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The pandemic and the fact that people are working- and earning less has created a huge demand for older cars and even scrap car parts, and with new car prices up a staggering amount, many people are looking at scrap car prices with new interest.

Prices for new cars are on the rise – and more than most average people can keep up with. Prices are moving up dramatically and the average rise in the purchase price of new cars is often in the region of $100 to $200 a week. No wonder a lot of people are opting to find a good deal on used cars instead of buying a brand new car.

Scrap Car Price – You Can Buy Cheap Car Parts

Scrap Car Price - You can buy cheap car parts

People who are fortunate to know something about cars are looking to repair their own cars and save themselves a small fortune. They are looking at scrap car prices and even buying good old parts at a fraction of the cost of new parts to repair their cars or even buy old scrap cars and do them up.

Other people, on the other hand, have an old car that they want to scrap because it has all just become too much to repair. Maybe it was involved in a car accident or maybe it is old and it is always breaking down.

Each time the repairs cost more and more. It is just no longer financially viable to repair the car. In fact, the car is so old that the repairs cost more than the car is worth. But if you do decide to sell your old car, what is a scrap car price? Do you get the same standard price for all scrap cars? How much of the scrapped car is salvageable?

What about the gearbox and diffs? You may be able to sell them before you send your car to a scrapyard. One thing is sure, the days of visiting lots of scrap yards to get a scrap car price are over and everything is conveniently done online. You can get cash for your car fast by offering it to a junkyard for scrap.

It does not matter if your car does not work or it has been almost written off in an accident, these junkyards can help you get non-obligatory offers.

Some people say that before you scrap your car and sell it to a scrap yard, you should get some quotes from different scrap yards. Others suggest that you also try to sell an old car of 25 years or so to a collector of old scrap cars. Scrap car prices can vary and you need to find the best price you can get.

It does not matter what is the condition of your old car, you will always be able to get money for scrapping it. This handy guide has all the information put together to help you get the best price when you are ready to scrap your junk car.

Scrapping is always a good option if you have checked out all other possibilities and you know what everything entails. The best part about scrapping your car is that a scrap yard dealer comes right to your premises to take your car away.

They remove a lot of stress from you wondering where you are going to get a good price for your car. The idea is not to leave it too long to scrap your car. Some car owners are slow to sell their scrap cars to a junk car yard because they first want to see if they can’t get a higher scrap car price from private buyers or from a dealership.

Whatever your reason may be for holding onto your unused/junk car, waiting too long to scrap it brings the price down. There are very few people who have got the garage space to house a scrap car. Many times the new car is parked in the garage and a scrap car parks outside, deteriorating in the weather and even becoming rusty.

Scrap Car Price – Private Buyers Are Way Too Much Bother

Scrap Car Price - Private Buyers are way too much bother

Private scrap car buyers all offer different scrap car prices and some of them have a tall order for what they expect from your scrap car. They are fussy and they want the title, they want to examine every part thoroughly and they want to take your scrap car for a test drive, even though you tell them that it would not start. Dealing with private buyers can turn out to be more bother than it is worth.

Some of them get nasty and even threaten you. Dealerships too, are full of obstacles so that you wish you could just find an easier solution where you can get a decent scrap car price and a hassle-free sales process. Dealing with private buyers and car dealers can be time-consuming, frustrating, and stressful.

It can take many fruitless weeks to advertise, answer calls, take time off from work to be available for people to come and look at your car, and then finally have no interest shown.

Getting your car to where it should be to scrap can be a huge hassle. The dealerships are certainly not scrapped car recycling centers and if you do not get your new car from them they are even less interested in your scrap car. A private buyer will certainly not include any kind of car collection service for you. That means that if your scrap car would not start, you have to have private buyers come to your home to look at your car.

The idea is to try and sell your scrap car when the scrap car price is at its highest value. When you look at a reputable car junkyard with a good website, you find that they can tell you what price you will get in the space of a day or two.

Scrap Car Price – Do Research On Ongoing Prices

Scrap Car Price - Do research on ongoing prices

Always do research on the junk car yards in your area as there are some that will appear to offer the best scrap car price but they have hidden fees included. You want to make totally sure that the price you are offered on your quote is the one you get – fair and square. For these free, no-obligation quotes, you can simply enter your car details onto the online form provided and the scrap car yard will be in contact with you on the same day or the next day – nothing later.

When you start advertising your scrap car, you may receive quite a few offers for your old vehicle. Most of these scrap car yards use a basic formula when working out a scrap car price. Junk car and scrap car yard buyers use a basic formula to offer you a certain amount of money. Once you know the basic formula, you can at least know whether the scrap car yard you are dealing with is reputable or not.

They basically start with multiplying the weight of the vehicle by the current price for scrap metal. Essentially it is the weight of a car in tons multiplied by the price of scrap metal per ton.

But then it also depends on whether you first strip your junk car for its parts. Cars designed for a scrap yard are usually not in a good shape. Some people send their car as-is to the scrap yard who in turn sells the vehicle’s essential parts and metals to other companies.

If some of the parts can be sold, the scrapyard might use the scrap car estimator formula as a calculated value for the lowest value. That value is then offered to you.

As already suggested, when arriving at a scrap car price, you can check out the weight of your car and also get an idea of what current metal prices are so as to determine more or less what car price you can expect. If you are wondering how on earth you are going to ever get the weight of your scrap car, you can get it in a number of ways.

  • The most obvious and the most simple is to look it up in your owner’s manual. If you do not have the car’s manual there is another way.
  • You can also get the weight of your car by looking at your side door. This is where the VIN number is.
  • Another way is to simply google it by going online and typing in the details of your car and asking for its weight. When you want to find out what the price of metals is, you need to remember that metal prices fluctuate every day.
  • If you keep looking, a good idea to get the best scrap car price is to sell your junk car when you see that the metal prices are high. Your car is made mainly of steel but aluminum accounts for a small amount as well.

Of course, there are other factors that affect the scrap car price.

The bottom line is that when you sell your car online to private buyers or to dealerships, there is a lot of work to be done such as getting photos taken of your car from all angles.

And then you still have to consider the fees that some of these online car-selling marketplaces charge. So when all is said and done, the best place to sell a car online is through scrap car junkyards.

Scrap Car Price – Get A Scrap Car Price Within 24 Hours

Scrap Car Price - Get a scrap car price within 24 hours

With them, you do not have to spend weeks and months waiting for some kind of response. On the other hand, with a well-selected junk car yard buyer, you can expect a scrap car price offered to you within the space of 24 hours.

That means that you can also have cash in your pocket within 24 hours. Chances are you have already heard about these junk car yards from other people who have used them.

You have heard that it is safe to sell your car to these quick and easy scrap car buyers if you choose a reputable one in your area. Selling old, dilapidated cars online has never been easier and so stress-free. Simply go into their website and see the simple steps you need to follow to sell your scrap car to them and get the best scrap car price. It is a case of –

  • Filling in the online form and giving them a description of the current condition of your car.
  • Get a free online quote within 1 or 2 days.
  • They then submit you an offer.
  • You accept the offer.
  • If you do not have papers such as title, tell them about it because most times it need not be a stumbling block to you going ahead with the sale.
  • They go ahead and arrange to come and tow your car away free of charge.
  • There are no hassles. They come on the day they say they will.
  • They then confirm the offer has been made and you get paid on the spot.
  • They load up your car and tow it away, never to be seen or heard of again.
  • As you see your car disappearing out of sight you can look at the scrap car selling process with satisfaction and relief that everything went off so smoothly.

At the start of the pandemic, auto manufacturing all around the world all but came to a standstill. There has been a steady drop in car production even to this day. People are holding onto their cars longer. They are looking at scrap car prices to fix up their cars and save a lot of money by not buying that brand new car just yet until prices start to normalize – if ever.

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