how to sell a car for scrap

You might be wondering how to junk an automobile. Maybe your car was totaled in an accident and is in bad shape. Or perhaps it has simply become too old to be worth the cost of repair.

But unfortunately, every car reaches a point of no return, where it transforms from a roadworthy, drivable vehicle to a scrap that must be sold for cash. At that moment, you must decide on how you want to proceed.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to get rid of your old car. If you’re still unsure of how to sell a car for scrap, get your papers in order, thoroughly clean the vehicle, and locate a salvage yard willing to fetch a reasonable price for you.

Is it simple to sell a car for scrap? Yes, it is. Continue reading to learn more about the procedure.

How To Sell A Car For Scrap: Preparations

How to sell a car for scrap Preparations

Before you commence the steps of selling an automobile for junk, there are some things you should consider. To begin with, remove your belongings from the vehicle. When the scrap automobile is sold, you don’t want to lose your belongings; you should still gain some value. Also, don’t forget to take off the license plate. When you cancel your automobile title, it may be required of you to bring it with you to the DMV.

It’s good to have the necessary documents available if you are looking into how to sell a car for scrap metal. You’ll need the papers that prove you are the owner of the car in particular. It is very possible to sell a car for scrap without the title. However, you’ll almost always get a lower price, and it can be challenging at times.

A scrap auto buying company, on the other hand, will add the cost of these more valuable parts into your offer. When determining how much you may sell your car for scrap, most of these organizations pride themselves on being honest, which includes taking into account the reusable pieces of your vehicle.

How To Sell A Car For Scrap: Things To Consider

How to sell a car for scrap Things to consider

When considering your future moves, you have a few possibilities. Everyone has a different car and lives in different places, so choose based on your objectives and circumstances. Some of the choices are described.

Your Car Might Be Sold As A Whole Or In Parts

Whatever the state of your car, there are nearly always a few parts that may be sold separately. Someone might be hunting for a specific item for your car that they can’t afford to buy new.

You must also determine exactly how to sell a car for scrap. Perhaps you might be willing to scrap the whole car or sell individual components. The latter will earn you more money, but it will take more time. Oftentimes, the sound system, wheels, batteries, starter motor, and alternator are the only components worth selling separately. Of course, this makes sense only if you want to sell the car for scrap metal at a junkyard.

Contact Several Junkyards

Even if your car seems useless on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, a scrap yard will pay you at least a few hundred bucks. Make several phone calls to a variety of junkyards.

Don’t restrict your search options to one or two junkyards if how to sell a car for scrap is your quest. Instead, you can check for them online or in local phone directories. You can also go through reviews on Google and other functional search engines. Any business is certain to get one or two negative reviews. However, if their negative ratings outnumber their positive evaluations, this is cause for alarm.

Please make a list of five to six potential places and call them. Tell them you want to know how to sell a car for scrap and provide them with all the necessary details. Junkyards will normally be interested in knowing your car’s make, model, and even year, as well as any dent it has ever suffered. If they are interested, they will make you an offer depending on the responses to these queries.

You should never pay to have your car towed, irrespective of the junkyard you choose to transact with. To secure the vehicle, any trustworthy firm will arrive at your site. It’s wise to find someone else to do business with if a junkyard mandates you to pay for a tow or intends to deduct it from your payment.

Examine Your Options

Wait until you’ve received numerous bids before deciding where and also, in clear details, how to sell a car for scrap. Check out which offers are the greatest, and once you’ve decided, call the junkyard and let them know you’re ready to close the deal. Once both parties agree, the junkyard will schedule a time for pick-up.

What Are The Benefits Of Selling A Car For Scrap?

Avoid The Hassles Of Sales

You’ve accepted your car’s low value because you already know it’s junk. Of course, you might be able to obtain a few extra dollars here and there, but you’re probably looking at $500 or less. Knowing this will save you the trouble of selling the car and dealing with the public.

When you’ve decided to bring your car to the junkyard, most scrap yards will come to your house and take it up for free as part of the service. Even better, if you have a friend with a truck and trailer, some companies will pay you to transport the car to them.

Immediate Payment

When the wreckers arrive to pick up your car, they will almost certainly pay you cash on the spot.

Where Will I Get Cash For My Scrap Car?

Previously, you would have had to get a tow truck to help transport the vehicle to a junkyard to learn how to sell a car for scrap. With a click from the comfort of your abode, you can now sell it for scrap. That’s true, and you no longer need to dash off your home in a bid to sell the car for scrap. Do a fast web search if you’re still asking, “Where and how to sell a car for scrap metal?”

There are a lot of places where you can get information on how to sell a car for scrap. Some firms charge additional fees, like pick-up fees, if you cannot deliver your vehicle to their outlet. While some might delay you for days, if not weeks, for your money. Some other organizations may even quote you one price and then offer you a completely different figure when you meet with them in person.

Rather than going with the initial pop-up results when you Google “areas where I can sell my car for scrap,” do your homework and make sure it offers rational prices, ease, and reliability.

Also, you should ascertain the validity of the buyer. That is, the buyer should be bonded, licensed, and insured. Doing so provides you with peace of mind knowing you’re working with a legitimate business that won’t try to rob you of your gains. It won’t pull any tricks because it has a reputation and a license to uphold.

How Much Can A Car Be Sold For Scrap?

How much can a car be sold for scrap

Most people are interested in knowing “how to sell a car for scrap and how much you can sell it for,” but there is no simple answer.

All cars are unique, and so are the prices you’ll receive for them. So simply, “What price is a scrap automobile sold for?” does not have a single answer. A car’s worth is determined by its model and condition.

If certain pieces or titles are missing from your vehicle, the scrap yard will deduct money from its value. For example, Victory Auto Wreckers in Illinois will deduct $10 for a missing radio, $20 for a missing battery, and $100 for a missing catalytic converter. Varying pieces have different values. Thus, you must determine this before agreeing to the conditions.

The easiest approach to finding out how to sell a car for scrap and how much to sell it is to determine whether to sell your automobile online or in person. If you’re doing it online, you can use an online estimate tool. You will be provided a reasonable quote with just a few key details from you.

Your quote will be determined by your car’s age, the history of the vehicle, the odometer reading, the make of your car, the model, the demand, and other local considerations. You can get a special price within a few seconds. Hence, you won’t have to guess how much money you’ll earn whenever you sell a used automobile.

Apart from all these considerations, your car’s value when sold for scrap is also determined by its ability to run. This can influence whether it is repaired or sold for scrap metal. This can also impact the number of parts that can be used. If there’s a chance your car can be fixed, you’ll probably get a higher price for it.

Factors such as weight and also the size of the car will play a huge part in the number of cars that can’t operate at all. Because they contain more metal, larger vehicles will fetch more money for you.

Finally, keep in mind that if the vehicle is still operable, they will expect you to deliver it. It’s a reasonable request and normal practice, so don’t be put off by it like you might be if they asked you to tow the car (as mentioned above). Junkyards will haul your car only if it is no longer safe or legal to drive.

What also matters is your place of residence, and precisely, your distance from where the car will be delivered. Some purchasers may charge transportation. However, the available price offer may be influenced depending on your place of residence.

The good thing is that, because there are so many networks, you’ll never be too far away from any of the various centers.

How To Sell A Car For Scrap: Do You Need A Title?

You’ll need the title of the vehicle to sell it to any buyer, including a junkyard. If you’ve misplaced or lost your title, you can get a replacement by calling your state’s DMV and having one mailed to you. Although the specific methodology varies by state, you should anticipate producing identification and paying a nominal cost to process this request.

Your car cannot be sold to a junkyard or anybody other than a state-licensed dealership if it has a lien on it. If your car is junk, there’s a good chance no dealership will be interested. With that in mind, there are a few solutions available to you.

First, your car may be written off as a total loss, or “totaled,” on your auto insurance if it has been damaged in an accident. Your insurance company should cover the cost of the vehicle in this situation. You may, however, owe a tiny sum of money in some situations. Gap insurance, however, should cover any remaining balance for drivers who have purchased it.

All you require for a junkyard sale is a clear title because the vehicle is no longer registered for use on the road. When sold to a private buyer, it will not be subject to a safety inspection, emissions inspection, or any other state-mandated procedure. A clear title indicating that you are the vehicle’s legal owner should be sufficient to complete the transaction.

After you’ve finished negotiating and come to an agreement on a price, there are some things you should do before selling a car for scrap.

Set A Pick-Up Time

Most salvage yards provide free junk car towing and can work around your schedule, often picking up your junk car the same day or the next day. You simply need to schedule a pick-up time.

Complete Sale Paperwork

When selling junk cars, be aware of the local rules and limits. To scrap the entire body of the car, you may require specific legal documentation. Some junkyards have full-time title clerks who will handle all of the paperwork for you.

Get Paid Cash For Your Junk Car

The good old junk car

A respectable dealer will always pay you the agreed-upon price when you sell your trash car. However, be aware of dealers that try to renegotiate a better bargain when you pick up your car. You will be compensated in cash if you have a title and with company checks, if you do not have a title.

Notify The DMV And The Insurance Company Of The Vehicle’s Sale

If you sell, trade, or donate your automobile, you must notify the DMV. This can be done by going online, going to a customer service center, or calling them over the phone.

When you sell, trade, or gift a vehicle, you must also notify your insurance company, if applicable. Make sure to either transfer your old plates to your new vehicle or remove them from the junk vehicle you’re selling.


Car owners should think about all of their options before selling their car to a particular junkyard. Involving sales of cars with a junkyard is often the least pleasurable and profitable way to let off a car, and it should be reserved for automobiles with little or no ray of hope.

Selling an automobile to a junkyard may be a viable option for sellers looking to part ways with an old beater or a car that has outlived its usefulness and is taking up space.

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