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There are myriads of reasons as to why you might want to ditch your old junk car, but the perennial question that always pops up is what to do with it? Although you do not know all the possibilities you have for it before you read this article you should know that there is more than one.

It is not as complex to take advantage of your old car nor does it take as much work as you may initially assume. There are junkyards that would be happy to buy your car even if it is complete junk.

Some people want to know what happens to their junk car after they have sold it. In most instances, they get recycled and appear as new parts in new cars in their afterlife. Read on to find out more.

The good old junk car

A junk car that is teetering on the edge of total uselessness needs to go, as repairing it one more time is going to set you too far back financially. Each year millions of junk cars make it to the recycling yards, and when you sell your car, do you wonder what process it will face?

The good old junk car

Many people could care less about what happens to their old car once it has been sold. They are only too glad somebody wanted it and that they got some good money for it. There are others though, who form an emotional attachment to their cars and they feel almost sad to see the last of it. They would like to know what will happen to their old faithful once it has been sold.

 Junk cars can go to salvage yards

One thing that can happen to your junk car after you have sold it is that it can go to a salvage yard. A number of things can happen to it once it reaches this destination. For starters, your old junker will be de-polluted. These salvage yards aim to recycle as much of the car as possible and also in an environmentally friendly way. They recycle 95% of a car.

Hopefully, your car has landed up at an authorized treatment facility so that things are done in a responsible way. There are a few stages that your old car will go through when it reaches the salvage yard –

  • De-pollution
  • Dismantlement
  • Destruction

For many years, the process of scrapping cars has been governed by the End of Life Vehicles Directive, setting guides for reuse, recycling, and recovery of these old cars that have reached their sell-by-date.

With cars weighing more than a certain amount – they have to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, and de-pollution is part of it.

Hazardous materials need to be removed from the car as part of the recycling process. Coolants, oil, petrol, antifreeze, and even windscreen wash are considered contaminants and they must first be removed from the car because some of them could even be explosive.

They drain the car’s fluids and the vehicle’s different chambers are flushed through. Components such as car batteries are removed and sold as spares. What can’t be sold is crushed and recycled. Once the car has been fully de-polluted, it is then ready to be dismantled further.

Different car parts can be re-purposed

Different car parts can be re-purposed

There are quite a few other components in your old junk car that are harmful to the environment, and these can include airbags too. Other parts from your junked car are processed for recycling.

Old tires can be re-purposed and used again in other ways, and you will often see old tires like this being used as plant containers at nurseries or in children’s playgrounds. The plastic in your old car will be recycled back into car parts or into some or other appliances.

Some parts of old cars may well still be in good condition and they can be resold. The salvage yard removes any parts that can be sold, recondition, and sells them. Common reused parts are alternators, batteries, transmissions, starters, and axles.

Flattened by a crusher

After there is nothing more that can be salvaged, your junk car will be dismantled of everything and flattened by a crusher and shredding machine after which large magnets sort the steel from other materials. The steel is then used to make a whole lot of other useful items. The other metal such as aluminum is also recycled back into new car parts.

Dumped or abandoned cars

Dumped or abandoned cars

There are some old cars that are just dumped on the side of the road and nobody knows where they have come from and where they are headed. If nobody claims these dumped or abandoned cars, they will eventually be towed away, and then what will become of them?

All states deal with the removal of junk cars in different ways, but they have all got to keep their roads clear of junk and obstructions. Most times abandoned and stolen vehicles are towed away, often by private tow- and scrap yards.

You are notified – remove your car

For example, in the state of California, a notice will be placed on an abandoned vehicle and the registered owner is supposed to remove the vehicle within a certain number of hours. If the vehicle is not removed, it is stored at the tow yard.

If the owner does pick up the car, the owner must pay towing fees. If 30 days go by and the owner has not pitched up to do something about the car, the tow yard will step in to auction off the vehicle. The funds are then used to cover the towing fees. Once the car is sold at an auction, nobody knows into whose hands the old car will then fall.

Some junk cars are fixed up and re-sold

Then again, there are plenty of people who want to buy damaged cars in your area. They fancy the idea of fixing them up and then selling them again at a profit. There are some private individuals who do this but there are some companies that buy old cars too.

They want to rebuild the car, so they strip it and the frame of the car and any usable parts are kept. From there all kinds of work on the car eventually restore it to the point where it can be found on the roads again.

There are junk cars that are particularly sought after so that they can be rebuilt, particularly classic cars. Private buyers are interested in these old cars and will be much more interested in rebuilding them, stripping them down to their frame, and then building them back up again with custom parts.

If your car has reached the end of its lifetime, a private buyer might even have bought it at an auction. There are certain classic cars that car buyers always consider for rebuilding once you have sold your car to them. These might be Ford Mustangs, Dodge, or something else. If a car was in an accident, the insurance company may take possession of the vehicle if it has been totaled. The insurance company usually has an established relationship with a certain salvage yard and will use them to get cash for cars that are beyond repair.

Before a car is sold at an auction, it is analyzed and a report is drawn up. The report contains details of the car’s VIN number, images of the car as well as all its defects. After analyzing the car, the vehicle is placed on a lot as well as the auction’s website. There are thousands of cars in all kinds of conditions that land up at all the many different auction houses there are. Thousands of these cars are offered on these auctions each week. Many people buy a car at an auction as they believe that this is a cheaper way to get a car as opposed to shopping at a car dealership or buying from a private party.

What do dealerships do with an old car?

You can also trade in your junk car to a dealership. What happens with your old car then? If you are looking for cash for your old car, you may just find that a private sale may bring in more profit for you.

If you are trying to find quicker ways to get rid of your car, you may think about trading your vehicle in. These car dealerships will accept any junk car in any condition really, even if it is non-running. You would not be getting a lot for the car, but it is one way of getting rid of it.

Most dealerships have these trade-in programs for old, damaged cars. Once you trade in your old car, you will get a voucher for the purchase of a new car. You must be wondering about what is going to happen to your old car, once you have sold it to the dealership because after all, there are just rows and rows of other cars standing there too.

These car dealerships are franchises so they buy new cars from the manufacturer and sell them at a higher price to make a profit. There are a few options for the dealership when your car as well as other cars would not sell. Sometimes the dealership will ship the unsold cars to other markets where a certain model might be in demand. Then again, others of the cars can be sold at auction.

Your car has reached the end

Cars are generally manufactured to last for many years, but you could say that the lifetime average age of a typical car is in the region of 15 years. When one of these cars is finally costing the owner too much to fix it becomes a junk car. Nobody really wants it except a junkyard.

When your car goes to a junkyard or a recycling facility, it is marking the end of the car’s life. Some of its parts, however, will continue to live on when some of the parts are salvages, recycled, and used again in new cars. In fact, those in the business, tell us that a good percentage of a vehicle is recycled and that the average new car has about 25% of its body coming from recycled steel.

They tell us that each year the automobile recycling industry in the United States and Canada provides enough steel to produce about 13 million new vehicles of sorts. The most recycled parts are the wheels, filters, tires, car seats, batteries, air-bags, converters, transmissions, and radios.

So if you are wondering what happens to your old car when you sell it to a junkyard, the parts are salvaged and sold for other purposes while some cars are sold to auto parts manufacturers for their own purposes.

When anyone buys junk cars, you can see that the most common thing that they do with them is to first strip the car of usable parts and to sell them. As a car age, it can sometimes become difficult to get parts for it. This is because the manufacturer may have stopped making the parts.

Somewhere out there, there is a piece of your old junker

When your car has been stripped bare of everything that can be used on it, the leftover parts go into the shredder. Some of these junkyards buy cars for cash, then process them and sell off all the metal so that it can be used to produce new products.

If you have an old car that you are wanting to sell, you can always contact one of the reputable yards who will take your car off your hands and give you cash for it.

There are different things that can happen to a junk vehicle once you sell it, but more people take the junk car yard route as it can put some cash in their pockets. It can give them some peace of mind that somewhere out there there is a scrap of steel moving along the byways and highways that were once part of the old faithful car they drove and that they formed an emotional attachment to.

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