junk cars in any condition, and they are always willing buyers of a junk car like yours. So how to get top dollar for my junk car might well be through a junk car dealer. For a car that has no more life left in it, a junk car dealer comes to you as a lifeline.

If you do decide to go the junkyard route, the only bit of work that you are really going to have to do is to do a bit of research on the junk car dealers you choose in your area to make sure that you are dealing with someone reputable.

Part of knowing how to get top dollar for my junk car is finding a reputable junk car dealer so that your experience is easy, beneficial, convenient, and profitable.

But once again the question comes up, whether they will buy your junk car as it is. Will they take it if you do not have a title?  Because that is another thing that is worrying you. You have searched high and low, and you just can’t find your car’s title, and which private buy is going to be prepared to take your car without a title?

Is having a title one of the important parts of how to get top dollar for my junk car? Can you junk a car that does not have a title? Is a missing title going to be the spoke in the works?  The rules regarding titles are different from state to state.

How do I sell my scrap car?

How do I sell my scrap car

Before you sell your scrap car, you would be asked to make sure that all the paperwork is in order. Even if your car is intended to be crushed, to be scrapped, or disassembled for its parts, as a rule, you would be asked to produce a registration certificate that you actually own the car in question. If your car is without a title, companies like JunkCarsForCashMN.com may still be able to help. You will need to get in touch with one of their experts. We talk about it in more detail later.

Pick out your personal belongings

Before you sell your scrap car for disassembly, you should always go through the car carefully and pick out all your belongings. Forgotten items cannot be returned after the car has been scrapped, so try not to leave anything you will miss when it is gone.

Use the fuel before selling your scrap car

Before the car is scrapped, you would need to remove all liquids such as petrol or diesel as old fuel can prove to be dangerous.

If your car is still functional, you can simply use the car until the fuel runs out. If you are planning to sell your scrap car and it is unusable, you can siphon the old fuel out of your car tank.

Getting rid of a junk car without  a title

Without a title, with a driver’s license, it is still possible to junk your car. To make it more possible to get rid of your junk car, a good idea would be to write out a dated bill of sale that includes all the necessary information about your car as well as all your contact details.

If you want to know how to get top dollar for your junk car without a title, you should always look for junk car dealers that tell you that they will take your car ‘as-is’.

You may be stressing about how to get top dollar for my junk car when it would not even start. How on earth are you going to get the dead-lump of a car to the junk car dealer.? You may even be thinking that a private buyer with all their inconveniences is the better route after all.

Hiring a tow trunk can be a huge expense and make the whole junk car selling thing totally useless. The good news is that the best junkyards will tow your junk car away free of charge.

It does not even matter if your car is missing a wheel, because they have the right tow truck and all the appropriate equipment to take your junk car as-is.

Online transactions easy peasy

You can go online and fill in the online form they provide. The forms are short and in a minute or two they can be filled in and submitted. You will need to give an honest review of your car. You can prepare a junk car for pick-up by a junk car dealer.

Give it a wash, get all your paperwork ready, remove all rubbish from the car as well as valuables, and vacuum out excess dirt. This is the beauty of selling a car to junk car cash buyers. Unlike with a private buyer, you can make the decision to sell your junk car and get the wheels of selling it into motion in no time. If for some reason, you are running short on time and you have to sell your junk car quickly, a reputable junk car buyer can help you out in a jiffy and put some much-needed cash in your pocket.

You will find too that these junk car yards operate around the clock as well, making them a far more convenient option than selling to a private buyer.

Covid-19 does not put a halt to selling your car

Selling a car privately can be such an exhausting task, what with all the photos, having to answer lots of phone calls, and describing your car in more detail to someone. Then you still have to allow the private buyer to come out to your place and perhaps even take your car for a test drive.

You have got to have a lot of time and energy to sell your junk car to a private buyer. Not only that, there are bound to be some kind of issues too, because with covid-19, there is social distancing, and just when one thing falls into place, this pandemic thing throws a spoke in the works.

Sometimes it seems almost impossible to get anything right with the virus hanging around. it is why a junk car buying process is looked upon as a lifeline thrown to you during these chaotic times. Everything to sell your junk car is done online and the only interaction you need is when they come to fetch your car and they exchange it for cash.

Technology and selling a junk car go hand in hand and how to get top dollar for my junk car quickly is made easier with an Internet connection. Covid-19 has meant everything moving online and the virus does not have to stop you from being able to sell your junk car and getting a good amount of cash for it.

The process of selling a junk car this way is super easy and convenient during the pandemic.

Put uncertainties behind you

Instead of trying to persuade a dubious private buyer why buying your junk car would be a good deal and then facing the disappointment of them not taking your car in the end, make use of a junk car yard. You still have to give details of your car online such as make and model, odometer reading, its mechanical condition, and its bodywork condition.

Once you have submitted the online form, it is just a case of someone calling you back and making arrangements to come and pick up your car.  If you are looking for a fast and easy sale with no hassles, call one of the best junk car dealers.

There are no fees to pay for submitting an online junk car sale form and the best part about it is that you can complete the online form from the comfort of your own home.

No worrying about your phone ringing from private buyers and wondering what kind of a person is going to pitch up. Some people arrive at your place with other motives not linked to looking at your car.

No unsavory dealings – just straightforward sale

Local car junkers on the other hand, just call you once – to confirm your online form submission and to make arrangements to pick up your car.

If your junk car is parked outside in your garden, all communication can be done outside. They arrive at your place at the scheduled time with their signage on their vehicles and clothes and do not leave you in any doubt as to who they are.

You can get a quote and an offer in next to no time and in the space of a day or 2 you can have cash in your pocket and a huge problem of what to do with a junk car behind you.

Top Twin Cities Cash for Junk Cars Buyer give Best Price

Top Twin Cities Cash for Junk Cars Buyer give Best Price

Junk cars buyer know that your junk car’s value in scrap is based on a number of factors, but when you have a junk car that is an eye-sore in your backyard, cash in your pocket for its removal is a weight off your shoulders. Not only are you getting money for your otherwise good-for-nothing car, but you are also doing a favor to the environment.

Sustainability programs are becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry too. The cars comprise many materials like steel, aluminum, plastic, glass, rubber, leather, zinc, lead, silicon, oil, antifreeze and coolant. Some of these are highly harmful to the environment, while others have a high commercial value. Up to 85% of the car can be recycled. Of course, this will depend on the recycling programs in each state.

The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are a diverse, thriving area of commerce and home to many small businesses and enterprises. Among the many businesses in this modern metro region, you will find a number of junk car dealers and junk cars buyers and this is good news, because you will have to look far and wide to find any scrap cars littering these cities.

Your junk car recycled?

The automobile manufacturing industry is huge and necessary, but it ultimately leads to a lot of wastage in the end.  Did you know that each year more than 14 million tons of recycled steel comes from junk vehicles? Some parts of the car can be salvaged and can even be sold again as spares. The damaged parts of the car can be recycled.

All fluids such as left-over petrol, oil and brake fluid that are left in the car are drained and removed. The likes of plastic and glass are separated from the metal and sent to a landfill, while some plastic parts can still be recycled.

Make use of eco-friendly Junk Cars Buyer

A junk cars buyer is a good choice for getting rid of your old car because ultimately you are contributing to the environment by making use of their services. Millions of cars are recycled every year, with junk cars actually being the most recycled thing in the United States. By melting down and reusing the steel, the production of new steel is reduced.

Prepare your car

Before you say goodbye to your car to a junk cars buyer, you might also want to remove some parts of it that you believe are of value. Certainly, it is time for you to remove all your personal belongings out of it, as once your car is gone, trying to get something back will be out of the question.

Also, if you did have any kind of insurance policy with this car of yours, you will also need to cancel that. Remember, that selling it to a junkyard means that you are no longer the owner and you will no longer be in possession of your car.

Lost car Title? Your junk car can still be sold

Whlle it is always best to have the title of the car, if you have somehow lost yours and just do not have the time or the means to get a new one, there are still St Paul junk yards that will take your car off your hands and hand over cash for it.

The process of handing your car over to a junk cars buyer in the Twin Cities couldn’t be easier either. it is a case of find the best junk cars buyer online and then filling in the online form right there and then.

it is not a complicated form either, and will take just a few minutes to fill in the details. Always describe your junk car as best you can, providing truthful information about its condition. If for whatever reason you can’t fill in the online form you can phone these junk car dealer too and provide them with a verbal description of your car.

Junk cars buyer – You are made a quick cash offer

Once you have either submitted your online form or completed your verbal description, these junk car yard buyers do not dilly dally so that at times you think that they have forgotten all about you. No, they give you a quick response. Once they have quickly run through all the information that you have provided for them, they will make you an offer.

If you agree to the offer you can start making the final arrangements to see the last of your car. They come to you, removing a huge headache from you as to how you were actually going to get your car off your premises.

They come out to where your car is, inspect it so as to verify what you described and if all is good and well, they pay you on the spot and remove you of your burden.

A free Towaway service

Perhaps one of the coolest things about finding a reputable junk car yard in the twin cities is that without forking out any additional cash, they will come and tow your car away.

It does not matter if it only has 3 wheels on or it has no windows and a missing door – in one way or another it will be removed from your premises. These junk yard experts are well prepared for these events – this is their business – and they have every kind of vehicle and equipment to successfully remove every kind of junk car there is.

What cash offer can you expect?

You might be wondering, looking at your old junk car standing out in your yard, how they arrive at the price they offer you for your car. And of course there are a number of factors that come into play when a junk cars buyer in St Paul makes you an offer for your junk car according to the way you filled in the online form.

A junk cars buyer is an expert and has been doing these calculations for years. They take into account –

  • Your location in the Twin Cities
  • The condition of your car
  • the car’s mechanical and electrical problems
  • The car’s mileage
  • Its make and model. This is actually important as the year and model tell you the current market value of the car. Junk cars are valued somewhat differently, more so if they are badly damaged so that it actually prevents the car from running. It goes without saying that if the car is quite rare, it is still in a fairly good condition and the demand for its rare parts is in demand, such a car will be valued more highly.  The year of the car is also an important factor because materials in the car change a lot from year to year as newer, better stuff comes out.
  • The presence of rust on the car
  • Does the car still start? A junk cars buyer knows that a car in running condition is going to be worth more than one that won’t ever start again. A car that starts and is in running order is not going to require e towing to get it to the junk yard. Yes, junk yards tow cars all the time, so if your car won’t start, they will be there for you to tow it away. To a junk cars buyer, a car that is in running condition is always an attractive buy for a junk yard as it can ultimately be fixed up and sold. If you want to know a little more of what you can expect for your junk car, you can look up its resale in the Blue Book just as a rule of thumb to estimate whether the offer you get is in keeping with what the book says as you do not want to be ripped off because of ignorance.
  • Not only that, there are other, deeper aspects to look at. The junk car dealers are always watching the price of scrap metal, which is forever fluctuating. The dollar amount for a junk car will depend on the going price for scrap metal.  Most people looking to sell their junk cars never give this aspect a thought.  When in fact it plays a big role in working out the going rate of a junk car.

Just as a matter of interest, most regular cars have about 2,400 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminum but the price of scrap metal varies a lot each year, being based a lot on supply and demand of steel and aluminum.

Low tolerance for junk cars littering the place

The Twin Cities do not tolerate junk cars littering their areas and if cars are left on certain properties illegally for more than 48 hours they can be towed away. The city encourages people who suspect that a car has been abandoned to report it to the DSI Information and Complaint Office who will send out an inspector.

If the car is not moved, the car will be towed to the city impound and possibly even sold later at a public auction. To rid the city of unused and abandoned cars, the city does a sweep for junk cars. This is where inspectors actually drive through areas of the city, tagging junk cars.

But what happens if you have a junk car in your back yard and it is a personal eye-sore for you? Will there be a junk cars buyer for your piece of scrap?

If you have a junk car, there are a number of options for you to try, but they can cause you some frustration. For many people living in the twin cities, they have found that it is often the easiest route selling your car to a junkyard for cash.

Your car is no longer worth repairing

You can safely say that a junk car is one where it is no longer worth repairing. It will cost more to repair your car than its worth. There are quite a few reasons why anyone wants to sell their car as junk, and then it is always a good idea to find someone in St Paul or Minneapolis who will pay you some cash for a car that essentially nobody wants.

There are a number of reasons to sell your vehicle to a junk cars buyer because if it is considered junk, pretty much nobody else is going to want it. You could also spend a lot of wasted time advertising it and getting a whole lot of creepy characters coming to look at it.

Your car could be considered junk because it has been in an accident and the repairs to fix your car are going to be way beyond what you can afford. It may be that it is totally un-roadworthy and unfit to be on the roads.

A junk car is essentially an end-of-life vehicle. There was a time when nobody believed that a junk car with not a spark of life left in it could actually bring in a bit of cash. And yet even for these vehicles there will be a junk cars buyer willing to give you some quick cash. Many of these junk cars buyers are helping the planet too as they recycle the cars after stripping them for spare parts. It is quite amazing then, they getting rid of such a car can actually bring you in some much needed cash.

Ensure your Junk Car Buyers are a decent lot

While looking around for a junk cars buyer, make sure you always read reviews as to the customer services they offer. it is no pleasure dealing with miserable, arrogant kinds of people. You also want to be sure that they do offer a towing service and that it is free. You want to make sure you only work with the best junk car buyers in St Paul so that you get the right amount of money for your car and you watch it being removed knowing that you have done the right thing.

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