how to tow a car with a tow bar

Almost everyone has towed their vehicle at some point in their life. Whether it’s about taking your beloved car on a road trip along with you or transporting it from one place to another, you may need to tow it. Whatever the reason is, you need to know how to tow a car with a tow bar.

There are 10 simple steps given below that will help you learn how to tow a car with a tow bar easily.

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1. Choose The Best Tow Bar for Your Car

Choose The Best Tow Bar for Your Car

Before you learn how to tow a car with a tow bar, you have to choose the best tow bar for your vehicle before starting the process of towing. There are a few factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the best tow bar. They are:

  • The amount of weight you want to pull
  • The make year and model of your car
  • Make sure that your tow bar has its complete user instructions with it
  • Make sure you are not voiding any warranty by installing the bar

2. Find a Proper Mounting Area

After you got the best tow bar, it’s time to find a suitable spot for attaching the tow bar. Your bumper is one of the most sturdy places in your car. So, it is perfect for the tow bar. Look closely at the bumper and you should be able to find a good strong spot. Try to put the bar up against the bumper to see if it can be directly attached to the bumper or not. And don’t forget to get someone to help you with this process otherwise the alignment can get messed.

3. Drill Out Holes for Mounting the Bar

Drill Out Holes for Mounting the Bar

This is a very crucial process and you have to be very careful while doing it. If it is done wrongly, it can damage parts of your car such as the radiator. You can use an indent in the spot you want to drill so the drill won’t slide off from the desired drilling spot. And try to drill holes of the same size as your bolt. Otherwise, they won’t fit properly and can get loose. You can even use a ruler to measure your bolt if there is no manual came with it.

4. Clean the Surfaces

For long term use, clean the surface of the tow bar while attaching it to your car. Also properly treat the drill holes by applying an anti-corrosive substance. Then both the surface of the tow bar and the holes will remain rust, dirt, and corrosion-free for a longer period.

5. Install the Mounting Brackets

After cleaning the surface it’s time to install the mounting brackets. You can find detailed instructions on the tow bar manual. Don’t forget to use lock washers of the right size to prevent the bolts from getting loose.

6. Ensure All the Fasteners Are Tight Enough

Tightened fasteners help the tow bar to stay attached to your car. Make sure that all of the fasteners are tightly attached. Use ratchet and wrench to tighten the nuts and bolts as tightly as possible. Check every one of them after you are done tightening them and recheck them after traveling a few miles. If they have started to loosen, tighten them again.

7. Wire The Tow Bar

You have to wire the tow bar to ensure the braking flows perfectly between both of your vehicle’s electrical systems. Make sure that both of your vehicle’s turn signal and brake lights are working in tandem. Or else, people on the road can get confused and can cause an accident.

8. Install The Tow Bar

After completing all the necessary steps, it’s time to install the tow bar. Your previously installed mounting brackets have a hole through them. You have to slide and align a linchpin into those holes and drop a linchpin in each hole. It will connect the bar to the mounting bracket.

9. Attach Safety Chains Between The Two-Vehicle

Attach Safety Chains Between The Two-Vehicle

Use safety chains to avoid any unexpected accidents and trouble from the authorities. These chains will protect your vehicle from careening in case the tow bar gets unhitched. It will also give you more confidence on the road.

10. How to Tow a Car With a Tow Bar: Final Inspection

Last but not least, do a follow-up inspection. After finishing all the steps mentioned above you should check each process again. You have to make sure that every step has been done properly. And don’t forget to get someone to help you while installing the tow bar. Otherwise, the alignment can get messed. If everything is at its place perfectly, your car is ready for towing. Congrats you’ve learned how to tow a car with a tow bar.

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