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The automobile industry has seen serious competition with new car manufacturers offering state of the art features, advanced aerodynamics and looks to die for. Such innovation has grabbed the attention of many with the general public looking to change their vehicle now and then. Many do it to flaunt wealth while others want to stay updated with the times. With so many upgrades releasing every year, cars previously released lose their value and therefore can not be sold for a good price. Old vehicles tend to remain in many owner’s garages or front porch where it catches rust, never to be touched again. But don’t let old vehicles slowly die on your property. Selling it to junk car buyers can not only free up a lot of space but also give you extra cash that you can spend towards upgrading your new vehicle or keep it as rainy day money.

Selling your vehicle to junk car buyers is the best way to get cash and the vehicle moved from your front yard. You may be thinking about giving an ad on craigslist but think about the time and energy you have to put in to meet all those people coming to view your vehicle. There is also no guarantee that they will make the purchase. Also, why would you want random strangers to know where you live? It’s always better to sell your old vehicle to a trusty junk car buyer but then again, how do you find trustworthy cash for junk car buyers?

How to find a great junk car buyer?

Having to find a great junk car buyer is like finding a gardener for your garden who also does house cleaning. A great junk car buyer will always offer better service and value-added service. Here’s how you can find a great junk car buyer.

Research online

Research online

The internet is a place to find all sorts of things. From something as small as a needle to buying a house, you will find all kinds of products and services on offer. The Internet is not only a marketplace but also a great place to find information. Do your research over the internet.

Advanced google algorithms will help you determine which junk car buyer is near you and which one has the best rating. Junk car buyers have spread across the US with many competing against each other to buy old vehicles. They buy older vehicles to make money on spare parts and recycling hence you will find these junk car buyers advertising their services online and offering more to differentiate themselves from their competitors. You will come across thousands of junk car buyers willing to take this old car burden off your shoulders, however not all of them deal with customers well. Check the reviews and do a quick background check before narrowing down the junk car buyers you want to approach for quotations.

There are review and ratings websites or blogs that might talk about the best junk car buyers in your area. Perhaps having a look at those pages can give you an idea of which is the best option available for your location. Such review sites not only give star ratings but a detailed review of what the junk car buyer provides, their expertise, and more allowing readers to make an informed decision and get the best deal possible.

Yellow pages

Perhaps not widely used, yellow pages or telephone indexes can be your companion when it comes to finding family businesses that have been run for decades. You will find companies on telephone indexes that do not have much online presence but are well known around the town. However, do remember that junk car buyers on telephone indexes are not modernized and hence might not offer value-added services like towing your vehicle for a quotation. You may have to bring your old junk car to them for evaluation.

Of course, not all telephone index junk car buyers will be like that so take it as a caution. Telephone indexes are perfect for those who remain skeptical of the information available on the internet and would only want to connect with genuine junk car buyers who have been operating for several years.

Yellow pages are a great way to get close to the community. Dealing with your community ensures that the money circulates within it. Also, it can help you find a junk car buyer near you which is great in case things turn south since you can go to the junk car buyer with your concerns. If you sell your vehicle to a shady junk car buyer or someone that is not close to where you live then you might run into a lot of hassle in case the transaction fails or there are future issues related to documentation and so on.

Ask around

Oftentimes when you don’t know where to get something, what do you do? You ask someone well-versed in it, someone, you can trust from within your family or friends circle. You can find some of the best junk car buyers if you ask your friends and family. They may have experience in this space by selling off their old vehicles and would also give you great words of advice.

Remember, experience goes a long way and it’s better to learn from your elders when it comes to technical things like junk car buyers. These people are here to do business and if you don’t understand business or don’t know how things work in this area then be prepared for low-ball offers. Many junk car buyers will throw ridiculous offers at you in the hopes of making money. Hence, being referred by your friends and family can give you the confidence that the junk car buyer won’t rip you off.

We’ve shown you a couple of ways on how to find trustworthy cash for junk car buyers. You can find such companies through the internet, yellow pages, and word of mouth. Now that you’ve found these companies, the next best step is to narrow down your options.

Narrowing down your list of companies to just one or two can be difficult. But don’t worry, we will guide you on how you can go about doing this.

Factors to help narrow down your list of junk car buyers

There are certain factors that you need to look out for when choosing a junk car buyer.

Experienced junk car buyers

Experienced junk car buyers

This is a factor that counts towards what rate you get for your junk car. Many junk car buyers will buy any vehicle in any condition in the hopes of making money through scrapping it. This can result in a very low offer. Experienced junk car buyers will examine your vehicle and the parts to see what it’ll fetch them. They will look for value rather than just an old junk car. So, if your car has the engine running and workable spare parts, you might be able to secure a better deal with experienced junk car buyers rather than those that buy all sorts of vehicles. There are many scammers in the market and you need to be careful enough to avoid such types of junk car buyers.


Of course, this goes without saying, nobody likes a lowball offer. Collecting quotations from junk car buyers and comparing them against each other to see which one will give you more cash for your junk car is the right way to go about narrowing your list of junk car buyers. However, do note that price is not the only thing you should consider when choosing the best junk car buyer for you. Some junk car buyers will require you to drop the vehicle at their junkyard which can cost you money and time while there are junk car buyers who will be willing to tow your vehicle free of cost. So, if a junk car buyer is giving a slightly lower rate but offers a free tow, take some time to think about it. Factoring in your time and fuel expense to drop your vehicle at a junk car buyer’s junkyard might help you decide which junk car buyer offers the best deal.


Yes, if you’re looking for quick cash then you need to know when you’ll get paid. Selling a junk car is a process on its own. Many will ask you to schedule a pickup which might be in a few days. Are you willing to wait that long to get cash for your junk car? You might be needing cash urgently to pay for bills or even a new car and therefore knowing the timelines of every junk car buyer will help you determine which one to go for. Some junk car buyers may delay the process by requiring documents while others will pay instant cash. The main aim of approaching junk car buyers is quick cash and if you’re not getting instant cash then it’s not worth the wait. The reason why people approach junk car buyers is to eliminate middlemen and brokers and therefore avoid factors that might delay payments. If a junk car buyer is delaying payments, then you need to find another one.

A complete website

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of scammers in the market. Besides scammers, the market is saturated with many genuine junk car buyers. However, not all of them are worth your time. The best way to find out which one is a great junk car buyer is the amount of time they’ve put on their website. Launch up the website of the list of junk car buyers you have and see for the information. If they’ve got detailed information about their services, contact information, testimonials, and other relevant details besides a professional-looking website then consider giving them some time. Narrow down your list of junk car buyers by seeing which website looks great and informative enough for you to sell your vehicle to them.

Location matters

Location matters

You need to find a junk car buyer in your vicinity. Having a junk car buyer outside of your living area can cause a lot of hassle in terms of dropping your vehicle off or when you’re scouting for trustworthy cash for junk car buyers. If the location of a junk car buyer who is offering you top dollar further away from your place, then it might be wise to stick with the second-best offer that might be nearer to your residence.

Once you’ve narrowed down which junk car buyer to go for there are certain things you need to do before you can sell off your vehicle. Get your documentation sorted out as it might be difficult to sell your vehicle without a title. You need to transfer the title to the junk car buyer and for that, you need to have a title. If you don’t have documentation of your vehicle available, don’t worry, you can procure copies of your vehicle documents from your local DMV. However, this process might take time hence even if you’re not selling your vehicle now or in the future, you need to have all your documents compiled just in case.

Once you’ve got all your documents ready, the process is simple. Ring up the junk car buyer and have them set up an appointment to collect the vehicle. Make sure they pay cash right away when they take your vehicle as this is how it should be. If the junk car buyer refuses to pay the agreed amount or if they ask to collect payment later from their office, do not let them take your vehicle. You’re better off going with the next best option that would pay you instant cash.

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