how to turn a rebuilt title to a clean title

Replacing a rebuilt car title into a clean title is quite a long procedure and you’ll understand why once we are done finding out how to turn a rebuilt title to a clean title. A change of ownership of a car from the A to the B in the United States requires the signing of a number of papers. And among those papers is a legal file called a “title.” You need this paperwork whether you’re buying a new or used car since it is the legal document that certifies your ownership of the car in question. A car’s title not only serves as proof of ownership but also as a record of its previous owners and their actions. And this is where the rebuilt vs clean titles debate comes in. You must know if it is possible to turn rebuilt titles into clean titles. If so then how to turn a rebuilt title to a clean title?

In this article, we will discuss some of the factors regarding how to turn a rebuilt title to a clean title

Knowing How To Turn A Rebuilt Title To A Clean Title

Let’s look at some of the questions and their answers regarding how to turn a rebuilt title to a clean title.

What Does A Clean Title Mean?

Junk Car Without Title Or Registration

Before knowing how to turn a rebuilt title to a clean title, you must know what does a clean title mean. Clean titles are issued by the DMV to prove that a car has never been deemed a complete loss. Totaled cars and the titles issued to them are sometimes indicated as “rebuilt cars” and “rebuilt titles,” respectively. However, a “clean” title doesn’t guarantee that the car is in pristine condition.

It may have some of the issues described below:

  • It is possible for it to cause problems with the mechanical components of the car, such as the engine or the transmissions. They have never presented an insurance risk in the past. This means that it is possible to buy a car that has one of these flaws even in concept.
  • When technicians attempt to solve a problem, they don’t always do a good job since they may have misunderstood the problem in the first place. It has been stated that some owners have paid their technicians to “make it seem like everything is normal” in order to keep their insurance premiums as low as possible. These kinds of concerns are often disregarded, and as a direct consequence, they are removed from the final report.
  • It can have reconstructive surgery. After insurance determines that fixing the car would cost several thousand dollars due to damage to the frame, this is a common course of action. They will take whatever steps they believe necessary to clear the car’s title.

Now you know what does a clean title mean.

What Is A Rebuilt Title?

Whether you’re in the market for a used car, you can tell right away if it has a rebuilt title or not. These advertisements are constantly reduced to attract customers searching for a bargain. A rebuilt title indicates that the car was previously declared a complete loss and must be disclosed to any prospective purchasers. In the car insurance industry, the term “totaled” is used to indicate that the car has sustained so severe damage that it must be written off entirely. If the car is still for sale, it is because someone somewhere invested in it and made the effort to restore it to working order.

Will A Rebuilt Title Car Be Safe To Drive?

driving a car

Yes,  most likely. The former owner likely had the car inspected before putting it up for sale, so you can be confident in buying a car with a rebuilt title. The law necessitates such action. They are in deep danger if the car gets into another collision, and they didn’t follow the proper procedure.

Is It Actually Possible To Remove The Rebuilt Title?

A car’s rebuilt title cannot be simply removed and replaced with a clean one, but the title may be reissued under a different name (also known as an assembled title or reconditioned title). It is crucial to remember that it is against the law to change a title to conceal the car’s history before beginning the process of getting a rebuilt title. Title laundering is a term for this illegal practice. Learn the rules on registering and titling rebuilt cars in your state before attempting to do so.

Repairing the car and submitting it for inspection at your state’s DMV will convert its rebuilt title to a clean one. The Department of Motor Vehicles will reissue the title as a rebuilt title if the car passes inspection. The title has been “cleaned,” yet car purchasers and insurance are aware that the car previously had a rebuilt title. This might make it more difficult to sell the car or get insurance for it.

How To Clear A Rebuilt Title And Replace It With A Clear Title?

How To Clear A Rebuilt Title

After making the required changes, getting the car examined, and filling out the paperwork, you may have the rebuilt title changed to a clean title.

  • Get The Car Fixed Up So That It Is Safe To Drive Again

Rebuilt car maintenance and repairs need a license, therefore have a professional mechanic handle them unless you qualify. It is important to keep track of the maintenance you’ve done on the car. Take as many photographs as you can.

  • Get A Department Of Motor Vehicles Inspection

If you want to register your rebuilt car with the DMV, you’ll need to provide them with proof of the rebuilding procedure, as well as the bill of sale and any accompanying images or paperwork. Schedule an inspection with the DMV after they’ve received the aforementioned paperwork. Cars with rebuilt titles cannot be driven. The car must be taken to an inspection facility.

  • Apply For Your Rebuilt Title

As soon as your car has been inspected and found to be roadworthy, you may submit an application for a rebuilt title. You’ll need to fill out the necessary paperwork from your DMV and provide confirmation of a successful inspection to the title office in your state. The new name for your rebuilt title is “rebuilt.” Keep in mind, you can’t apply for a rebuilt title until you’ve had your rebuilt car fixed and inspected.

  • Buying A Car With A Rebuilt Title

There are several factors to think about when buying a car with a rebuilt title. Rebuilt cars may only be purchased by licensed rebuilders in specific jurisdictions. If that’s the case, you’ll have to shop for a previously wrecked car that has been fixed and resold under a rebuilt title.

How Does Rebuilt Title Affect Insurance?

car insurance

You must know how does rebuilt title affect insurance before buying a rebuilt car. You will be unable to get car insurance if you have a rebuilt title. You are not allowed to legally drive your car if it has a rebuilt title, even if all you want to do is take it in for an inspection. Because cars with rebuilt titles are not allowed to be driven on public roads, they must be towed in order to be relocated. After having your title rebuilt, it may be difficult to get the most affordable insurance policy by shopping around. Now you know how does rebuilt title affect insurance.


When more than 75% of a car’s value has been destroyed by damage, a rebuilt title is issued. However, with little effort, you can rebrand the car with a clean title and legally drive it in most places. In this article, the questions and answers regarding how to turn a rebuilt title to a clean title are elaborately shown. I hope you have got a clear picture of how to turn a rebuilt title to a clean title by reading this article.

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