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Many people keep old cars on their property without scraping them as it might remind them of a moment or perhaps bring back old memories in the vehicle. However, some wish to sell their vehicles to get some quick cash but haven’t done so because of the hassle associated with towing. Due to heightened competition in the junk car space, many junk car buyers are providing a free junk car removal service. However, is it worth going for a junk car buyer that offers a free junk car removal service?

Junk car buyers that offer free junk car removal service

Junk car buyers that offer free junk car removal service

There is always a level of caution one must exert in everything to minimize risk. Say for example if you’re driving in the middle of the night and the road seems clear, however, you will still look sideways one last time to check if any vehicle might be approaching before you speed off in the dark. The same applies to selling your junk car.

When you sell your vehicle to a junk car buyer who offers a free car removal service, be wary or in other words exert caution. There are all kinds of people in this world, and in the world of junk cars, many will give you a lowball offer. If your vehicle is worth $400 and the towing costs $100 to the junk car buyer, some junk car buyers will give you an offer of $300 or even lower while including a free junk car removal service. If you’re not aware of the market price your junk car will fetch, you will jump on the opportunity of whatever little cash you get for the vehicle.

Some junk car buyers use a tactful ploy to make money when they advertise a free car removal service. They will account for the location. This means that they will calculate the distance the junk car is parked at and find out how much it will cost them to tow the car from your property to theirs. In such cases, expect another lowball offer.

Junk cars for cash MN truly offer a free car removal service. You won’t get a lowball or a ridiculously low offer for your junk car. As one of the largest junk car buyers with over decades of experience, we offer the best rates for your junk car and throw in a free junk car removal service. Our business works on volume and the more cars we buy, the more money we make. This gives us the right kind of cashflow where we can offer our clients the best rates possible. Don’t believe us? We offer a price match guarantee too.

Is a free junk car removal service with a price match guarantee possible?

This is the tricky part. You need to be careful when dealing with junk car buyers as they are not afraid to lowball you or use different tactics that adjust the cost of a free junk car removal service in the “instant quote” they give. The quote isn’t even instant with these junk car buyers. They will take 24 hours to 48 hours to visit your place before throwing you a ridiculous offer. Don’t take the first offer you get. Always get multiple quotations from different junk car buyers so that you don’t become a victim of such businesses.

Back to the question, is it possible to get a free junk car removal service with a price match guarantee? Many junk car buyers will not give you a price match guarantee because they know that they’re lowballing. Those that are genuine have nothing to be afraid of. Junk cars for cash MN have experts that examine the vehicle and their working spare parts before throwing you an offer. You can rest assured that our offer will be higher than other junk car buyers and on top of that we will give you a price match guarantee. Junk car buyers looking to rip you off will not give you a price match guarantee because they’ll never be able to match the quotations other junk car buyers will give. We are confident that our offers are the best and if you find that there is another quotation which is better, send it to us and we will beat that as well. We not only beat the quotation but we are very fast in getting your vehicle removed.

We provide the fastest junk car removal service

It is one thing if a junk car buyer offers you a free junk car removal service and totally another thing if they offer the fastest junk car removal service. What is the benefit of having a fast tow? Well, for starters, you get paid faster than those that take over 48 hours to visit your property. Another benefit of having a fast free junk car removal service is that you get rid of that “headache” of a junk car lying in your backyard. This will free up space quickly so that you can start with your plans of utilizing that space earlier than anticipated.

Junk cars for cash MN offer the fastest free junk car removal service in the region. Whenever you’re ready to sell your junk car, simply pick up your phone and ring us. We will come to your property within the next 30 minutes to take your vehicle from you and pay you upfront without any conditions. We don’t believe in holding back when it comes to purchasing junk cars and our efficient business process allows us to provide a really fast and free junk car removal service.

So, what if you decide to tow the vehicle yourself or go with a junk car buyer that offers you a good rate for your vehicle without the free junk car removal service? Is it worth your time?

Delivering the junk car yourself: Is it worth it?

Delivering the junk car yourself Is it worth it

There is nothing wrong with delivering the junk car yourself, however, at the end of the day, we are all looking to improve our financial situation. Does delivering the junk car yourself improve your financial situation than if you were to get a free junk car removal service? Delivering the junk car yourself can be a huge hassle. We believe the time is money and it will take you a lot of time to get the junk car delivered. How is that so?

Fuel expense can set you back

You would need a tow vehicle to pull the junk car to the junk car buyer you’ve struck a deal with. In this case, you would need a vehicle that can pull your junk car. If you have the vehicle at hand, you will have to go through the process of attaching the junk car to the tow vehicle to pull it to the destination. This will cost you money for fuel that is burnt to and from the junk car buyer. It will also take your time to deliver the vehicle if you were to do it personally. Time is valuable and we believe that a free junk car removal service will take care of this situation without you having to waste time and energy delivering the vehicle personally.

Time is money and you’ll also end up spending money

If you do not have the right vehicle to do the tow yourself, then you would have to call a tow service. That’s an added expense on your end. Arranging a tow vehicle also takes a considerable amount of time as you would need to call them to book the service while waiting until they reach your property. Once they’re here, you would have to stay on your property assisting with the tow until they’ve gone. This is a waste of time and also adds to your expense.

Damaging your vehicle

Damaging your vehicle

If you do not have a vehicle designed to tow other vehicles, then you risk damaging your transmission and engine parts in towing the junk car. This can add to the repair and maintenance bills if you end up damaging your vehicle in the process. This is why junk car buyers keep a professional tow vehicle that specializes only in towing. This allows them to conduct the tow without damaging their vehicle internals ensuring that their tow costs are lower than those who wish to tow the vehicle using their sedans or SUVs.

Another concern should be avoiding hitting other vehicles. If you’ve never towed a vehicle before then your first time could be a huge concern for other vehicles on the road. This is because towing requires special driving skills and a person conducting the tow for the first time may not be able to demonstrate such driving skills. You could end up hitting other vehicles on the way or cause damage to the property. Turns in this country can be sharp at times and if you were to tow the vehicle through these sharp turns, you may also end up damaging the infrastructure if your vehicle hits the signal lights, lamp posts, street lighting, signboards, or any other object. Are you willing to take the risk and tow the junk car yourself?

Not all vehicles are tow-friendly

You can only flat tow vehicles that have a manual transmission. 4WD vehicles and automatic transmission vehicles can not be flat towed. It will start to damage the internals of the vehicle before you start to realize the damage done. This damage can result in a lower offer since junk car buyers buy junk cars to make money for spare parts. If the spare parts get damaged they will get a lower rate in the secondary car market reducing the junk car buyers’ profits. This will affect the offer you get. If you’re not sure whether or not your junk car is tow-friendly, then don’t take the risk.

Risk of getting fined

Some states have laws that restrict everyone from towing vehicles. Only those that have a special license allowing them to tow can tow vehicles or run a towing company. Some states also require drivers to be above the age of 21. If you do not fulfill the criteria, then getting caught while towing your junk car can result in fines. This is not worth the risk since fines will start at $500 and can go upwards depending on the offense. Imagine getting $400 for your vehicle and the fines and fuel expense accumulate to $500 or more. You’re better off having the vehicle parked in your driveway instead of taking the risk of towing yourself. In such cases, it is always better to let the professionals handle the dirty work or in this case, a towing.

Get the best offer for your junk car with junk cars for cash MN

We not only provide the best possible offer with our price match guarantee but also a free junk car removal service that is not only free but very fast too. Being in business for decades has allowed us to provide the best customer service while establishing a great reputation of being the best junk car buyers in the region. Our customers choose to trust us because we have the right experience and our honesty and integrity show in the work we do. We take junk cars in any condition since our business model allows us to generate revenue through recycling and scrapping the vehicle. Avoid wasting time and save yourself a lot of hassle by reaching out to us.

So, don’t take the risk of towing the vehicle yourself. Ring us now to get a free junk car removal service and also get your junk car collected at the best market rate in 30 minutes without any conditions attached. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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