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What Happens To My Junk Car After I Sell It?

There are myriads of reasons as to why you might want to ditch your old junk car, but the perennial question that always pops up is what to do with it? Although you do not know all the possibilities you have for it before you read this article you should know that there is more than one.

It is not as complex to take advantage of your old car nor does it take as much work as you may initially assume. There are junkyards that would be happy to buy your car even if it is complete junk.

Some people want to know what happens to their junk car after they have sold it. In most instances, they get recycled and appear as new parts in new cars in their afterlife. Read on to find out more.

The good old junk car

A junk car that is teetering on the edge of total uselessness needs to go, as repairing it one more time is going to set you too far back financially. Each year millions of junk cars make it to the recycling yards, and when you sell your car, do you wonder what process it will face?

The good old junk car

Many people could care less about what happens to their old car once it has been sold. They are only too glad somebody wanted it and that they got some good money for it. There are others though, who form an emotional attachment to their cars and they feel almost sad to see the last of it. They would like to know what will happen to their old faithful once it has been sold.

 Junk cars can go to salvage yards

One thing that can happen to your junk car after you have sold it is that it can go to a salvage yard. A number of things can happen to it once it reaches this destination. For starters, your old junker will be de-polluted. These salvage yards aim to recycle as much of the car as possible and also in an environmentally friendly way. They recycle 95% of a car.

Hopefully, your car has landed up at an authorized treatment facility so that things are done in a responsible way. There are a few stages that your old car will go through when it reaches the salvage yard –

  • De-pollution
  • Dismantlement
  • Destruction

For many years, the process of scrapping cars has been governed by the End of Life Vehicles Directive, setting guides for reuse, recycling, and recovery of these old cars that have reached their sell-by-date.

With cars weighing more than a certain amount – they have to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, and de-pollution is part of it.

Hazardous materials need to be removed from the car as part of the recycling process. Coolants, oil, petrol, antifreeze, and even windscreen wash are considered contaminants and they must first be removed from the car because some of them could even be explosive.

They drain the car’s fluids and the vehicle’s different chambers are flushed through. Components such as car batteries are removed and sold as spares. What can’t be sold is crushed and recycled. Once the car has been fully de-polluted, it is then ready to be dismantled further.

Different car parts can be re-purposed

Different car parts can be re-purposed

There are quite a few other components in your old junk car that are harmful to the environment, and these can include airbags too. Other parts from your junked car are processed for recycling.

Old tires can be re-purposed and used again in other ways, and you will often see old tires like this being used as plant containers at nurseries or in children’s playgrounds. The plastic in your old car will be recycled back into car parts or into some or other appliances.

Some parts of old cars may well still be in good condition and they can be resold. The salvage yard removes any parts that can be sold, recondition, and sells them. Common reused parts are alternators, batteries, transmissions, starters, and axles.

Flattened by a crusher

After there is nothing more that can be salvaged, your junk car will be dismantled of everything and flattened by a crusher and shredding machine after which large magnets sort the steel from other materials. The steel is then used to make a whole lot of other useful items. The other metal such as aluminum is also recycled back into new car parts.

Dumped or abandoned cars

Dumped or abandoned cars

There are some old cars that are just dumped on the side of the road and nobody knows where they have come from and where they are headed. If nobody claims these dumped or abandoned cars, they will eventually be towed away, and then what will become of them?

All states deal with the removal of junk cars in different ways, but they have all got to keep their roads clear of junk and obstructions. Most times abandoned and stolen vehicles are towed away, often by private tow- and scrap yards.

You are notified – remove your car

For example, in the state of California, a notice will be placed on an abandoned vehicle and the registered owner is supposed to remove the vehicle within a certain number of hours. If the vehicle is not removed, it is stored at the tow yard.

If the owner does pick up the car, the owner must pay towing fees. If 30 days go by and the owner has not pitched up to do something about the car, the tow yard will step in to auction off the vehicle. The funds are then used to cover the towing fees. Once the car is sold at an auction, nobody knows into whose hands the old car will then fall.

Some junk cars are fixed up and re-sold

Then again, there are plenty of people who want to buy damaged cars in your area. They fancy the idea of fixing them up and then selling them again at a profit. There are some private individuals who do this but there are some companies that buy old cars too.

They want to rebuild the car, so they strip it and the frame of the car and any usable parts are kept. From there all kinds of work on the car eventually restore it to the point where it can be found on the roads again.

There are junk cars that are particularly sought after so that they can be rebuilt, particularly classic cars. Private buyers are interested in these old cars and will be much more interested in rebuilding them, stripping them down to their frame, and then building them back up again with custom parts.

If your car has reached the end of its lifetime, a private buyer might even have bought it at an auction. There are certain classic cars that car buyers always consider for rebuilding once you have sold your car to them. These might be Ford Mustangs, Dodge, or something else. If a car was in an accident, the insurance company may take possession of the vehicle if it has been totaled. The insurance company usually has an established relationship with a certain salvage yard and will use them to get cash for cars that are beyond repair.

Before a car is sold at an auction, it is analyzed and a report is drawn up. The report contains details of the car’s VIN number, images of the car as well as all its defects. After analyzing the car, the vehicle is placed on a lot as well as the auction’s website. There are thousands of cars in all kinds of conditions that land up at all the many different auction houses there are. Thousands of these cars are offered on these auctions each week. Many people buy a car at an auction as they believe that this is a cheaper way to get a car as opposed to shopping at a car dealership or buying from a private party.

What do dealerships do with an old car?

You can also trade in your junk car to a dealership. What happens with your old car then? If you are looking for cash for your old car, you may just find that a private sale may bring in more profit for you.

If you are trying to find quicker ways to get rid of your car, you may think about trading your vehicle in. These car dealerships will accept any junk car in any condition really, even if it is non-running. You would not be getting a lot for the car, but it is one way of getting rid of it.

Most dealerships have these trade-in programs for old, damaged cars. Once you trade in your old car, you will get a voucher for the purchase of a new car. You must be wondering about what is going to happen to your old car, once you have sold it to the dealership because after all, there are just rows and rows of other cars standing there too.

These car dealerships are franchises so they buy new cars from the manufacturer and sell them at a higher price to make a profit. There are a few options for the dealership when your car as well as other cars would not sell. Sometimes the dealership will ship the unsold cars to other markets where a certain model might be in demand. Then again, others of the cars can be sold at auction.

Your car has reached the end

Cars are generally manufactured to last for many years, but you could say that the lifetime average age of a typical car is in the region of 15 years. When one of these cars is finally costing the owner too much to fix it becomes a junk car. Nobody really wants it except a junkyard.

When your car goes to a junkyard or a recycling facility, it is marking the end of the car’s life. Some of its parts, however, will continue to live on when some of the parts are salvages, recycled, and used again in new cars. In fact, those in the business, tell us that a good percentage of a vehicle is recycled and that the average new car has about 25% of its body coming from recycled steel.

They tell us that each year the automobile recycling industry in the United States and Canada provides enough steel to produce about 13 million new vehicles of sorts. The most recycled parts are the wheels, filters, tires, car seats, batteries, air-bags, converters, transmissions, and radios.

So if you are wondering what happens to your old car when you sell it to a junkyard, the parts are salvaged and sold for other purposes while some cars are sold to auto parts manufacturers for their own purposes.

When anyone buys junk cars, you can see that the most common thing that they do with them is to first strip the car of usable parts and to sell them. As a car age, it can sometimes become difficult to get parts for it. This is because the manufacturer may have stopped making the parts.

Somewhere out there, there is a piece of your old junker

When your car has been stripped bare of everything that can be used on it, the leftover parts go into the shredder. Some of these junkyards buy cars for cash, then process them and sell off all the metal so that it can be used to produce new products.

If you have an old car that you are wanting to sell, you can always contact one of the reputable yards who will take your car off your hands and give you cash for it.

There are different things that can happen to a junk vehicle once you sell it, but more people take the junk car yard route as it can put some cash in their pockets. It can give them some peace of mind that somewhere out there there is a scrap of steel moving along the byways and highways that were once part of the old faithful car they drove and that they formed an emotional attachment to.

sell a Junk Car

How Will I Get Paid When I Sell A Junk Car?

Selling a junk car has become a thing with many looking to cash in a good offer before waiting too long to sell a junk car resulting in a lower offer. If you’re looking to sell a junk car and need some tips and tricks, ways on how to sell a junk car, and other helpful details, then continue reading as this guide is for you.

The United States has seen a rise in junk car buyers with many competing to give you a good bargain. However, there are a lot of things you should be aware of before you accept any junk car buyer’s offer. Before you learn some tips on tricks, you need to make a conscious decision to sell a junk car. That is the first step. Let’s look at some of the reasons why we think you should sell a junk car.

Reasons to sell a junk car

Many of us like to hoard things. Pencils, shoes, and even cars. Yes, you heard that right. You may have a junk car rusting away in your garage for years or parked up in your driveway from your 18th birthday. Most of us develop attachments with things and it can become very difficult to let go. However, here are a couple of solid reasons to sell a junk car.

Reasons to sell a junk car

Quick cash

This goes without saying, you can get quick cash when you sell a junk car. If you’re behind on your payments or are looking towards getting a new car, sell your junk car and put that extra cash towards that. Junk cars fetch a good amount of money depending on the vehicle make and model and the state you’re looking to sell a junk car. Expect anywhere between $100 to $1,000 and even more for your junk car. This is a great way to collect some rainy day money because you never know when the economy starts to act up.

More space

Space has always been a huge problem in many households. Not everyone has a large house and adding real estate to your home in a crowded city can prove to be impossible. Those with large houses might also face space issues because of all the clutter and unnecessary items being hoarded. It’s time to let go and make space for a workbench or a new car or even build something over there like a cabinet or shelves for your tools. There is a lot you can do with the free space if you sell your old car.

Harmful to the environment

Old vehicles are victims of rust by air and chemical corrosions. The vehicle still has certain hazardous liquids in the engine that overtime adds toxicity to the air around the vehicle. This can be dangerous to breathe in for children and pets. These harmful liquids can even drip on the ground from the vehicle which is very dangerous if your junk car is parked in your backyard. The harmful substances will affect your plants and make the area unsuitable for people to walk in.

There are many different reasons to sell your junk cars. Some might be reminded of a memory they wish to forget or for some, it might be adding aesthetics to the house. Once you’ve decided why you want to sell your junk car, the next step is to start getting quotations from the junk car buyers around you. There are a couple of tips and tricks you should be aware of before you sell a junk car. Many junk car buyers will take advantage of you if you’re not knowledgeable in this space.

Tips and tricks to sell a junk car

Don’t be so quick to accept the first quotation that comes through your door. Always get a couple of quotations and compare which one is giving you a good deal. Here are a few tips that you can follow to get the most out of selling your junk car.

Tips and tricks to sell a junk car

Knowledge is key

Junk cars might not fetch you a lot of money in general but junk car buyers take the time to rip the car apart, sell the working junk car parts in the secondary car market and sell the car body in the scrap market.

You should know which parts in your vehicle are working and can be sold in the secondary car market. Check the value of these parts so that you’re able to negotiate a better rate.

Look for a free tow

Many consumers will accept the highest bid without looking at the terms and conditions. There are junk car buyers who offer free tow and it is important to understand that free tow will save you a lot of money down the road.

If a junk car buyer offers you a good rate without a free tow, then you would have to spend money on fuel or a tow car to tow the vehicle to the junk buyer’s premises. That’s added expense and wasted time. Avoid all that with a company that offers a free tow without any conditions.

Ensure vehicle is in running order

Junk car buyers will purchase junk cars that are not working, however, you will get a good rate if your junk car is operable and can run on the road. Driving up to the junkyard in your junk car is also a great way to send a message that the vehicle is in a good driving condition which can aid in boosting the quotation upwards.

If your vehicle is not in a good condition, then try to do minor repairs that won’t cost much. However, if your vehicle requires major repair work, we recommend selling the vehicle as it is rather than spending money on it.

Have complete documentation

Junk car buyers will look at the title of the vehicle. A vehicle’s title is proof of purchase and shows the details of the current owner. Not many junk car buyers will purchase a junk car without a title. However, you might come across some who will buy it off your hand without a title. But if you’re selling your junk car that does not have any title, expect to get a low rate.

You can get your vehicle title duplicate if you’ve lost it by approaching your local DMV.

Before we get to how you will get paid when you sell a junk car, you need to know that the answer to that depends on how you sell your junk car.

How to sell a junk car?

There are a lot of ways you can sell a junk car and all of these have their benefits and disadvantages.

How to sell a junk car

Junk car buyers should be your first option

Junk car buyers are the easiest way to sell a junk car. They will come to your site, in many cases, and pick up the vehicle from you. However, there are many junk car buyers so you need to do a bit of research before approaching or shortlisting the quotations you have received. Go through their websites and their online reviews before you decide which quotation you’re going to shortlist.

Sell online on craigslist

There are many online websites and publications you can approach to sell a junk car and the most known of these platforms is craigslist. The website has many viewers and will give you some traction if you were to put the ad up for your junk car. However, be careful of people online as you never know who you might bump into. If you get someone interested in the advertisement, call them over to a mutual place where you can discuss the deal. You should also see whether or not you feel safe around the person. If you don’t, it’s time to call off the deal before you even invite him over to your place to view the junk car.

Facebook ads are a good option too

Besides craigslist, there are other options like Facebook ads. The platform has millions of users and fantastic algorithms that can help you sell a junk car faster than you would think. Try to take a couple of nice photos (because aesthetics matter) and post it up. Ask your friends and family to share your advertisement or post to reach a greater audience. Facebook eliminates the risk of strangers knocking on your door or a shady person because you can view their profile before accepting their offer.

Many websites will ask you to boost your Facebook post to reach a wider range of audiences. That is true, however, you need to look at the trade-off you will get for spending money on advertising. For example, if you paid $10 to boost your post for a week and are getting a lot of queries then you can continue boosting the post until your junk car is sold. But if you’re not getting any traction from your ad, then consider rethinking your marketing strategy because if you continue doing what you’re doing, you’re going to end up losing money.

Approach scrap buyers

This should be your final offer if you feel that you have tried all doors but can’t seem to sell your junk car. Scrap buyers will happily take your junk car off your hands and offer you money according to the weight of your junk car. The thing with scrap buyers is that they will not offer you a good deal as they have to go through a lot of hard work to get the plastic separated from the scrap metal.

How will I get paid when I sell a junk car?

So now that we have gone over some of the many ways you can sell a junk car, the payment method will depend on the route you decide to take.

If you’re selling your vehicle on an online platform, then you could ask the buyer to pay either in cash or wire you the money to your bank account. Some people prefer to take cheques or a bank draft but that all depends on your preference and the buyer’s ability to pay in that payment method.

If you want to sell a junk car to a junk car buyer then do note that many of them deal in cash. The idea of selling a junk car is to make instant cash so when you get a quotation from a junk car buyer, the first thing they will do is to ask you to book a date for the pickup. During the pickup, the junk car buyer will send a representative to examine the vehicle. If everything is okay, they will pay you cash on the spot. This is a great way to close a deal and one of the reasons why we recommend consumers to sell a junk car to a junk car buyer.

But what should you do if you come across a junk car buyer that refuses to pay cash or wants to pay later?

Junk car buyers that do not pay cash instantly…

You may come across junk car buyers who will ask to take your vehicle to their lot for examination or take your vehicle and ask you to wait a couple of days for the payment. If anyone does that, refuse to give the junk car.

Many junk car buyers will happily come over to your place, pick up the vehicle (providing a free tow) and pay you in cash on the spot. Those are the people you should deal with as there are no hassles involved. Those asking to pay later or other modes of payment, for example, cheques, might be the ones looking to profit exorbitantly from you or they might be scammers. Yes, there are scammers in this space and this is why we recommend that you do your bit of research before going for a junk car buyer.

Free Junk Car Removal Service

We Offer Free Junk Car Removal Service When You Sell A Vehicle

Many people keep old cars on their property without scraping them as it might remind them of a moment or perhaps bring back old memories in the vehicle. However, some wish to sell their vehicles to get some quick cash but haven’t done so because of the hassle associated with towing. Due to heightened competition in the junk car space, many junk car buyers are providing a free junk car removal service. However, is it worth going for a junk car buyer that offers a free junk car removal service?

Junk car buyers that offer free junk car removal service

Junk car buyers that offer free junk car removal service

There is always a level of caution one must exert in everything to minimize risk. Say for example if you’re driving in the middle of the night and the road seems clear, however, you will still look sideways one last time to check if any vehicle might be approaching before you speed off in the dark. The same applies to selling your junk car.

When you sell your vehicle to a junk car buyer who offers a free car removal service, be wary or in other words exert caution. There are all kinds of people in this world, and in the world of junk cars, many will give you a lowball offer. If your vehicle is worth $400 and the towing costs $100 to the junk car buyer, some junk car buyers will give you an offer of $300 or even lower while including a free junk car removal service. If you’re not aware of the market price your junk car will fetch, you will jump on the opportunity of whatever little cash you get for the vehicle.

Some junk car buyers use a tactful ploy to make money when they advertise a free car removal service. They will account for the location. This means that they will calculate the distance the junk car is parked at and find out how much it will cost them to tow the car from your property to theirs. In such cases, expect another lowball offer.

Junk cars for cash MN truly offer a free car removal service. You won’t get a lowball or a ridiculously low offer for your junk car. As one of the largest junk car buyers with over decades of experience, we offer the best rates for your junk car and throw in a free junk car removal service. Our business works on volume and the more cars we buy, the more money we make. This gives us the right kind of cashflow where we can offer our clients the best rates possible. Don’t believe us? We offer a price match guarantee too.

Is a free junk car removal service with a price match guarantee possible?

This is the tricky part. You need to be careful when dealing with junk car buyers as they are not afraid to lowball you or use different tactics that adjust the cost of a free junk car removal service in the “instant quote” they give. The quote isn’t even instant with these junk car buyers. They will take 24 hours to 48 hours to visit your place before throwing you a ridiculous offer. Don’t take the first offer you get. Always get multiple quotations from different junk car buyers so that you don’t become a victim of such businesses.

Back to the question, is it possible to get a free junk car removal service with a price match guarantee? Many junk car buyers will not give you a price match guarantee because they know that they’re lowballing. Those that are genuine have nothing to be afraid of. Junk cars for cash MN have experts that examine the vehicle and their working spare parts before throwing you an offer. You can rest assured that our offer will be higher than other junk car buyers and on top of that we will give you a price match guarantee. Junk car buyers looking to rip you off will not give you a price match guarantee because they’ll never be able to match the quotations other junk car buyers will give. We are confident that our offers are the best and if you find that there is another quotation which is better, send it to us and we will beat that as well. We not only beat the quotation but we are very fast in getting your vehicle removed.

We provide the fastest junk car removal service

It is one thing if a junk car buyer offers you a free junk car removal service and totally another thing if they offer the fastest junk car removal service. What is the benefit of having a fast tow? Well, for starters, you get paid faster than those that take over 48 hours to visit your property. Another benefit of having a fast free junk car removal service is that you get rid of that “headache” of a junk car lying in your backyard. This will free up space quickly so that you can start with your plans of utilizing that space earlier than anticipated.

Junk cars for cash MN offer the fastest free junk car removal service in the region. Whenever you’re ready to sell your junk car, simply pick up your phone and ring us. We will come to your property within the next 30 minutes to take your vehicle from you and pay you upfront without any conditions. We don’t believe in holding back when it comes to purchasing junk cars and our efficient business process allows us to provide a really fast and free junk car removal service.

So, what if you decide to tow the vehicle yourself or go with a junk car buyer that offers you a good rate for your vehicle without the free junk car removal service? Is it worth your time?

Delivering the junk car yourself: Is it worth it?

Delivering the junk car yourself Is it worth it

There is nothing wrong with delivering the junk car yourself, however, at the end of the day, we are all looking to improve our financial situation. Does delivering the junk car yourself improve your financial situation than if you were to get a free junk car removal service? Delivering the junk car yourself can be a huge hassle. We believe the time is money and it will take you a lot of time to get the junk car delivered. How is that so?

Fuel expense can set you back

You would need a tow vehicle to pull the junk car to the junk car buyer you’ve struck a deal with. In this case, you would need a vehicle that can pull your junk car. If you have the vehicle at hand, you will have to go through the process of attaching the junk car to the tow vehicle to pull it to the destination. This will cost you money for fuel that is burnt to and from the junk car buyer. It will also take your time to deliver the vehicle if you were to do it personally. Time is valuable and we believe that a free junk car removal service will take care of this situation without you having to waste time and energy delivering the vehicle personally.

Time is money and you’ll also end up spending money

If you do not have the right vehicle to do the tow yourself, then you would have to call a tow service. That’s an added expense on your end. Arranging a tow vehicle also takes a considerable amount of time as you would need to call them to book the service while waiting until they reach your property. Once they’re here, you would have to stay on your property assisting with the tow until they’ve gone. This is a waste of time and also adds to your expense.

Damaging your vehicle

Damaging your vehicle

If you do not have a vehicle designed to tow other vehicles, then you risk damaging your transmission and engine parts in towing the junk car. This can add to the repair and maintenance bills if you end up damaging your vehicle in the process. This is why junk car buyers keep a professional tow vehicle that specializes only in towing. This allows them to conduct the tow without damaging their vehicle internals ensuring that their tow costs are lower than those who wish to tow the vehicle using their sedans or SUVs.

Another concern should be avoiding hitting other vehicles. If you’ve never towed a vehicle before then your first time could be a huge concern for other vehicles on the road. This is because towing requires special driving skills and a person conducting the tow for the first time may not be able to demonstrate such driving skills. You could end up hitting other vehicles on the way or cause damage to the property. Turns in this country can be sharp at times and if you were to tow the vehicle through these sharp turns, you may also end up damaging the infrastructure if your vehicle hits the signal lights, lamp posts, street lighting, signboards, or any other object. Are you willing to take the risk and tow the junk car yourself?

Not all vehicles are tow-friendly

You can only flat tow vehicles that have a manual transmission. 4WD vehicles and automatic transmission vehicles can not be flat towed. It will start to damage the internals of the vehicle before you start to realize the damage done. This damage can result in a lower offer since junk car buyers buy junk cars to make money for spare parts. If the spare parts get damaged they will get a lower rate in the secondary car market reducing the junk car buyers’ profits. This will affect the offer you get. If you’re not sure whether or not your junk car is tow-friendly, then don’t take the risk.

Risk of getting fined

Some states have laws that restrict everyone from towing vehicles. Only those that have a special license allowing them to tow can tow vehicles or run a towing company. Some states also require drivers to be above the age of 21. If you do not fulfill the criteria, then getting caught while towing your junk car can result in fines. This is not worth the risk since fines will start at $500 and can go upwards depending on the offense. Imagine getting $400 for your vehicle and the fines and fuel expense accumulate to $500 or more. You’re better off having the vehicle parked in your driveway instead of taking the risk of towing yourself. In such cases, it is always better to let the professionals handle the dirty work or in this case, a towing.

Get the best offer for your junk car with junk cars for cash MN

We not only provide the best possible offer with our price match guarantee but also a free junk car removal service that is not only free but very fast too. Being in business for decades has allowed us to provide the best customer service while establishing a great reputation of being the best junk car buyers in the region. Our customers choose to trust us because we have the right experience and our honesty and integrity show in the work we do. We take junk cars in any condition since our business model allows us to generate revenue through recycling and scrapping the vehicle. Avoid wasting time and save yourself a lot of hassle by reaching out to us.

So, don’t take the risk of towing the vehicle yourself. Ring us now to get a free junk car removal service and also get your junk car collected at the best market rate in 30 minutes without any conditions attached. It doesn’t get any better than that.


Minneapolis Cash for Clunkers Reviews

Minneapolis is a huge city in the Midwestern United States and is part of St. Paul. Being a large city, there are always clunkers around. There are things that damage your car, and with the passing years, a good car starts to show wear and tear until it finally reaches junk status.

Older cars such as clunkers are always needed for used car parts and if you have found that selling a junk car privately offers too many issues, a junk car yard can be the alternative option you want.

If you have decided to scrap the car, there are certain rules and laws to follow for this to happen in a safe and environmentally friendly way. A car contains a lot of materials and substances that can have a harmful impact on the environment and can also have parts that can be reused. How do you know what can be used again and how to best take care of your car? Find a recycling company and scrap the car. Read on to find out more.

Most cars wear down to junk status

Most cars wear down to junk status

If it is not involved in an accident, it is someone pushing the shopping trolley into it. It could even be particularly harsh winters that have taken their toll on your car or it could be badly scratched from your own big dog jumping up at your window to welcome you home and scratching the paintwork.

There are so many things out there that cause a car to lose its value and to finally wear down till it becomes necessary to replace your old car.

With a lot of general wear and tear, it soon begins to look and act like other clunkers of Minneapolis – those junk cars that people battle to sell – if they do not know where to look.

In fact, each year millions of cars are being sold, but eventually, they all succumb to wear and tear and are resold or abandoned. What happens to all these cars? They become junk cars or clunkers.

When should you scrap the car?

In the end, a car comes to a point where it can neither be resold for a decent amount nor repaired at a price that matches the car’s value. If you start buying new parts in the hope that it will continue to roll, it is like artificial respiration support where you try to save what can be saved, because something new breaks in the next moment. Then it is better to scrap the car and let it be taken care of by a professional recycling company.

Clunkers – cars that can no longer be repaired

Clunkers – cars that can no longer be repaired

Clunkers also have high mileage. You may have noticed in the last year that you have been spending a lot of money on your car to repair it. You are sure you have spent far more on repairs than what you originally paid for it. You feel it deserves the word clunker because it is been battling to start in the mornings, causing you to be late for work.

If a car has been in an accident and the cost to repair it is more than 70% of the value of the vehicle, the insurance companies term it a junk car. It just happens that cars are the most recycled consumer product in the United States.

Those who have used Minneapolis clunkers services before like the way that they can receive good money for a car that can scarcely go. The best thing about junk car yards in Minneapolis is that you can decide to sell your car and within just a day or two it can be sold, giving you the cash you so badly need.

You can go the private buyer route, but there is a lot of inconvenience and work that comes with selling clunkers this way.  Private car buyers will certainly want to see all the paperwork for your car. What if you do not have the paperwork though  – you have lost it. Is there anyone in Minneapolis who will buy old clunkers?

Junk cars are removed to avoid a health hazard

In Minneapolis, abandoned motor vehicles constitute a health hazard, and according to the state of  Minnesota, abandoned vehicles can encourage hobos to move in, it encourages rodents and it is a place where the wind blows and allows all kinds of debris to collect.

Minnesota law declares that abandoned clunkers are a blight on the entire environment and landscape. There are many reasons why property owners need to know how they can have their old cars removed as opposed to leaving them littering the countryside.

A car is counted as a clunker or junk car when it has been abandoned when it remains unlawfully on public property for more than 48 hours and it remains on a certain property without the consent of the property owner unless it is kept in an enclosed garage out of sight.

Minneapolis ordinance provides also that a car can be removed and impounded if it is lacking certain parts and had been left or abandoned.

When your car is a junk car and it essentially has no tangible value, why not get rid of it for some cash?  Just do a Google search and you will find that there are a number of reputable junkyards in Minneapolis that will gladly come and remove your car for you and put some cash in your pocket.

It keeps the Minneapolis environment cleaner by removing these old clunkers from wherever they have been abandoned. These junkyards find a whole lot of different ways to make use of the parts still available on some of these old junk cars.

Towing away your junk car is free

If you have been holding on to an old vehicle because you quite frankly do not know how to get rid of it, there are many junkyards in Minneapolis that will come to your place and tow your vehicle away free of charge. They have got all the right tow vehicles to do that, and even if your car has a missing wheel and cannot be towed, they have other appropriate vehicles to remove your old car.

Once parts that can be used are removed, the car is placed in a crusher and flattened. These flattened cars are then shipped to the auto recycling facility where they are shredded.

Salvage cars and clunkers are different

Many people think that salvage and junk cars are one and the same. Clunkers are those vehicles that actually beyond repair and they can’t really be used on the road without being a danger. Salvaged cars are those that have undergone a series of repairs and can be classified as roadworthy.

People who cannot afford to buy second-hand vehicles can still possibly afford salvaged cars that they can perhaps fix-up.

Junk cars for cash in Minneapolis offer a win-win situation as they get some important parts and you get cash. You get money in your pocket from something that is of no use to you. Car recycling in Minneapolis and Saint Paul is highly sought after as they take these old vehicles out of circulation and recycle the materials.

Their goal is to pay cash for your old SUV, motorcycle, or truck when it is no longer in a good condition. They are there for you when a private buyer presents too many problems, when a car dealership is not interested in it, and when it costs too much to fix it yet again.

With a private buyer, most people cannot bear the thought of taking exceptional photographs of their car from all angles and placing them on notice boards, in magazines, and on the Internet in the hopes that someone will eventually phone them. Then there’s the stress of taking calls and arranging your busy time to get to see some of these people who show interest in your car.

Fill in the online form to get things rolling

Fill in the online form to get things rolling

No matter where you live in Minneapolis, these junk car yards will make sure your vehicle is taken care of. You can call them or fill in their online form to get a free quote. It will require you to provide them with some information on the make and model of your car and its condition that it is in.

As already mentioned, it is not in driving condition, they arrange to tow it away free of charge. When you do research and select one of the best, most reputable junk car yards, their focus will be on offering you good customer services together with the highest dollar amount for your car’s value. They do not dilly-dally but offer same-day removal of your junk car.

Once you have accepted the quote they offer you, the junkyard will schedule an appointment with you to remove your junk car. This is quite different from when you advertise to private buyers and you have to take off time at all hours of the day to slot into the times they give.

With junk car removals, you only have to have one appointment – the one where they come to pick up your car. They dispatch a tow truck to pick up the car, many times it is just a few hours after you filled in the online form.

They pick up your vehicle and offer you a cash payment on the spot, regardless of the condition your car is in. If you have more than one old car you want to get rid of, this does not pose a problem. All you need to do is let them know on the online form how many clunkers there are to remove so that they can include the value on the quotation.

Prepare your car

Before the removal of the junk car from your property, give your old junk car the once-over. Remove everything from it – all the junk and debris as well as anything of value.

Remember to remove all the papers from the cubby hole as well and check under all the seats. Once your car has gone, there will be little chance of you phoning the junkyard and trying to get something back. Also, if your car is registered, you will need to call up the insurance company to cancel the policy.

Your car’s title

It is always a good thing if you are the owner of your old junk car and you have its title. The title is a certificate that proves that you are the owner of the car. it is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If your car has been financed, you would not have the title until you have finished paying for the car. The title is also known as a ‘pink slip’ and it has got your name on it, the VIN number, odometer reading from the date you bought the car and other details.

Most certainly, if you sell your car to a private buyer or dealership, you will need this title. If you have lost yours, you can get another, but it can become inconvenient.

With a junkyard in Minneapolis, having the title is the better option, but it is not a requirement. Not having one should not prevent you from contacting the junkyard for the removal of your junk car. Other proof of ownership is also accepted by them. This might include something such as your driver’s license.

Junk cars are always of worth to someone

If your car is no longer considered roadworthy, it does not mean that it has lost all of its value. It is still worth something to the right people.  If you have got an out-of-commission clunker taking up valuable space in your back garden or in your garage, it is time to turn it into some cash and free up the much-need space. Clunkers do not need to be a menace in your life when there is a readily available solution to having it removed and giving you some extra cash.

Junk Car for Cash

Before you Sell a Junk Car for Cash: 12 Things to Know

When your car requires duct tape or a wire to hold parts together then you know it’s unsafe to drive the vehicle. Repairing all the parts can be costly especially in the long run than buying a new vehicle. So, what’s the most sensible thing to do in such situations? You might see pretty pictures of junk cars converted into garden aesthetics with pots and plants springing out of the boot, the windows, and more. However, we’re here to let you know that you can sell your junk car for cash.

Yes, that’s right. Get a couple of Benjamin Franklins and have free space in your garage (Or wherever the vehicle used to be parked) and less headache of any hazardous chemical leakages caused by an abandoned junk car. Before you sell your junk car for cash, here are 12 things you should know.

Things to know before selling junk car for cash

Many people have emotional attachments with their vehicles and sometimes letting go can be difficult for most. However, if you’ve made up your mind to sell your junk car for cash, then read our 12 things you should know before selling your junk car for cash.

Inspect your vehicle

Before you ring a junk car buyer to sell your junk car for cash, do a quick vehicle inspection. We often forget personal items left in the vehicle that gets lost under the driver’s seat without ever being found. Now is the chance to do a thorough inspection and get your vehicle scanned for personal objects or items that you may have lost throughout the period you’ve had your car. Do check in the glove box compartment, the bin, and door sides besides the mandatory under the seat check. You need to understand that once the vehicle is sold to the junk car buyer, you can not go to them to retrieve your items. Hence, do all the necessary checks beforehand.

Car parts can get you cash

Before you sell your junk car for cash, do note that the car still might have some valuable parts. By valuable parts, we mean recent spare parts that were installed to fix the vehicle or parts that are still in good condition. There is a completely huge market for spare parts and hence making money off spare parts can be a healthy top up over the amount you get for junking your vehicle. Battery, good rims, high-quality wheels, entertainment systems, alternators, and more can fetch you good money as the resale on these are good.

Title is important

We’ve mentioned this many times before as well, the vehicle title is important. Why? Because one needs to prove that the vehicle is owned by them before they can sell their junk car for cash. Now not all junk car dealers require a title as it depends on the state they’re operating in (Each state has its laws and you should check up on those before junking your vehicle). Some junk car buyers will give you a lowball offer if you don’t have the title to your vehicle. We suggest getting your title prepared before selling your junk car. If you don’t have a title, go to your local DMV and request a duplicate. A person selling a vehicle without its title raises the suspicion that the vehicle might be stolen or not completely paid for which can result in a low offer or no offer at all from junk car buyers.

Paperwork is just as important

Although you’re not required to keep the paperwork when selling your junk car for cash, you do however need paperwork to cancel or transfer the vehicle’s title to the new owner. Paperwork like vehicle registration, purchase receipt, insurance documents, and all other relevant documents are important to keep in your possession. It would be better to maintain a physical file of all these documents so that you have them with you in case they are needed in the future.

Vehicle insurance

Oftentimes many people forget about their vehicle insurance before selling their car. With so many bills being directly debited from our accounts, most of us forget about monthly deductions and often forget canceling vehicle insurance for old vehicles. Check and see whether you’re still paying insurance for your vehicle. If that is the case, then call up your insurance company and cancel your insurance so that you don’t have to pay in the future. Canceling your vehicle insurance before selling your junk car for cash should be your priority.

Research is your friend

Millennials are known to be fans for everything convenient where we often forget important things like price. For example, many of us will pay extra for getting a product shipped to our place than to go out and search for it for a cheaper price. If you feel like the rate you’re getting is good enough, we recommend doing your research. Compare all the offers you get from junk car buyers. There are a lot of competitors in the market and the chances of getting a good offer are high. Look for those that give extra services like tow your vehicle so that you don’t have to drop the vehicle yourself. Save on time and money with a little bit of research before you sell your junk car for cash.

Safeguard your license plates

In many states in the US, a license plate is associated with ownership and if you’re selling your vehicle you are bound by law to remove your license plate before you sell your junk car for cash. This would ensure a smooth transfer of the vehicle. When you want to cancel your title, your local DMV might ask you to hand in your license plates. Also, removing a license plate is a way to safeguard yourself from any future identity theft or identity misuse. Somebody might commit a crime in your vehicle with your license plate on it. What if you didn’t cancel your title or transfer it, you might be facing serious trouble from the state if your license plate was identified at the scene of the crime.

Weight scams

Yes, this is sad but true. There are dealers out there who will use faulty weighing scales to weigh your vehicle and give you a low ball rate. Beware of such junk car buyers. Do your research and find out which junk car buyer is using a certified weighing scale. You can check reviews of junk car buyers and read people’s experiences with the company. Oftentimes, reviews can be your saving grace if you’re not sure which junk buyer will give you the right service when you want to sell your junk car for cash.

Check for gas

Not many people do this but we highly recommend removing all the gas from your vehicle. If your vehicle was running before you had abandoned it, then most probably it has some gas in it. You can take out the gas and use it in your lawnmower or transfer it to your other compatible vehicles. Leaving gas in when your vehicle is being scrapped can be very dangerous. Taking out gas will not just save the junk car buyers the trouble but also give you some extra gas that you were not expecting in the first place.

Consider other options

If your vehicle is old but operable, then you can consider other options. Giving it to a local charity to run their errands in it can benefit the local community. If you aren’t looking to sell your junk car for cash, then donating it to your local community can help others. A car that is not being used by yourself can be used by others. Let your trash become someone’s treasure.

You might have to remove non-metal parts

If you’ve made up your mind on selling your junk car for scrap, salvage yards will require you to remove non-metal parts like plastics, seats, glass, and more. This may sound like a tedious task but you have to do it as salvage yards will not take this headache for you. Once you’re done stripping the vehicle down, you can try to sell those non-metal parts. Yes, it’s a lot of work but it is required and hey, you might even make some top dollar on those non-metal parts.

Find a licensed dealer

Many states in the US do not allow junk car buyers to operate their business without having the right license. You need to do your research before selling your junk car for cash to find the proper junk car buyer with a license to sell your vehicle to. Either go to the dealers and ask to see their license or simply check their online websites or local state e-services. Working with a junk car dealer that is properly licensed can save you from any future liabilities. Junking your vehicle to a dealer that is not licensed could have far worse consequences than you would think like getting sued or your dues are not settled.

Take the first step

Now that you know some of the things before selling your junk car for cash, getting rid of your junk car should not be a hassle. The first step is always the hardest where people with emotional attachments find it hard to let go of their vehicle. However, do note that a junk vehicle lying around can be hazardous and it’s better to get paid and clear up some space. Here are three reasons why we think you should sell your junk car.

Opportunity cost

In this modern-day, individuals look at the opportunity cost of things before making a decision. Think about it this way. What will an abandoned vehicle offer you if you were to keep it parked in your driveway or garage for an indefinite period? In most cases, abandoned vehicles can take up space, leak oils and hazardous fluid over time and even cause air pollution in the area with rust and corrosion. Avoiding all these things while getting cash and freeing up your driveaway is a better opportunity. Think about what you can do with that extra cash. Maybe you’re in financial stress or need to make a couple of purchases, extra unexpected cash can be your savior in such cases.

Free up space

Real estate is expensive and if you feel like you’re running out of space, then selling your junk car for cash can not only give you extra dough in your pocket but also the much-needed real estate in your home. Free up space by selling your junk car and making a small play area for the kids or a tools cabinet or for any other idea you may have planned.

Cheaper than repairs

You may be thinking why not repair the vehicle? Well, many have tried repairing their junk cars making them road legal however they’ve all reported that it is cheaper to get a new car than spend thousands of dollars on a junk car that might not even run for a year or so. This can cause a huge dent in your wallet over time as maintaining a junk car for years will require new parts and repair work now and then.

If you’ve compiled your paperwork and did your research, get an instant cash offer now. Simply get a quote with a free pickup service so that you don’t have to spend time and money dropping your junk car.

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