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You may find yourself thinking from time to time whether or not it’s time to junk my car but haven’t gotten about wondering why you should junk your vehicle. We understand that selling your vehicle can be one of the most difficult things to do especially if you’ve created special memories with the vehicle and had some great travels with your close friends and family. However, old vehicles can cause serious issues not just financially but also mentally and physically. We will go over 10 signs that will help you in deciding to junk your car.

Signs That it’s Time to Junk My Car

A celebratory occasion

Buying a car is not a daily activity and those purchasing one expect to use it for at least 3 to 5 years or more before even considering another vehicle. Many prefer to purchase a car on a special occasion like a promotion at work, bonus payments, or even a graduation. So if you’re celebrating a milestone in your life whether work-related or personal, it is time to reward yourself. I remember the first time I decided to junk my car and buy a new one when I got a new job for which I had anxiously waited a long time. If you junk your old vehicle on a special occasion, it not only feels like the right thing to do but also motivates you to do more in life.

Growing family tree

This is also connected with the last point we mentioned. A growing family is a celebratory occasion in life as well whether you’re getting married or having kids with your partner. You can’t have your wife or kids roaming around in that deadbeat car that you used to pick and drop college girls from the club during your high school days. So, if you were wondering when is the right time to junk my car, this is it. You won’t find any better reason to junk a car than getting married or starting a family.

Crawling rust

Crawling rust

Yes, this is a huge concern. Not only safety-wise but also health-related. Rusted parts of your vehicle can spread through the vehicle causing damage to it. Over time, a rusted region might break or fall off. If you took an emissions test in your rusted vehicle, we bet it’s not gonna pass if the rust had reached severe levels. This won’t make the vehicle road legal. Health reasons are also a big concern if you were wondering when is the right time to junk my car. Rust can release hazardous toxins that can enter the vehicle through leakages. This can affect your quality of life.

Record-breaking mileage

You’re cruising in your vehicle and glance over to your odometer where the vehicle has raked over 150,000 miles, this is when you should realize it’s time to junk my car. Crossing the 150,000 miles mark, you may be required to do engine and bodywork which can cost you a couple of thousands of dollars. On top of that, the maintenance cost of the vehicle skyrockets making it expensive to drive the vehicle on the road. Junk your old vehicle for some cash and put that money towards buying a newer vehicle.

There is no title

There is no title

Yes, this can be a huge concern in the future. A title of the vehicle is proof that you own the vehicle, however, you may face situations where you “technically” own the vehicle but don’t have the title to it. This could be either because you inherited the vehicle in your family or that somebody gave you the vehicle as a gift or that you purchased it in a somewhat shady deal. In such situations, if you’re thinking about whether or not I should junk my car, then you may be onto something. You can’t sell your vehicle to anyone legally without a title but don’t worry, there are junk car buyers who will happily take the vehicle off you for a bit of cash. Make sure to get a bill of sale for that transaction.

A daredevil of a ride

This is one of those times were simply thinking whether or not I should junk my car is not enough. You need to take some action. Driving a vehicle that may make you uneasy or feel that you’re in a mad max desert drive scene is a sign that you should junk your vehicle. Hissing, rattling, broken parts, and leakages can be a troubling sign in the future. Yes, you can repair but then again you have to see when it is not feasible to repair. If the repair costs are high and you still have no certainty that the problem might be fixed, we recommend skipping the repair and selling off your vehicle.

DIY repairs

This one is a sign that should tell you to junk your vehicle. DIY repairs or in other words taping parts so that they don’t fall off or using duct tape to hold things in place under the hood is a dangerous way to repair your vehicle. Duct tape can eventually loosen leading parts to fall off your vehicle while you’re on the road. This can not only be a potential road hazard for you but for all those drivers driving on that road too.

Abandoned and parked

Abandoned and parked

You find yourself staring at your old vehicle lying parked and abandoned in your garage while thinking to yourself whether or not I should junk my car. If you can’t sell the vehicle because nobody wants it or if it’s just lying around without being used and costing you money (insurance premiums and ad placement expenses) then you should consider selling off the vehicle to a junk car buyer. Most of the junk car buyers in the States buy all sorts of vehicles. Since you’re wasting time showing vehicles to people who might not purchase them, heading down to junk car buyers to get an instant quote seems like a better proposition.

No resale

If you’re asking yourself the question “Should I junk my car?” when you’re not getting a good rate from buyers, then it is time that you should junk your vehicle. However, do your final research and see if there is anyone out there willing to pay a relatively good amount of money. If the best offer you get is under $1,000 then consider selling your vehicle to a junk car buyer. You can sell spare parts and also your vehicle individually and make more money than what you were offered.

Ancient safety features

As the world advances technologically, safety has become everyone’s number one priority with newer vehicles equipped with seat bags, abs braking, cruise control, and more. If you feel like your vehicle does not have these features and start questioning yourself on “should I junk my car?” then yes. Why put yourself and others at risk with outdated safety features? You’d be surprised to know how many road accidents occur every year in the States due to outdated safety features in vehicles.

How to junk my car?

So by now after reading the signs, you may be convinced that it’s time to junk your car but how do you go about junking your vehicle? Many people don’t have an idea of how to junk their vehicles. It’s okay, we’re here to help.

Let us go through the process of junking your vehicle step by step.

The first thing to do when you’ve decided to junk your vehicle is to do some research. You need to find out junk car buyers in your area who will take your vehicle off you. Many junk car buyers will take your vehicle regardless of the specifications of your vehicle. However, do make sure that you’ve got all the paperwork with you. If you don’t have the title of the vehicle with you, you risk losing some of your options as not all junk car buyers will buy your vehicle without a title. For that, check your state laws.

After you’ve narrowed down a couple of companies, head to their website. They will have an option for a quick quote where you have to enter the details of your vehicle. This way you’ll have a couple of quotations which can help you decide which one is the best deal for you. However, it’s not only about the rates or quotations you get. You need to compare the services being offered like is the junk car buyer willing to pick the vehicle from your place free of cost?

Once you’ve decided which company to go for, ring them up. They will schedule a pick-up and an expert will come to your place to check the vehicle. Junk car buyers are known to pay cash upfront when picking up the vehicle, so if anybody promises to pay you at a later date but take your vehicle first then refuse immediately. If the inspection is successful and you’re getting paid, then consider it as a good day.

Don’t forget to get the bill of sale and other relevant documents once you’ve closed the deal. In the future, if you need to prove that you’ve transferred the title of the vehicle to the new buyer (Junk car buyer in this case), you need to have proof of sale. Hence, keeping a bill of sale for a few months after the transaction is a good idea. We recommend keeping a file of all your vehicles with all the required documentation. It tends to become a huge hassle if you come to know later on that your documentation is incomplete.

Benefits of selling your vehicle to junk car buyers?

Now that you’re clear on when you should junk your car and also the process of selling your vehicle to a junk car buyer, let’s look at some of the benefits of junking your car.

Instant cash

Junk car buyers are spread across the States and with so much competition, many junk car buyers are competing on the level of service they provide. Hence, you will come across many junk car buyers who will be willing to pay cold hard cash right at your doorstep when they come to inspect your vehicle.

Free tow service

Free tow service

As we mentioned earlier, junk car buyers will compete on the services they provide. You will come across a few junk car buyers who will be more than willing to pick the vehicle from your home free of charge. This can not only save you time and energy but also fuel if you were to drop the vehicle at your own expense.

Avoid conflict with authorities

Having your junk car parked outside on the curb because you don’t have the real estate to park the vehicle on your premises will cause you trouble with authorities. You may receive a written request to remove your vehicle from the curbside and refusing to do so might result in a hefty fine. There is no point in spending money paying fines for a vehicle you’re not going to use. It’s better to have junk car buyers take your headache from you and even pay you for it.

Support recycling

If you support recycling then knowing that your junk car buyer plays a huge role when it comes to recycling vehicle parts will have you relieved. Junk car buyers make their profit by recycling vehicle spare parts or selling doors, hoods, and more to mechanics in the region to fix consumer’s damaged vehicles. This is a great way to keep the community going and also reinvest in the community.

We hope that our guide has given you confidence in taking action instead of just thinking “Should I junk my car or not?”. Please note that without doing prior research, junk car buyers might subject you to lowball offers. Buy a new car and get in touch with a good junk car buyer today.

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