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Have a junk car lying around and wondering how to junk a car? Want to make money but are unsure how to junk your vehicle?

Having an old car or a car that is no longer safe to travel in implies that you own a junk car. Generally, junking a car is a process of recycling or removing an old car.

Multiple reasons are involved when people decide to junk their cars. For instance, the vehicle doesn’t work anymore, has broken down, or perhaps the owner does not have enough cash to fix the car. So, how do you junk a car?

Many feasible options are available when you own a junk car. For example, you can junk it, donate it or sell its parts to get some cash. However, the easiest way amongst these is to sell it to a place that buys junk vehicles. This article will go over the steps on how to junk a car.

How To Junk A Car In 8 Easy Steps

Let’s go over how to junk a car in 8 easy steps.

Look For Licensed Junk Car Buyers

What Should You Look For In A Junk Car Company

The initial and most important step to consider in junking a car is to look for licensed junk car buyers with a good reputation. This is ideal because many junk car companies are working on the market, but not all are licensed or trustworthy.

Selecting a licensed company to sell your junk car eliminates the chances of defrauding and ensures you will get maximum cash for your junk car. Plus, the overall process will also be legal.

You can look for licensed buyers of junk cars through some recommendations, searching online, or via the yellow pages.

Examine Reviews

It is best to examine and scrutinize online reviews of junk car buyers near you before you decide to settle with one. Doing this will give you a preferable view of what to expect from such companies and whether they are trustworthy. What you’re looking for in reviews is the client’s experience and whether they faced any trouble with the junk car buyer.

Receive Offers

junk car

Once you select a licensed company to junk your car, the next step is to get some offers. For this, you must provide the buyer with the model, make, year, and overall condition of your vehicle. After reviewing the specifications, the buyer will quote you a price for your car.

In this regard, online junk car buyers are preferable. They have an online quotations form that you can fill out. Once they review the details, they will get back to you with an offer. On the other hand, if you are interested in contacting a local junk car buyer, you will be required to discuss all details verbally over the phone.

Compare And Rank Your Offers

Compare and rank the offers you receive from different junk car companies or local junkyards which you contacted.

There are multiple things to consider when analyzing various offers. These include cash offers, transport costs, the company’s reputation, the time period for removal and payment, and other services offered.

You may want to consider the pros and cons of selecting a junk car buyer rather than just the amount they offer. For example, a junk car business may provide a lower cash offer than other junk car buyers, but they may offer a free tow.

Towing can cost a lot of money, and it may be well worth accepting the lower offer as you will not have to pay the towing costs.

Organize The Removal Of The Junk Car

After you accept an offer to junk your car, organize a set time and place for the buyer to pick up your vehicle. Usually, junk car buyers collect the vehicle within one or two days, and this procedure also depends on whom you are dealing with.

Sell The Vehicle Online

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Instead of junking your vehicle, you may want to consider selling it via classified ads. However, it is essential to be cautious because many scammers exist. In this regard, the best is to check the buyer’s reliability and reputation before making any agreement or calling them to your place to check out the vehicle.

Selling your vehicle online may require considerable effort on your behalf and also is time-consuming. While on the other hand, junking your car is quick, and you receive instant cash.

You May Consider Donating Your Car

Donating your vehicle to a charity organization is best if your car still works but you’re not using it anymore. They can sell it for some cash or fix it up. Many nonprofit organizations or ministries will happily use your donation for their respective causes. Always make sure to consult them first before signing any agreement.

Consider Selling Parts Of Your Car

car parts

Another great alternative when contemplating how to junk a car is to consider selling its parts individually. This is vital because you will be getting the value of your junk car based on its weight, and hence you may not receive what the actual parts may be worth.

Some parts in your vehicle might be usable, and you can get even more cash by selling these parts individually in the second hand car market. However, this process is time-consuming.

The most valuable parts of your vehicle include the alternator, window glasses, or catalytic converter. You can conduct research and look for the value of each of these parts in the second hand market before accepting any offers.

The Bottom Line – How To Junk A Car?

Once you scrap or junk your car, you must ensure that the vehicle is transferred correctly and legally. Generally, the title transfer happens within a month and if that doesn’t happen, contact the junk car buyer company or the junkyard to do it as early as possible.

Although owning a junk car can be hectic sometimes since it takes up your valuable space, selling it is pretty straightforward, does not require much time, and you get instant cash.

If you’re still wondering how to junk a car, contact us at (612) 314-8000 for a free quotation, and we will be more than glad to arrange a free pickup in St Paul & Minneapolis and give you instant cash!

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